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Does hair connstribute to show if you're gay or a lesbian?

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Started: 4/27/2015 Category: Society
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This isn't a religion argument. Coming from a catholic girl, I have gay/lesbian friends and support them no matter who they choose to love. Have you even seen a guy/girl change their hair style out of nowhere? Does it surprise you? It surprised me when my friends have changed their hair color or cut their hair, but does it contribute to their sexuality preferences? In my view, it does. Every one of my friends who have "came out of the closet" have changed their hair in different ways. Different people have different friends, but do you think hair does contribute to being gay/lesbian?


This is ridiculous.

Pro has yet to meet their BoP showing a consistent link between hairstyle and sexuality.
Debate Round No. 1


In personal experiences, I have seen many people change their hairstyles because of society's pressure on teens. Not saying this is a matter of taking care of hair or how the hair is styled, but have you really looked around and noticed the difference in hair styles? Some people do appreciate the advantages in changing their hair styles and/or keep the style. At my school, it does not matter were you come from, how you live, or who you like. Our school is diverse and does not judge. people change their hair almost everyday, and we're not surprised.

I know what you're thinking, what about the people who just want a different hair style? It's true, they want to got for a new look, but you shouldn't judge them just because they changed their hair. My topic is mostly about how gay/lesbians do change their hair styles.


Pro's argument is that people (of all sexualities) change their hairstyles as teenagers.

Everyone includes gays and lesbians so Pro argues that the changing of hairstyle is linked to their sexuality.

This doesn't make sense and one doesn't follow from the other at all.
Debate Round No. 2


Con's argument didn't take into consideration the meaning of the debate. No matter what people's choice is in sexuality, they change their hair. My topic is how gay/lesbians most often change their hair styles than most people. Now, I have seen non-gay/lesbians change their hair quite often, but they have different reasons to do so. They might want a different look, to stand out, or to show off their style. If you ever look around and consider how many gay/lesbian people you know, when was the last time they changed their hair?


I have absolutely no clue what makes Pro think that gays and lesbians change their hair more often than those of other sexualities but this is simply not the case.

In actual fact lesbians consistently tend to maintain a short haircut while gays can have anything varying from spiked hair to long hair with a fringe.

In actual fact there is not one single hairstyle that you could say 'that's a gay/lesbian haircut' without knowing first that it was on a guy or girl.

The hair itself it not indicative of sexuality and never will be.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I must agree with Con because Pro did not offer any evidence to support Pro's claim. Speaking from personal experience (being a lesbian with friends of many sexual preferences), homosexuals do not change their hair more often than heterosexuals or (insert prefix)sexuals. Myself, I changed my hair when I came out because I wanted to announce it in a big way and show everyone who I really am. It was a confidence booster, and still is whenever I get a new cut / dye. Unless Pro can show substantial correlation between hairstyle change and homosexuality, Con is the obvious winner.