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Doge is not kill

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Started: 12/17/2013 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Many intellectual.

200IQ smart.

First round is very acceptance.



Such accept
Debate Round No. 1


Terms of the Resolution

"Doge" refers to the current Internet meme. Judging by my opponent's acceptance, I assume that she's aware of this meme and will not bend the definitions of this word.

"Kill," in this instance, is an adjective as opposed to a verb. In the spirit of the poorly stucrtured grammar used in the Doge meme, I used "kill" to replace the word "dead." This is the explicitly stated intention of the thesis and will not be altered.

"Dead" can carry two meanings. While the real Doge is obiously not physically dead, this is not the thesis I am arguing (seeing as Doge might die in the middle of this debate, in which case I'd be in a poor situation). Instead, in this debate, "dead" will refer to the meme as opposed to the actual dog. While the fact is unfortunate, I will be arguing that the Doge meme is not dead.

Doge is Still Trending

In November of 2013, Doge saw in incredible rise in interest on the internet, and while that rise is somewhat smaller this month than the previous, this month's statistics are incomplete and regardless, intrest is not declining, and is certainly not "kill."

Source: Google Trends [1]

On top of this, the semi-official meme source Know Your Meme has this meme under the "research and evaluation" phase[2]. This memes that as of now, the meme is neither confirmed nor deadpooled, but since the meme is not deadpooled, it is not currently "kill." Plus, judging by the current trends (see chart above,) it is highly unlikely for KYM to deadpool the reference.

Mainstream Media

on December 13, 2013, NBC News confirmed Know Your Meme's meme of the year to be none other than the one and only Doge. Acclaim for Doge among not only the subculture of the internet, but the common people, has risen above that of the Harlem Shake, Wrecking Ball, and "Hadokening"[3].

With Doge at the height of its popularity, while it's quite possible that Doge will fail within the next few months, it certainly has not failed yet, therefore making it anything but "kill."

More points and sources will be provided later in the debate, but for now I will open the floor for refutation.

Very Sources. Wow.





I agree with my opponents definitions

Now, I will provide the following arguments: so philosophy, very think, and much death.

Contention one: so philosophy.

Now, my opponent argues that at the moment, doge is not kill, but I will argue that it is kill if it is not live. (Live is the poorly structured way to say sustainable). You may have heard the saying "it was dead before it started." The same thing is true for doge. Why is this? Most memes get overused and die out within a month or so of usage,which means that doge is at the verge of his usage rates dropping.

Now there will be those few people who come in late on it and overplay it past the point where it was already over played, but they can't be taken into account to make doge live. Anything will pretty much always be used by a few people, but it's not a valid way of defining live. Live stops when something becomes agreeably overplayed by a majority of people who make/look at memes.

Contention 2: very think.

Think about my first contention a little bit harder, because I get the feeling you started to glaze that.

Contention 3: much death.

Doge is in the period at the end of his life. Statistically the live state of things like this only lasts a couple of months at most after becoming popular. At some point it's just stupid, and doge was pretty stupid to begin with. Actually I think my IQ dropped when I wrote the tag lines to my contentions, which for me is pretty detrimental since it was low to begin with.

Such summarize:

Well, pretty much, I've just said everything that everyone knows. Doge has reached the end of its live state. Philosophically, doge is kill.

Very sources. Wow.

Why the crap do I need sources for basic facts of life?
Debate Round No. 2


My Contentions

I can extend the arguments presented in my case throughout the refutation of those of my opponent's.

So Philosophy

My opponent argues that because the Doge meme is unsustainable, it is kill. This statement is both premature and innacurate. Essentially, what she's saying is that if Doge is dying, it is no longer alive. Dying things, nonetheless, are still alive, and therefore not dead.

Furthermore, according to the Google Trends chart shown in the previous round, interest in "Doge" is still rising as of December 2013. Along with that, my opponent dropped the evidence from both Know Your Meme and NBC News declaring that Doge is the most popular meme of 2013. It is still 2013, therefore Doge is not kill, and that's by using philosophy.

So, even if my opponent wants to value analytics over evidence, Pro still wins this debate.

Very Think

Here, my opponent suggests that we re-read her first area of analysis. After doing so, I can confirm that is says the same thing, and my refutation still applies.

Much Death

On this matter, my opponent makes to statements.

1. Doge is at the end of its life.

However, I refer once again to the Google Trends map in Round Two. Once again, interest for doge is still risig, and my opponent has provided no evidence that suggests otherwise.

Plus, even if it was at the end of its life, that would not mean it was dead, or "kill." It would simply mean that is was dying.

2. The meme has always been dead because it was stupid to begin with.

While I personally find that Doge has a unique comical appeal (as do the sources which I have posted above), I can understand that people would find this meme stupid. However, this does not automatically imply that the meme is dead. Regardless of how stupid my opponent may think the meme is, it's still popular.

Lack of Evidence

My opponent's arguments come from personal opinion, whereas mine came from solid numbers and factual evidence. Voters should value the contentions in favor of Doge not being kill above those of the opposistion because evidence provides for a more stable argument and overall conversation[1].

Wow Vote Pro



Jonbonbon forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Disregarding the forfeit, here's what my opponent did wrong:

Firstly, she attempted to refute the solid evidence of Doge's thriving existence by saying that his period of time is slowly going away. Even if this were true, Doge would still be alive and not "kill," so by doing this she only contradicted her own stance and instead supported my case.

Secondly, her middle contention was weak. The contention consisted of a single sentence that only stated to rethink one's stance about her first contention. This was a waste of time and in no way weakened the Pro case.

Finally, her case had no evidence. As I presented evidence that evidence is better than analytics, this automatically puts every single one of my arguments to a higher value than hers, and consequently makes me win this debate.

On top of all this, Con forfeited; vote Pro.


Jonbonbon forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Oh yeah I was in a debate XD
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Such argue.

Very Debate.

Great FF.

Posted by JustAnotherGuy 3 years ago
I have found the greatest debate on this site.
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
Many thanks for reading.
So intense.
Such uphill battle.
Posted by SeventhProfessor 3 years ago
Such debate.
Very argue.
Many excited.
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