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Dogs are better than cats

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Started: 1/4/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is for acceptance.


Thanks for sending me this debate.

I accept and will be on the cats side :)

on my first round I will be using my other argument in a different debate since it was never refuted.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting!

Case 1: Cats don't give love!

In a recent study, cats litteraly don't give a damn about us. (1) It states when it's owner called it, it located the sound, and did nothing! this confirms the saying, "If you like cats, you give love. If you like dogs, you want love." The one thing tat is not true is that dogs give love back, but you need to love them first. (2)



2. Cleaning litter boxes is worse than potty training a dog.

House breaking a dog is better than a litter box. House breaking may ake several weeks, but it will make the dog go outside. (1) In a litter box they are inside and let me tell you the smell is horrible! A lot worse than picking up poo in the back yard! Cats may also go outside of their litter box to show a sign of defiance or letting you know they don't like something.


If the con wishes to prove me wrong, he may do so this round!


I'll refute your cases in the next round :)

Low maintenance vs. High maintenance
-The independent behavior of a cat trumps the dependent behavior of a dog. All dogs generally need high maintenance by their owner. Dogs need to be taken out to the bathroom on a leash. Especially if it is raining or the weather is bad you wouldn't want to take the dog out. Cats don't need to be walked. Cats on the other hand will only need to be let out the door. Unless if it is an indoor cat, they'll need a litter box but they can help them selves to that at any time they need too. Also you need to sometimes wake up to let your dog out in the middle of the night, which is a pain if you want a full nights rest.
-Dogs need to be cleaned by the owner. A dog smells if not cleaned and if it is a long haired dog it will need to be brushed. Cats clean them selves with their tongue, so baths aren't necessary.

-The behavior of a dog is nothing compared to a cat. When a guest arrives the dog wont treat the guest politely. The dog will bark and bark! Maybe even jump on the guest, scratching at their legs until ripped off by someone. Cats will just sit there calmly or maybe even come out to be petted, but never the cat will jump or hump the leg of the new arrival.
Dogs at the dinner table are sure to beg, crying and staring. If you look away the dog might even run away with your meal! Cats wont do this. I've never met a cat that begs at the dinner table.
- The loudest cat is quieter than any dog. Dogs will bark at the dumbest things. To a knock at the door, to foot steps or even just seeing you unexpectedly. Cats keep their voices to them selves. They might have the occasional hiss or meow but it wont be enough to annoy someone.

The bonus that comes with a cat.

-Cats are natural hunters, if a mouse/rodent enters the house the cat will surely try to catch it, like an exterminator. Cats also catch bugs. Lets say a moth enters the house. The cat will be spending all of its time to eat the moth. Which is a good thing! because who would want bugs in the house anyways?


- It isn't hard to entertain a cat. All you need is a laser pointer and you can have fun all you want! If the cat doesn't like laser pointers than you can use other alternatives, like a piece of string.
Dogs don't take care of their toys. They constantly rip balls or other toys apart in the first few days. Or sometimes even in minutes!
-Cats can be funny at anytime, sometimes you'll see a cat in a box and pop out quickly. Sometimes you might see a cat use its agility and jump from place to place.


-Nothing beats the cats purr. When a cat cuddles up and purrs it is showing that it is very happy.
-Dogs just lick when excited and it gets really gross since you don't know where the dogs mouth has been.
Debate Round No. 2


Rebuttal 1a: Dissecting my opponent's point:

Here he make an argument that dogs are high matinence. He makes an assumption on a subject but, this is one of his strongest arguments. It can be refuted though.

Rebuttal 1b: Counter Attack!

In many cases, a dog is left outside, where you really don't need to exercise it because it runs around the yard. Have you ever heard of crate training? Where, a dog is trained to wait to use the bathroom until you take them out. You can also take the dog out a leave them there, until they scratch at the door. With cats, if the poo outside, you will get a messy surprise in the morning. If the cat has a litter box, the smell is horrible if you leave it un-attended for more than a day. Dogs do need to be cleaned by their owner. But take a second and think how that sounds. Would you rather clean your dog, and have him actually clean because of soap, or would you rather have a cat lick itself clean. You are basically petting saliva! Also, you forgot a lot of owners gives their cat a bath. They are more stubborn than dogs!

Rebuttal 1c: My opponent's counter arguments.

here could be some possible rebuttals I will refute:

1.Cats can always just lick themselves clean so why do owners need to give them a bath?

Not true. I was pet-sitting, and the cat had poo on it's leg! it didn't clean it for an hour! I had to wipe it off!

2. Cats are still more independent.

This is true, but in one way only. The cat does not give love. So if you consider that independent then yeah! Cats are independent.

3. Litter Boxes are easier to clean than dog poo in the yard!

Not true. When you have a litter box, you have to pick up BOTH the urine and the poo. It smells a lot worse than picking up poo in the yard. The cats also bury their poo and urine, so what you thought you got, might still be there. With dogs, urine is not an issue.

Rebuttal 2a: Dissecting my opponent's point:

My opponent is statement is valid, yet, he also neglects to inform you on cats behavior. I will clear this up.

Rebuttal 2b: Counter Attack!

Cats will meow loudly in an aggressive manner if they do not like someone. They will more than likely scratch and claw guests they don't feel comfortable around. Dogs that jump on people are easily taught not to. If you say "Down!" The dog will stop. Try that with cats scratching the guests, they won't care. I have never seen one dog hump the leg of a guest they have never seen before! Dogs can't reach the table so how can they run away with a meal? The only way they could is if someone is dumb enough to put a meal very low to the ground! Dogs can let you know if a stranger is in your house! This is actually a plus. Wouldn't you like to know if someone is at the door. Dogs can also recognize if there is a stranger, and can let you know by their bark! (2)

Rebuttal 2c: My opponent's possible arguments:

Cats aren't as aggressive as dogs!

Not true. If an owner tells the dog no, It will stop. Since cats don't love, they won't care. they will continue doing whatever.

Cats like guests!

Not true either. As my previous link stated, cats can't love. If the guest stops petting them, they might scratch them.

Rebuttal 2d: Arguments I got based on reading my own opponent's paragraph!

Cats are very agile! They can jump on your table with ease. Whose to say they won't run away with your fish dinner?
Cats LOVE to scratch furniture! (1) Even more so than dogs!
Dogs can be used as watch dogs! They will guard your house, and bark repeatedly if a strange is in the house!
Dogs sense more than you think. They can sense fear, attention, sickness, sadness and inequality! (3) I would like to see a cat do that.




Rebuttal 3a Dissecting my opponent's point:

Here he makes another assumption about dogs, saying that dogs don't take care of their toys. He also makes an assumption about cats. It can be refuted

Rebuttal 3b: Counter Attack!

There are new rip free toys that dogs can not rip. This makes the toys last very long. Some cats don't like to play. Some dogs are the same way. Where the hell did you see a cat jump out of the box besides you tube? I have not seen a cat do that. The agility factor confirms my previous accusations that cats can steal your dinner better than dogs.

Rebuttal 3c: Arguments my opponent may make:

There are no rip free toys!
I'm sick of putting all these links. Look it up.

Cats always love to play!
Actually, I don't thin I have a problem with this.

Rebuttal 3d: Points I got from reading my opponent's statement.

Nothing beats a game of fetch with your dog!
Your dog can fetch you newspapers and other things!

Last Rebuttal: Dissecting my opponent's point:

Here he make a statement based on his own views. This is probably his weakest argument (No offence) and can be refuted.

Last Rebuttal: Counter Attack:

Here, his statement is true, but many people prefer a dogs lick and very cute whine, to a quick rub by a cat. As for the people who hate being licked, you can train your dogs not to lick! Don't forget! Cats lick too! A cat is more likely to carry diseases if it recently killed a rodent or animal. So think to yourself. Do I want rodent saliva, or regular saliva from a dog?

Last Rebuttal: My opponent's possible arguments:

Dogs can get into everything! Cats have cleaner saliva!
Based on my rebuttal, I proved they could have animal DNA in their mouth. They also eat and lick random things just as much as dogs do.

Last Rebuttal: Points I got when I read my opponent's argument:

A dog's whine is very cute!
Dogs give ALOT more affection than cats!
From my last round, I have proved cats don't love.

New Points:

Guard Dog;

Dogs can be trained to guard your house! If a unidentified man comes in, the dog will let you know!

Dogs have more variety:

They not only have more colors, but also different shapes and sizes!

Thank you for reading! Good luck to my opponent!


i dont feel like arguing this anymore
Debate Round No. 3


In other words, you concede? Sorry man. Dogs are truly better than cats. Thank you anyways for debating with me!


InfiniteBears forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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