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Dogs better than cats

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Started: 5/2/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think dogs are better because the are usefull at being the house gards and playful, Realible.


Alrighty then lets get things rolling.
Cats rule the world by the cat poop parasite, or scientifically known as Toxoplasma gondii. This parasite is formed by an infection in the cat's intestines and then it makes it's way into the cats poop. Even touching the places where the poop has been you get you infected. And it has infected 22.5% of the US population that is 12 and older and 95% of the world! Those found with the parasite have a 1.5 chance of committing suicide. and It also infects ants and makes them stand on the edge of grass so birds will eat them and then it will infect the bird so it won't fly away when cats go after them. It started when Jaroslav Flegr got a strange urge to take care of cats and said, "There's something wrong with me." Since he didn't like cats and all of the sudden got a strange urge to take care of cats. And the T-Gondi parasite kills millions of people each year!

Then there is Cat Scratch Disease which causes mild infection, swollen lymph nodes, fever and fatigue. Cryptosporidiosis causes fever, nausea, cramps, vomiting, and diharria. Hookworm causes intestinal bleeding, inflammation, and abdominal pains. (the link for these are at the bottom of this page titled 10 scary diseases pets can give you.

Secondly cats have 9 lives compared to the one life of a dog, so obviously 9 lives are better than 1.
Debate Round No. 1


Many people think that a cat is more exotic and fancy but I am here to inform you that you shouldn"t believe a word those crazy cat lovers say because dogs make the world go round here are 10 reasons why dogs are better then cats.
1." You can train a dog better than a cat. Have you ever seen a cat sit on command? Roll over on command? Stay? Neither have I.

2." Dogs are smarter. Have you ever seen a dog fall into a fish tank? I haven"t either.

3." A dog can protect your home much better than a cat.

4."" Dogs are better suited to lead you to a more active lifestyle. Have you ever seen anyone walk their cat?

I strongly believe that dogs are better than cats because dogs are way more fun, energetic and useful to have than cats are.

Firstly, what's so fun about a cat. "They do hardly anything all day but eat, sleep and go to random places, but dogs are way fun, energetic and they love to play.

Secondly, Imagine hunting with a cat. "They would be hopeless at it, but dogs are great at hunting and they are really useful at other stuff too.

Thirdly, you can teach really awesome tricks to dogs like catching a frisbee, fetching a ball and bringing it back to you and even getting the newspaper for you, but a cat couldn't even fit the newspaper in it's mouth.

Fourthly, I went around class to see what people would prefer out of a cat and a dog. "14 people voted for dogs, 3 people voted for cats and 1 person voted for imbetween. "That means that most people prefer dogs more than cats.

Finally, I asked my friend Robbie his opinion about what's better out of cats and dogs and he said "I think dogs are far better than cats because dogs are more playful, energetic, Friendly and they are not scared of people like some cats are".

So there you go. "Dogs are way better than cats because they are more fun, energetic, playful "and useful than cats and I am 100% sure that I have persuaded you that dogs are far better than cats.

They're more affectionate and especially with people who live alone, you'd have someone waiting for you when you get home, cats don't really come and give you hugs when you get home.

Because dogs come when you call, while cats take a message and get back when it's convenient to them.

Seriously, though, it's hard to compare. I love my dogs, and I love my cats. They're both great companions, but the cats are more snuggly (when they want to be) and the dogs are more go go go. When I'm sick or overly tired, I prefer my cats more. When I'm wide awake and full of energy, the dogs are my go-to buddies.

Because cats don't do anything. Have you ever seen a seeing eye cat or a police cat or a Personal Protection Cat? Didn't think so. To me cats are up there with goldfish. They are pretty boring. I am saying that as the owner of 2 cats. Cats get boring really quick. I need a pet who will go, go, go. I like to hike and camp and fish and swim and do all sorts of things and I like having a pet that can do all of those things with me. Dogs fit the bill for me.

When I come home and I am tired or sick I sure do enjoy my cat though. Sometimes the warmth of her laying on my lap or chest comforts me. And then my allergies kick in and I send the dog for medicine. Nothing like a well trained dog.

that person after me.I did not attack owners of cats (as that would be attacking myself) nor did I say anything bad about cats. I simply said I like dogs better and I do not see how that is grounds for me to be verbally attacked. But since simpletons like you do not know how act on the internet I guess I have no choice but to report you and I hope others do the same.


1. My points

My opponent has failed to refute any of the arguements that I made last round on how cats are better than dogs because they have a unique way of making us love them and how they can get food, so with that you can extend those points across the board.

2. His points

Cats are indeed smarter than dogs. you see in this source the cats are more sly and independent then dogs thus making them smarter.

Cats are great hunters, they even care about humans inability to hunt by bringing them the prey that they have caught. (see video) ;(1st one)
I would like to point out that your class and your friends are not reliable sources. Why you may ask? It's because we have no proof of it and they are not qualified sources.

But since he likes bringing up points on how dogs are better I'll do the same for cats

1. Cats don't need to be walked
2. Cats bring you gifts after they go hunting.
3. Cats don't smell as bad.
4. Cats purr.
5. Cats are natural insect repelant.
6. Cats aren't annoying like dogs.
7.Cats aren't mean to your guests.
8. Cats take good care of your stuff.
So as you can see here cats are better than dogs double of how my opponent said.

So there you have it, Cats are better than dogs.
Debate Round No. 2


For those cynics amongst you who dare to doubt my clinical objectivity, here are the results of an independent study published in New Scientist Magazine. Cat fanciers prepare to choke on your fur-balls"

THE world is divided into "dog people" and "cat people", each passionately believing that their preferred pet is superior. Until a decade ago, there was very little scientific evidence either camp could muster to support its claims. Then animal behaviourists became interested in dogs and unleashed a pack of ingenious experiments testing canine capabilities and cognition. Recently, researchers have started doing similar work with cats. Could it be time for that showdown?There are obvious pitfalls in trying to use science to resolve this perennial dispute. Every pet-owner knows their furry family member is special " a unique being with its own talents and foibles. Yet scientific research tends to look at species as a whole and deals in averages and trends when attempting to quantify their characteristics. Then there is the thorny issue of comparing two very different animals. Some might argue that the whole venture is doomed to failure, but here at New Scientist we like a challenge. So we have pitted cats against dogs in 11 categories. It"s a winner-take-all competition with "best in show" being awarded to the pet that prevails in the most categories. Let the fur fly"

At 64 grams, the average dog brain is far bigger than its feline equivalent, which weighs in at a mere 25 grams. But then the average dog is much heavier than the average cat. If instead you measure brain mass as a percentage of body mass, cats win by a whisker.

Felophiles should not gloat yet. In general, smaller mammals have slightly larger brains relative to their body size than bigger ones. This means cats" brains are exactly the mass you would expect for their size, whereas dogs have slightly more upstairs than you would predict.

On size alone, then, the results are ambiguous. That is perhaps all to the good, because brain size is not a reliable measureof intelligence. In fact, if you want to assess smarts you are far better looking at behaviour than crude neuroanatomy " more on that later. However, there is one anatomical measure that gives a pretty good indication of information processing capacity: the number of neurons in the cortex, or executive brain. Here cats trounce dogs, with 300 million neurons compared with a piddling 160 million (Trends in Cognitive Science, vol 9, p 250).


Several research teams have compared DNA from dogs with that of grey wolves, their closest living ancestor, to try to pinpoint the date of domestication.

In the first study of this kind in 1997, Robert Wayne"s team at the University of California, Los Angeles, came up with a date of 135,000 years ago. Since then, the entire dog genome has been sequenced and Wayne now believes his date may be a little premature. Nevertheless, given the discovery of archaeological remains of dogs dating from 31,000 years ago and the large divergence between dog and wolf DNA, he still suspects that domestication occurred at least 50,000 years ago.

Other DNA studies, however, suggest domestication could be more recent. The latest analysis, published in September by Peter Savolainen at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, comes in at 16,000 years. It also points to an origin south of the Yangtze river in China and speculates that the first dogs were not working dogs, but destined for the dinner table (Molecular Biology and Evolution, vol 26, p 2849).

Our knowledge of feline domestication is also fuzzy. Evidence from ancient Egyptian burials and hieroglyphs indicates that cats were popular in homes from about 3000 BC onwards. However, the synergy with humans probably stretches further back. As soon as our ancestors began farming, their grain stores would have become magnets for vermin, and therefore cats. In 2007, comparisons of the DNA of wildcats from across the globe with that of domestic cats confirmed their origins in the Fertile Crescent east of the Mediterranean, the cradle of agriculture (Science, vol 317, p 519). What"s more, cats seem to have wormed their way into our homes and hearts from an early stage, as evidenced by a 9500-year-old burial of a kitten alongside a human on Cyprus. While impressive, it still leaves Felix looking like a newcomer compared with Fido.


The bond between a dog and its owner is remarkably similar to that between a parent and child. A secure baby behaves in a characteristic way in strange situations: it is courageous and happy to explore while its mother is around, becomes distressed when she leaves, will settle with a stranger in time, but has eyes only for mum when she returns.

Dogs put through the "strange situation" test respond in the same way. That is probably no surprise to dog people, who often cite unconditional love as their pet"s more endearing quality. Are cats so very different?

Adam Miklosi from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary, whose group did the work with dogs, tried this experiment with cats " but they were having none of it. The lab setting was very upsetting and stressful for them, presumably because cats tend not to leave their territory. Nevertheless, Miklosi suspects that cats bond with their owners in much the same way that dogs do " if only he could persuade them to take the test.

Even the most besotted owner will admit that cats like their independence. Evolution is to blame. By nature, cats are loners. Dogs, meanwhile, are descended from pack animals and have an instinct to affiliate, and domestication has changed the focus of this instinct. Give a 4-month-old puppy the choice and it will choose a human companion over a dog. It seems they just can"t help but love us.


Arguably the ultimate test of whether an animal makes a good pet is how many people actually own them. Here cats are clear winners. Although worldwide figures are hard to come by, recent studies show that in the top 10 cat-owning countries there are almost 204 million felines. Pet pooches in the top 10 dog-owning countries number fewer than 173 million.


Rico the border collie is famously able to understand over 200 words (Science, vol 304, p 1682). He"s a clever boy, but even dogs with more limited comprehension can often recognise and respond to dozens of commands and requests for objects. And words are not the only channel of communication open to them.

Pooches can follow human pointing gestures, such as an outstretched finger or a nod of the head, to find food. That may not seem impressive, but chimps struggle to do it. Dogs also hold eye contact with humans " which wolves tend not to do " and use gaze alternation to bring objects to their owner"s attention. They seem predisposed to inspect our faces for information, reassurance and guidance, according to Alexandra Horowitz who studies animal cognition at Columbia University in New York, and whose book Inside of a Dog was published in September.

However, Horowitz provides a cautionary tale for anyone tempted to overestimate their dog"s level of comprehension. Her experiments revealed that a pooch"s characteristic "guilty look" does not in fact signify an understanding of transgression, but is often simply produced in response to a scolding, regardless of whether or not it has been disobedient (Behavioural Processes, vol 81, p 447).

Cognitively speaking, cats are similar to dogs, says Miklosi, so you would expect them to have similar patterns of behaviour and abilities. A big difference is that they are not compliant or motivated, making them devilishly hard to work with. Nevertheless, Miklosi"s team found that Felix is just as capable as Fido when it comes to following.


1. My arguements

My opponent hasn't even refuted my main case on how cats are better because of their ability to make us love them and how they can get food from round 1. So please extend those arguements across the board.

Score cats 1 dogs 0

2. Brains

My oppoenent openly admits that cats are smarter so I win this category aswell.

Score cats 2 dogs 0

3. Shared History

This deals with evolution and stuff that this debate is not suppose to be about so I won't touch it.

Score cats 2 dogs 1

4. Poplularity

My opponent openly admits that cats are more popular so I win this category aswell.

Score cats 3 dogs 1

5. Points on why cats are better via round 2.

I brought up 8 reasons on why cats are better in round 2 and my opponent didn't even touch them! In debate arguements are like egg shells once you drop them you can't pick them back up.

Final Score cats 4 dogs 1


As we can see here in today debate that cats are better than dogs. Weather it's from my opponent openly addmitting that they are better or he just goes out and says it himself.

With the Final Score Cats 4 Dogs Please Vote Con!

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MorganElizabeth 5 years ago
dogs are way better than cats, dont get me wrong i have both but my dog is more loving than my fat lazy cat
Posted by mexicanmhitman 5 years ago
dogs are man best friend they have saved man since the beginning of time. Cats, in every culture, are one of the main reasons why man has not been able to improve because they are fiendish felines.
Posted by Vickram 5 years ago
good debate and i will improve nextime
Posted by Vickram 5 years ago
That is smart answer
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
interestin' quote
Posted by RoyLatham 5 years ago
Winston Churchill had a farm. Reporters asked him which animal he liked the best. He replied that pigs were the best. "Cats look down on people. Dogs look up to people. Pigs look at people eye-to-eye as equals."
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Reasons for voting decision: Cats rule. Good job con.