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Dogs are better pets to have than cats

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Started: 7/30/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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First off, I wish my opponent the best of luck, and that saying dogs make better pets does not mean I dislike cats. It is the facts and evidence that allow me to say such things.

I will begin with stating how dogs are loyal, friendly, and trustworthy. How, unlike cats, can protect you from any intruder, and that dogs are just playful in every way possible - especially puppies. Point two is the mentioning of cats being evil and manipulative, taking their owners for advantage and also not making very good pets in the first place.

Let's have fun with this debate :)


I want to thank pro for starting this debate and allowing me to participate.

Dogs are wonderful pets to have, I have 2 dogs here at my house and they seem very friendly. But the notion of having dogs labeled as "more friendly and protecting" than cats is completely absurd. I'd say they're equal, but my purpose is to prove that dogs aren't any more loving, loyal, or playful than cats.

Let's start with love from an animal, each animal shows different amounts and forms of love. Dogs jump on you and lick you while cats simply lay on your lap. They behave differently, but there's no way to prove that "dogs are more loving than cats". They both have loving personalities and signs of affection.

There have also been many cases of "cat protections" from intruders. These remarkable and rare cats unbelievably fight crime and fend off burglars from their owner's home. Dogs are more likely to attack, sure, but no one is to say that it would be impossible for a cat to defend the fort.

Also, there's nothing that proves that dogs are any more playful than cats. This is actually an aspect that cats and dogs share most of the time, they both have an obsession over moving objects. As you can see in this youtube video:

About cats being "evil and manipulative", this can be very true in some cases....but certain breeds of dogs have an owner attack rate of all breeds of cats combined! (pitbulls, terriers, etc). Not all dogs are evil, I have a pitbull and great dane at my house but statistically owners are more prone to dog attacks than cat attacks, and of course dogs attack cats all the time:
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the debate! I hope to gain more knowledge about cats after you rebuttal.

As much as I would like to disagree, I am afraid you are correct in "each animal shows different amounts and forms of love." Cats are more difficult to understand, which is one of the reasons why dogs make a better pet. Families want more of an easy, understandable pet. They listen to directions more, and bond rather quickly to their owner. In this scientific study, dogs barely won between having the company of a cat, but yet they still won 1).

As for dogs attacking cats, that may be true, however, there are some instances where dogs are completely friendly towards felines 2). Dogs can be trained more efficiently to attack or not to attack, yet again it depends on who the owner is. At least you can actually trust a dog not get in too much trouble, or have respect for human beings. Also, I would like to point out that you yourself have two dogs as pets, not mentioning having any cats.

Cats are evil and manipulative, and you happened to agree with me. They are more violent than dogs, more aggressive. Another reason humans cannot have cats as pets, they're so difficult to control, and once they get into that habit of biting and scratching, its hard to get them out of it. These are some of the reasons why cats are more aggressive than dogs, 3). My friend has this very beautiful cat, and every time a friend or outsider of the family nears her, it automatically starts hissing and goes into attack mode. She even scratched her owner in the eye once and the scar remained for a few weeks! This is why there are shows for this stuff, "My Cat From Hell." Isn't that where cats originated from?






I'm glad you were able to agree with some aspects, no easy thing to do in such a debate.

I want to respond to your claims that cats are "harder to understand" than dogs, when I looked at your source there was nothing that specified that dogs are "easier to understand, bond quickly to their owner, and listen to directions more". It goes on to say that dogs are more environmentally friendly and their brains are physically bigger. It also says that cats have more brain cells and are more popular, this is a result of their remarkable intelligence. In fact, cats are far more intelligent than dogs (1).

Your video does prove that not all dogs attack cats, but also proves a point that I made earlier: cats aren't evil creatures that attack everything they see. You stated that cats are "evil and manipulative" and have been known to "attack owners and other pets". Your video in itself proves this to be wrong, that cats and dogs are determined by their individual personalities. Although I don't have any proof of this, I have 3 cats (don't get me wrong, they're both very good animals). Not all dogs have respect for human beings either (2).

That is completely false! Two of my three cats were trained to sit, roll over, speak, and climb. Cats are able to be tamed and trained just like dogs, once you introduce this discipline then they will behave (3). Same thing with pit bulls and terriers. And also I've never heard of cats coming from Hell, I believe that the first breed discovered was from the fertile crescent of Persia and Egypt (4).

Debate Round No. 2


It does not matter if cats are more intelligent than dogs, the important aspect is which makes a better pet. In fact in this case it is worse to be smarter, if there were a house fire, cats would sneak quietly out of the home when a dog would wake everyone up and alert them. Take a look at this incident 1). Usually cats are more self absorbed in them selves to acknowledge their owner's safety. Most of the time it is cats being saved from fires than a dog. Why do you think policemen and firemen have dogs as trained pets? They tend to care about people, willing to risk their life to save someone. Or busting a criminal who contains illegal drugs. Dogs make the world a little safer than without them.

Cats are considered from Hell due to the fact of being associated with witches. In the late 1800s, back in Salem, crazy old ladies would often be taking care of cats, usually black. Eventually, these crazy women would be found guilty with the charge of witchcraft. This is why cats are to be bad luck, especially if one ever is to cross your path 2). There are so many cat superstitions, it seems as if they will never be fully understood.

Dogs on the other hand, can be fully understood with their goofy ways and neat tricks in store. It is said that dogs replace having a child, to get to know how it is like for young parents to take care of something and to be ready for a kid in the near future 3). It's an easier way to figure out what you want before following through with anything major. Also, dogs are great at detecting health problems, any serious illness, and with that in mind, will sick by your side 4). (Click the next page over too). Dogs are very loyal, it's one of their key skills.

Next time you are deciding between getting a dog or a cat, think about it and choose wisely. A dog is the way to go - it will protect you, stick by, and be the cutest little thing ever. They become apart of your family, there is a special bond between dogs and their owners. Please vote for Pro, and thank you to my opponent for debating such a good debate! :)



Nordenkalt444 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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