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Does god exists?

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Started: 11/27/2013 Category: Religion
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I believe that God exists.


I accept. Please bring your ideas onto the table.
Debate Round No. 1


Oh yeah, sorry about that. This is my first time.

Okay. Here I go.

I will not use the Bible. I will use multiple sources.
God is the greatest conceivable being. It is greater to exist than not to exist.Therefore, God exists.


Its quite alright.

The only problem with your argument is you have not shown that you do not have a legitimate point. They only accounts (besides the bible) that god exist is through human testimony which brings no legitimate proof of a Devine influence.

However there is plenty of proof of god not existing. through scientific evidence. I will bring up human testimonies and prove them wrong. (Just like you I will not use the bible to be fair).

People have a common saying which brings false hope to them. "god will fix me"

If god existed he would fix them right. surely a benevolent god would know whats right. Isn't fixing people the right thing to do. especially if they are innocent and righteous. Still there is no full and legitimate account of anyone in the world being fixed by god. The only ones that are known of are mentioned in text and by non-correctly diagnosed people along with false accounts. If you have a headache, you take an Advil. If your arm is broken (like mine) you go to the hospital. These things were made by humans with freewill. Humans will fix you, not god.

I would like to close this round with and question. How do you know your god is the right one. There are an crazy amount of religions in the world. Therefore how do you know which one is right.

Also the statement it is greater to exist then to no has no point or meaning.

Please counter my argument.
Debate Round No. 2


1.I would like to respond to your question. I am trying to prove that a higher being exists. I am not trying to convert you.
2.. God can not just appear and heal injuries at man's bidding. You point out the lack of recorded miracles and false miracles. Do you think that every time a miracle happens, people just run out onto the streets and tell everyone? Of course Humans will fix health problems not god. But really, you think that God is man's slave?

3. Take a look at the universe. Now of course, you would say that the big bang created it. But if that is true, we came out of nothing? The universe just magically came out of nowhere? That is confusing because that does not correspond well to Louis Pasteur's study of bacteria. In that study, it proved that life and therefore the universe did not just popped out of nowhere. Therefore it indirectly proves the existence of a higher being. I may be wrong but i used evidence to support my case. This is my first time. So I am hoping that this debate will go quickly.
One more thing. Some events we call miracles can be a lie. But how do you explain miracles which are proven true?


1. First off thats not answering my question

2. then what can god do. If god is all powerful then why does he not fix anything. if he is powerful he can surely fix my broken arm. There are no real miracles. most recorded miracles are from written old text and modern miracles are faked many times. Most of the time science saves them not god. God made us in his image (GENESIS). if we are gods slave then why do we have free will. We are no ones slave.
3. The big bang does not say we came out of nothing. It states that the universe was condensed into a small area then expanded. (the proper term would be the rapid expansion theory) The reason for this was because of the end of a universe before ours where the universe slowly started to compress until it became into a condensed ball of matter. The universe is now expanding because of the big bang. We may never know what reversed this process. but It was definitely not god. The world was made in 6 days (genesis) according to the bible. Thats just not true. The world was made over a long period of time and it is always changing. All biblical text is wrong about the world. bacteria was on of the first organisms and we evolved from them very slowly.

4. In this debate by opponent has brought up very little evidence to counter my argument while i have correct proof from legitimate scientific research.

ps. I respect your right to believe in a god, but i do not believe you are correct.

Vote con :)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bephig 4 years ago
1970vu you are using Spinoza arguments?
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