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Does religion bring peace?

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Started: 11/25/2013 Category: Religion
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I do not think that religion brings peace. Throughout history religion has been the cause for many wars and atrocities. Religion was the cause of the crusades and the terrible things that came with them. In the name of God Christians sent armies over to kill those of the Islamic faith. Many innocent women and children were slaughtered in the name of God. Many women were burned at the stake for being "witches". The Spanish Inquisition persecuted many people and declared that they were witches and as a result these people were put to death in a terrible way. The Islamic faith calls for the death of all nonbelievers, or "infidels". Due to this part of their beliefs their faith has also been the cause for many wars. I do not believe that religion could ever bring peace to the world when it has been the cause for so much strife.


Religion was installed with a view of making people come together and create peace and not to show superiority against the other.About the wars ...well war is caused due to human nature and attitude and not because of any religion .the holy books ie. bible -Christians ,Quaran- Islam or the Bhagvatgita- Hindu none of them advice to cause harm to any person, religion or race. It is the influential people who cause problems who use religion as tools to create drift.It needs to be believed but not believed blindly.
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Many religions were actually created by a person seeking to take power or bring a certain problem to a societies concern. I will agree with you that religion does many things to help in our daily lives like console us when a loved one passes away. Religion itself is a cause for war although not intentionally. In our world today we tend to ostracize those that believe differently from us if we cannot "convert" them to our point of view. Many wars were declared just because a people believed differently from another. In ancient Rome war was declared on the Christians because they followed a different belief from the pagan Romans. This is an example of religion causing war.


good that you agree with me regarding the point that religion helps in many ways. Your point about the beliefs leading to war makes it sound misleading....the real case was Romans wanted to expand their empire they wanted to own the world and to motivate their soldiers they used to spread to their soldiers and people that they are attacking others because of differences in beliefs .....endangering their beliefs/religion etc . the main reason was always GREED. like Gandhiji said -Earth has enough for everyone's needs but not greed's; Also no religion teaches to be greedy or attack others for acquiring land right?My final word would be -Religions(ideologies) are good but people are not they never really want t learn from history.....
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by wrichcirw 3 years ago
There is a clear albeit indirect delineation in this debate between religiosity - i.e. spirituality - and religion - institutions created to express spirituality. Therefore, it becomes rather easy to see that religiosity does not cause wars, but religion certainly does, when those institutions express spirituality in a violent manner (whether or not you see this as a "taint" is a different matter). CON brings up various cases where religion is invoked for the sake of war. PRO counters that this may be greed, but it may very well be that the heads of religions are greedy, and so I found such an approach ultimately unconvincing.

My own opinion (irrelevant to this debate) is that Islam especially was created by a crusading prophet, Muhammed, and Joshua in the Bible committed various acts of genocide to "earn" the Promised Land. I don't see religion as being peaceful. IMHO religion many times becomes divorced from religiosity.

Arguments CON. S&G also.
Posted by loveu157 3 years ago
Religion causes plenty of war. WWII, Crusades, 100 years war. ect. even WWI was partly because the spread of religion. the biggest wars are from religion.
Posted by Bender75 3 years ago
Religion has brand way more peace to people every day personally than anything else ever has so with religions basic principles being positive it does more good and peace than anything else in my opinion
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's idea that the holy books/religions don't order you to harm others is demonstrably false, and Pro provided examples where religion was a driving force behind war and violence and Con failed to sufficiently rebut those.