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Does songs need to change?

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Started: 7/30/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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When I debate I don't debate to be like "I have the facts and know what I'm talking about" I mostly debate because I want to hear opinions and different angles on certain topics. I know this has been a subject that has been going on for a very long time and it will keep being a topic that's going to be going on for a very long time. This is about the topics in songs. What I mean by that is songs that gets millions and millions of views for singing about money, women and drugs, while songs that might have meaning and are about depression, bullying, surviving or other stuff like that only gets a few thousand views. Now personally I only listen to music that has meaning in the sense of mostly growing up or depression, things I can relate to and then when I go to school I hear friends talking about anything from Nicki Minaj Anaconda to P*ssy P*ssy P*ssy Marijuana and personally I hate that! I'm not like "I hate you, shut up or this friendship is over" no, that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that I would much rather prefer to hear about songs that can change a persons life instead of songs that's about how a guy got laid and had intercourse with a girl all night to then release a sex tape, earn money and being familiar with drugs. I don't want to hear about how a guy got success with hoes, money and drugs. I want to hear about people that worked all their life with a rough childhood that came all the way up to the top called success. Those are the people that are worth listening to, the ones that gives you inspiration to work your way to the top. Now I could recommend a great singer and YouTuber called Hendersin and I know this is a bit of advertising but at the same time it isn't. Check this guy out if you want to, forget about it if you don't.
What I'm saying is just that I know A LOT of great singers and people that does poetry slam about life and how to get to the top with hard work but that no one barely knows about.
The reason why songs like the one Nicki Minaj did (Anaconda) is simply because some guys are horny, some like that type of music and some just listens to it randomly. Either way I respect that but at the same time I can't understand it. So personally I want it to change.

Please keep in mind that all that was written above was a personal opinion so please don't complain as it won't change my opinion. Now I would love to hear what you people think about the current music that roams the Internet and feel free to tell me if you disagree or agree and be sure to let me know why!
Thanks for reading


So what you are basically saying is that we need to change music of because some music has some content you don't like. There is nothing wrong with any kind of music, music is a form of art, just like drawing or dancing. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean the rest of the world is going to be the same. The contents which you don't like are liked by other people. In the same way, if you like music which talks about peace, of course some people are not going to like that. See, we all have different perceptions, what may be right for me is not going to be right for you, and what is right for you may not look right to me. In this case, I do listen to hip-hop some times so do I listen to pop, classical etc. If we sing a modern pop song to someone some hundreds years ago, some people will be disgusted by it even though it is pretty okay in today's society. The main point is, no music is good or bad, it's just the viewer's perception.
You said that artists are making these kind of music mainly because (1)for money and (2)because guys are horny. Yes, artists are going to make music for money because duh, they make their living by music. We can blame Justin Bieber because (1) he is doing it for money (2) he is making content which most girls want. While Justin Bieber makes good music(according to some definitions of good music) he is still making money. So you see, everyone's goal is to make money. Guys being horny is just the attraction to the opposite gender, it's just the biology. In the same way, most girls are attracted to pop stars.

There is nothing wrong with you thinking that we should change music. We can't change music instantly, it takes time. People still listen to classical music from hundreds of years ago, so no wonder that it will take a long time to change hip-hop. Don't try to change music, nor let it change you. Let music change over time by itself.
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Are you serious right now... I guess you didn't see all the words that said that was my personal opinion.
I didn't say that they need to change. I said in MY opinion they need to change. I also later said "some people listen to it for -whatever reason" and I respect that. So no I'm not saying the music NEEDS to change, I'm just saying that I would want it to change and by the looks of it you don't which is perfectly fine. I also stated that "I hate that kind of music, but what I would rather want to hear is something about the things that makes sense" in other words... Not my taste for music.
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Posted by LoudLiberal 1 year ago
I think pop music has always pushed the boundaries. In every era of music, you have those people who say "oh look where music is headed, it's going to crap" and then a few generations later, they're considered classics. Vulgar music has been around for ages, and society always corrects itself when a trashy hit like "Anaconda" hits the radio. I mean, nobodies going to be talk about anaconda in 20-30 years.
Posted by Neolib0824 1 year ago
Rap is a very bad influence to young children. A majority of rappers promote crime and gang violence, and most of them are also criminals.
Posted by ZeldaMafia 2 years ago
All raps don't have to be bad exactly. Bands like the Script have made really inspirational rap videos like 'Hall of Fame' and 'Superheroes'.
Posted by Amedexyius 2 years ago
I listen to the screams of my enemies as they die an unworthy death.
Posted by I_Wanna_Rawk 2 years ago
Listen to 18 and life by Skid Row. It's an amazing song about how social alienation and frustration can impact someone's life. It doesn't have a happy ending, though you can probably guess that from the title.
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