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Does the christian God Exist?

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Started: 11/26/2014 Category: Religion
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I need a reason to believe in god, until now i havent found any logical reason to


1. The modern interpretation of the Christian God is distortion of the teaching of St. Augustine of Hippo.

2. He based his theological theory on Plato's theory of the forms.

3. St. Augustine of Hippo believes that:
1) God is pure consciousness.
2) The devil does not exist.
3) There is no hell.
4) God is the ideal in Plato's theory of the forms.
5) The sin in the world is due to humans moving away from God or the "ideal" because of the "Fall" (Garden of Eden).

4. The knowledge of a human being is limited by his physical senses.

Proposition: Pure consciousness (God) exist.
Debate Round No. 1


So does jesus christ as the Savior and creator exist or not? If so how?


Burden of Proof : I am attempting to prove that god exist while my opponent is attempting to prove that he does not exist.
Since it is impossible to concretely prove or disprove god existences, this debate can only theorize which is more likely in accordance to are arguments presented.

-> Jesus is logically consistent with the previously stated Christian logic.

The Christian doctrine of Trinity advocates that Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost are all manifestation of the same entity.

However, Jesus is the manifestation a God in the physical world. This form of God is therefore separated from the world of form (i. e. perfection). which carries a naturally distortion thereby explains the flaws in Jesus's characters and actions.

This distortion also account for the logical inconsistency of scripture (i.e. the bible). This is comparable to a radio signal passing through static interferes.

Proposition: God is the best explanation for the creation of the universe since the "Big Bang Model" states that something was created out of nothing which is illogical.

So far my opponent has no made no arguments against the existence of God. Therefore, I have nothing to theoretically disprove or challenge.
Debate Round No. 2


Nate_questions_everything forfeited this round.


I have shown that the theory of God is logically consistent and I have argued that it more plausible then the proposition that God does not exist since the view of modern science that something came out of nothing (Big Bang Theory) is illogical.

So far my opponent has not offered any arguments to defend his view that there is no Christian God.

The views expressed in this debate are not necessarily the views of the debater.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ObjectivityIsAMust 3 years ago
His title implies that god doesn't exist. Therefore, he to has the BoP.
Posted by Soul.Purge 3 years ago
I think what Con wants is for you to present a reason, explaining how you came to conclusion that god exists. Con should not be obliged to present a reason explaining his lack of belief (because you dont need one) unless he specifically states that god does not exist (which he kinda did with his title)
Posted by ObjectivityIsAMust 3 years ago
Here is a quote from City of God: For evil has no positive nature; but the loss of good has received the name "evil."

Wikipedia articles, famous analysis books, university website, spark notes, as well as my university course and teacher speak of Augustine Problem of evil, his concept of free will, his belief in original sin, his belief that god is perfect and that it is excess that bring humans always from God.

Also the majority of the people on the internet (on forms) back up these ideas.

Although I cannot be fully convinced that all these people are right since I have not read the source material (other than what is in my course textbook), I do tend to believe them more than the person on the internet who has not given me any arguments and has only told me to read one the major books by Saint Augustine.

How deeply have you studied this issue? You are challenging the majority view of the religious academic field, I hope you have done some serious research so that you can support your previous statements that these views are nonsense.
Posted by ObjectivityIsAMust 3 years ago
The Biblical sex book that I have is using passages from the "City of God". And one looks up reputable academic source they all state that St. Augustine could not believe that an all powerful God would allow the devil to exist and therefore come to the conclusion that man fall from grace (distances from God) is the source of sin.

Maybe this is the difference between literally interpretation and fundamental interpretation.

My arguments seem to be support by academia.
Posted by 1Credo 3 years ago
"St. Augustine of Hippo believes that...The devil does not exist...There is no hell."

My source (though I'm sure there are countless additional sources that are head and shoulders above some lousy liberal arts course) is a book you surely have heard of, as it is one of St. Augustine's most popular works. It is called The City of God. Books XX and XXI of The City of God are dedicated to St. Augustine's teachings on the final judgment, the existence of the devil/hell, and eternal punishment.

If you want to learn something about a topic, I recommend you read the relevant unbiased literature that is available (in this case a book written by the man in question himself) as opposed to taking the word of a single professor.
Posted by ObjectivityIsAMust 3 years ago
What you suggested about the beliefs of St. Augustine is nonsense. <-- unsupported statement.

Although I did not read from the primary source (which is thousands of years old...), I did have a mandatory humanist course on Biblical sex. This course explained in great lengths St. Augustine teachings.

Since this is a debate website, I expect you have something to back up your claim that my premises are nonsense.
Posted by 1Credo 3 years ago

What you suggested about the beliefs of St. Augustine is nonsense.
Posted by 1Credo 3 years ago
The Christian God provides an explanation for:

-the origin of the universe by means of the big bang
-why anything at all exists rather than nothing
-the existence of objective moral values
-the truth of the theory of evolution
-the fine-tuning of our universe for intelligent life
-the existence of truth
-the existence of consciousness
-the applicability of mathematics

None of these are accounted for by naturalistic atheism.
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