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Does white privilege exist?

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Started: 3/2/2015 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First time debater on this site trying to get voting privileges. Boy did I pick a duesy. The premise is self explanatory. In my argument I will pull actual data such as psychological studies showing race bias, crime statistics involving race, and history to prove my premise. This is a premise I do tend to take personally. So please maintain a respectful nature. I'm leaving the voting open. So voters please eliminate bias when voting.


Try to go into a Ghetto and say nigger! Try with your face painted black and then painted white. You will see the privilege of whites being rather none existent and if anything the reverse is true!

Who is superior in porn? Blacks.

Who is superior in sports? Blacks.

Who is superior in curry cooking? Browns.

Who is superior in martial arts? Yellows.

Who is superior in drug dealing? Latinos.

Who is superior in everything nerdy? Browns, yellows and whites combined.

Oh yeah!!!!!!!! What have you got to say to that?
Debate Round No. 1


I'm shocked that you would start this debate by using racial slurs. I was going to just flag your argument for breaking the TOS for offensive language. But with your user id it's obvious you are a troll. Plus this might serve as an example to why racist remarks reinforce my premise. So my argument is as follows. Don't vote for the racist.


I am not racist! Pro is racist for saying that whites have more privilege than other races!

Pro promised you statistic sand research but instead gave an empty threat and ad hominem!

I now will further support my argument with Eminem!

Eminem has to fill 4 minutes of rapping without using the term nigger while rappers who have rivaled him such as Tupac and Lil Wayne are free to use this one word 50 times in a song if they so wish (and believe me, both do almost this much it's hardly a severe exaggeration).

I am not a troll, I am a human being! If I was a troll would you be speciesist towards me? Yes, that's a real word! I am not the racist but you are the speciesist to the trolls of this magnificent planet! How dare you?

Many white women have white cuckolds for husbands/boyfriends that they actively cheat on with black males for their superior penile genes! It is raw instinct to want your son to have the best penis possible as that is a huge factor in his own chance to reproduce or was once upon a time! Let's face it you don't get micropenised blacks, you seriously don't but you get many micropenised whites. In fact the condition 'micropenis' is predominantly a white and asian phenomenon with blacks never being seen to suffer from it.

Micropenis sources (feel free to read or ignore at your own discretion, the first link has a statue penis while the second has no porn and refers to ethnicity):

Aside form the penile superiority of blacks over whites is the even more obvious domination over whites that blacks and Oriental Asians have in individual sports. The fact is that blacks run faster than whites. This is due not only to the genetic height difference and thus size superiority that blacks have over whites but also that their torsos are mathematically small in ratio to their leg length as opposed to whites who have the largest torso ratio of the races to le length. This is proven in one of the studies in my sources. The reason asians are better at sports like ping-pong, badminton and gymnastics is simply down to hardcore discipline.

The fact of the matter is that whites suck at any sport unless it is something where you can get an expensive trainer to coach you and your buddies into artificially great sportspeople. Yes, this is the privilege of being rich but whites are not inherently rich at all. IT just happens to be that the majority of nations that are rich are ones which white people reside in as a majority. Romania and Greece are perfect examples of whites having a crappy economy let alone Russia and Ukraine.

Blacks in sports sources:

Why is it that when you go to a place you're almost always greeted by smiling white women? You think receptionists or McDonald's workers are paid a lot? No, they aren't. The fact is that while whites are slaving away in the kitchen with some lame a** job, the blacks, latinos and Asians are running master drug rings. Let's face it, Walter White was one lucky son of a gun, in the end it was the black Spanish speaking Gus Fring who ran the drug trade and Latino Cartel who had almost as much power. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were pathetic cook wannabes because in the badass world, whites are as underprivileged as it gets. They don't sell, but sure as hell when you imagine some wasted crack addict or meth-head it's a white person on your mind because while whites don't run the badass side of life, they're always at the receiving end of it.

Picture a black criminal or a black cop. They are probably muscular and healthy individuals great and assertive in their line of work and skilled at what they do. Now picture a white criminal or a white cop. You probably imagined and overly aggressive wannabe thug or a doughnut eating cholesterol world-record holder. This is not prejudice, this actually quite realistic of you to think. The fact is, whites tend to suck at most things but they do kill at politics, we have to give them that. First black president and all hell broke loose under his pathetic 8 years of a regime. nonetheless, outside of politics whites don't really dominate much at all other than vehicle manufacturing perhaps.
Debate Round No. 2


Since you wasted the last round by throwing racist terms like the N word around I wasn't able to make a concise argument or take you seriously. Since there are actually things to refute now I will. Your core argument is actually pretty common. Since there are successful people of color in this country there must be no privilege given to whites. I will eliminate that point by saying averages matter when it comes to stats. If I take a sample size of a 1000 and find one that is doing extremely well. Is that an adequate way to measure the quality of life of the other 999? Using a chosen few to sum up the entire population is dishonest. Now let's actually look at success. Of the 500 companies in the S&P 500 only 5 CEOs are black. ( In academia the highest seats of education are occupied by 94.5% whites. ( So please don't tell me that because LeBron James can dunk blacks as a whole are doing fine. Now the fact that Eminem can't say the N word is not lack of privilege. It's a show of respect to the countless people who have suffered the hatred that word imposes. Moving on, your obsession with penile size is irrelevant, really creepy, and just goes to show that your whole argument is willfully ignorant and immature. Then again you point to some arbitrary opinion about physique. Then your final comment is about whites doing better in politics. Again that proves my premise. He then automatically discredited Obama after assuring himself it's cause whites are better at politics. The Con also accused me of Ad Hominem attacks. Sorry but if your opponent throws racial slurs at you it's kinda easy to assume the person and argument are both weak. So he deserved it. It's not an empty threat. Under that terms of service contract you clicked ok to states that offensive language is unacceptable. But there is no way to that getting you banned would help since your a new user that wouldn't matter. Because you would just make a new profile 5 minutes later. How anyone could support the Con's position is beyond my comprehension. Now that rebuttal is over I will move to those stats you assured yourself I didn't have. - This study was done on the brains emotional reaction to race. They brought people in and measured the response of the Amygdala to pictures of race. The black faces had a much more detrimental reaction in this area of the brain meaning that race bias is happening on a subconscious level.'s%20dilemma.pdf - this is study conducted of police undergraduates likelihood of shooting unarmed black men in training simulations. This shows a race bias with police and people of color. Like I detailed before race bias is subconscious. So any reaction a person of color has with authority is subject to that bias.
These studies show that drug use among race are equal. So in a equal system you would figure that the amount of reported use would match the percentage of incarcerated. Well guess what.
Not only are People Of Color being busted more often for doing something that whites do at the same rate. They are also being sentenced for more time for the same crime as shown in this study below.
Next is the stereotype that blacks suffer because of issues with family. Many put that point to why graduation rates among blacks is much lower. I will tell you divorce rates among race are equal. So the disparity must lie somewhere else which is most likely inequality within the system.

Next is the classic Black on Black crime argument which states that Blacks are destroying themselves through violence at a higher percentage then Whites. Do you even ever hear about White on White crime. Funny thing is Whites kill each other at a higher rate then Blacks shown on page 13 of this pdf below.

Now my opponent might pull up studies to refute. I could post one that states that Whites are killed more often then Blacks by police. This is true. The reason those studies on average are poor is because they are not based on per capita stats. Police kill more Whites because Whites are 70% of the population. Blacks are around 18%. So I insist on you finding credible sources that don't play on things like population total. All studies and data shown here come from government or academic trusted sources. These are also not the only studies making this claim. If requested I could post correlated studies in the comment section of this debate.

Conclusion: Through the data provided one can assert that People Of Color are not in equal footing with whites on average. My deduction is one of two possibilities. One is that the system is advantageous to Caucasians. Meaning that white privilege not only exists, but is very prevalent. Or two that Blacks are inferior to Whites in their very nature. One of these two is right. I insist on the public to rationalize these two possibilities and vote Pro on this Premise. Thank you all for taking time to read this rebuttal. I leave the floor to Mr. 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA


Alright, let me be clear about something. The term nigger is only REALLY offensive if a white guy is using it. I was using the term to alert the audience to a very emotive example of where whites totally lack privilege and in fact a non-white race has the total liberty to use it while Asians kinda can and kinda can't, it's a 'meh' term with them.

If I offended anybody by using the term, then it's good. That is the one most significant way to set into your subconscious mind the shocking reality of the lack of white privilege in society.

I am told that there are successful people of color and that in 'this country' (as if USA is the only country on Earth) there must be no privilege given to whites. To counter this point which Pro actually made up himself/herself, he/she says that because in USA, which was 77.7% pure-Caucasian in a 2013 official census [], it just happens to be that only 1% of CEOs are black. Well considering that, in that same survey, only 13.2% of USA is of the 'black' race it is not surprising that only 1% of CEOs are black. Aside from this, it is not as if all non-pure-black CEOs are white. It is simply that any mixed race or non-Caucasian-non-black race will not be included in the 1% of CEOs that are purely of the 'black' race. It's also not even evidence of white privilege if 0% of CEOs were black unless Pro, who has the entire burden of proof in this debate, can prove that being a CEO is something that all human beings inherently want to be and that the single thing holding blacks back from becoming a CEO is the fact that whites have a 'privilege' that lets them in easier. If anything, all Pro has thus far proved is that the majority of blacks either do not want to succeed at business or genuinely suck at it.

Following this line of attack, Pro attempts the 'academic' approach. In 2007 on Pro's own source [], only 5.4% of full-time faculty at U.S colleges or universities are of the pure-black race. Now, considering that, as mentioned earlier, only 13.2% of USA is black, 5.4% of full-time students being black is brilliant. This doesn't include part-time students nor does it take into account that blacks dominate at other things which you don't need some fanciful degree to succeed at. I have consistently said that blacks dominate at sports but what I implied but didn't supply concrete evidence for is that throughout history blacks have gradually dominated not only individual sports but team ones too. I'm going to now supply the facts.


    • In 1949 there were no black NBA players.

    • In 1950 Chuck Cooper was the first black signed by an NBA team.

    • In 1958 the proportion of blacks in the general population approximated the percentage of blacks playing professional basketball.

    • In 1998, 77% of all professional basketball players were black.

(American) Football

    • In 1944 there were no blacks in professional "white" football.

    • In 1946 Marion Motley is the first black in "white" professional football.

    • In 1960 the proportion of blacks in the general population approximated the percentage of blacks playing professional football.

    • In 1985, 52% of all professional football players were black.

    • In 1998 65% of all professional football players were black.

Pro falls for my trap with the politics. He immediately latches onto it like a baby onto his/her mother's nipple and tries to gain as much strength and succulence that it can. It's true, whites to better at politics. Want to know why? They happen to have more interest in it, simple as that. Want to know why blacks dominate rap? Blacks have more interest in it to begin with. It's a rule of any social circle; be it racial, religious or financial. Some sects have more inherent pressure to succeed at things than others and just go along with it for the pride. I have no doubt that Wiz Khalifa feels just as proud of his success as Sir Elton John, Bill Gates or George W. Bush... I mean, Justin Bieber... I mean... Oh, white people don't always get so proud hmm? Awkward.

Eminem not being able to use nigger to fill up 25% of his lyrics severely hinders him in efficiency at putting out generic rap tunes. He's had to compensate with harder work than most rappers ever had to go through and a more furious style of rapping than others have to maintain. If Eminem was just some chill rapper talking about weed and 'livin' the life' he'd never have succeeded. Imagine an Eminem rap like this "Ma nigga i'm high, ma nigga i'm fresh, ma nigga i'm fly, ma nigga I'm blessed" No way in hell would that get him success. He has to be that 'furious white kid who don't take no sh** but don't say da N-word' on the block to ever make it like he did. Look at macklemore, mac miller, madchild or any other white rapper you can think of... Notice something about them as opposed to their black opposition? They're always having to put out well though-out lyrics, never mention the N-word and always having to be better because a 'white rapper has to try harder' after all. Whereas a black one can just say 'imma die for my m**f**ing nigga, imma die wid ma finga on da trigga!"and stash a million in his pocket... Just kidding, he'd spend it all on a new car and some fake kush for a video to seem bada** and not get arrested (although due to recent change sin the law that may not be the case anymore).

Now, that test was done on white subjects raised in very white communities in extremely conservative states of USA. Not only that, but if you tell a white guy 'hey dude we are measuring your response to races' of coursed they'll show heightened emotional response to the black face because they're thinking "Sh*t don't do anything weird... I'm not a racist omg omg!!!!". The only thing measured was amygdala activation which is responsible for all emotional responses. [] In other words, there is 0% evidence that he reaction to blacks was negative,if anything whites could prefer blacks to whites which they are nuller with and that's just due to familiarity.

In regards to the shooting task, that literally proves nothing. The time difference was so small and they actually had more errors with blacks too on the unarmed instance so...

The source, which's HTML formatted wrongly, can be found here:

While the amount of drug use may be similar across the races, the amount of drug dealing is not. Whites deal less than other races but use a helluva lot more of all kinds than the rest [] which I stated before. Now, your incarceration statistics were not drug-related and what you'll find is that drug users barely get incarcerated, they get slaps on the wrists and community service at best. Instead, drug dealers are the ones who get incarcerated and suppliers too. Whites barely ever are in the drug trade and if they are it's often only as the 'cook' or low level dealers as Breaking Bad accurately portrays. So it's no surprise that blacks and Latinos are the ones getting banged up for it.

The reason that divorce rates amongst blacks are lower is that they get married less commonly, that is all. If you counted the amount of break-ups per race (which is physically impossible) you'd most likely find that Black and Latino Ghetto communities are sprawling with them despite having higher pregnancy rates.

Whites killing each other at a higher rate than blacks only proves that whites are at a greater threat of being victims of crime than other races...Not sure where you were going with that one, Pro.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
If you advertise this debate on the forums, you will almost certainly win. However complaining that votes which failed to live up to their BoP being removed, will give you a bad reputation if continued.
Posted by UnderdogRising 3 years ago
So the moderator takes away votes that were in favor of my argument only. But won't penalize the opposition's use of the N word. I'll certainly be deleted my account after this.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>gannon260: Moderator removed vote<

Awarded 5 points to Pro (arguments, S&G, conduct) and two points to Con (sources). The RFD read as follows: "troll's are the scum of 'Pro falls for my trap with the politics. He immediately latches onto it like a baby onto his/her mother's nipple and tries to gain as much strength and succulence that it can.'"

*Reason for removal.* This RFD failed to explain its arguments, sources, and S&G votes. At best, this RFD explains only its conduct vote by noting its annoyance with a particular line from Con's arguments.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Moderator update<

connorjfield. 5 points to Pro (arguments, conduct, S&G). Removed because: (1) complete failure to explain conduct and S&G. (2) Inadequate explanation for why Con's arguments were unsuccessful. More specificity is needed that merely saying that Con had no idea what he was talking about. An RFD should refer to specific arguments and explain why they are incoherent.

Reasons for voting decision: Con demonstrates that he has no idea what the concept of white privilege is.
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
@8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA - Please try to be at least a clever troll.
Posted by 8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA 3 years ago
Is the B for Brainless?
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
@8elB6U5THIqaSm5QhiNLVnRJA - Using inflammatory rhetoric to put people off guard may have its use. Its lazy, but may be effective. Insulting me in such a petty way makes me inclined to think you are not capable of making much use of your chosen tactic.

As for the actual debate - its just a rant.
Posted by Tremley 3 years ago
No one says Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc, should fight the "privilege" of their own race in government and private sectors in their own countries.
"Anti-racists" only combat this kind of "privilege" in White nations.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anti-racists say:
Asian privilege: Asian people building a future for Asian children. Good!

Black privilege: Black people building a future for Black children. Good!

White privilege: White people building a future for White children. NAZIBADEVIL!

"Anti-racists" ONLY fight White "privilege" in ALL & ONLY White countries. This is genocide of White children.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Have you ever heard of an anti-racism campaign that targeted any non-White group as having "privilege"?
Of course not. They ONLY attack White "privilege" (a future for White children) in ALL & ONLY White countries.

All you anti-Whites ever do is make excuse after excuse to turn every White country into a brown mix of this and that.

All you anti-Whites ever do is justify innocent White children living in poverty as minorities in every country their ancestors built.

All you anti-Whites ever do is justify genocide of White children; a future without White children.

Now you see why anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

In South Africa affirmative action is used to discriminate against the White minority and award the non-White majority. In USA affirmative action is used to discrimate against the White majority and award the non-White minority.
'Anti-racists' say the goal of affirmative action is 'anti-racism'. So anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White, because they are pushing White genocide.

We can't have Whites dominating their own governments and corporations in their own countries, because that would be racist and we must have affirmative action to fight it.

Pro White:

No one says Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, etc, should figh
Posted by Tremley 3 years ago
Black privilege manifests itself in numerous forms:
Blacks have the right to take pride in their race. Whites don't.
Blacks can never be racist. Whites are always racist, even if they don't try to be.
Blacks get to play the race card. Whites don't.
Blacks never have to feel guilty about being black. Whites are trained to feel guilty about being white.
Blacks have the right to make blacks only organizations like the Black Student Union and the Congressional Black Caucus. Whites don't.
Blacks have the right to never take responsibility for their own actions. Anything bad which happens to a black person can be blamed on racism or white people. Whites have to take responsibility and apologize for their actions.
Rich black people have a right to be rich. Rich white people don't.
Black people have the right to demonize white people. White people don't have the right to demonize black people.
Black people are excused when they are prejudiced against white people. White people are never excused for prejudice against black people.
Black people are a "protected class." White people are not.
Violent crimes by whites on blacks are "hate crimes." Violent crimes by blacks on whites are just "random" crimes.
Blacks have the right to affirmative action and minority set-asides. Whites have to earn their positions.
Blacks are "cool." Whites are "squares" and "rednecks."
Blacks have the right to say words like "nigger," which whites are never allowed to use. They have the right to incessantly repeat the word "nigger" in front of white people, to intimidate them and keep them in their place.
Blacks can make the most racially insensitive comments and, more often than not, no one blinks twice. They are allowed to insult others without repercussion.[1]
Blacks can spend their rent money on designer handbags and then complain about how they don"t have the same economic opportunities as everyone else. And they get away with it.[2]
Black men are sexual supermen. White men are
Posted by UnderdogRising 3 years ago
I've chosen not to refute any more claims in the comment section as it will lean voters who will ignore the actual debate. Please wait until the voting process has commenced to comment further. After the debate is done I will debate further with the public.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Wylted 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:-Vote Checkmark-3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:13 
Reasons for voting decision: New arguments in the last round do not count. Con made his arguments in the 2nd round and just because his arguments contained racial slurs does not mean you can ignore them. So this comes down to the fact that all of con's arguments were dropped and I can't count new arguments that occur in the final round. I'll give pro conduct for the obvious trolling.