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Dogs make better pets than cats

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Started: 9/17/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Cats make better pets than dogs. Someone debate with me who's ready to continue it not forfeit halfway and this should be a pretty quick debate.


Dog are far more a better pet then Cat.
first of all to put all the obvious stuff first.
Cat does not act nearly as happy as a dog when they see you, and as human we are the world most social animal, if anything that we need the most it would be a dog, you can not play a lot of sports with a cat, you might need to teach it before. for dog sometime it almost seem they can actually understand human behavior, maybe they do i'm not sure, but when a human is in trouble a dog will notice this, and they will do all they can to safe a human, cat would just run away to safe themselves, cat can not defend a human from lets say a wolf, or even tiger, they are very protective of them self, a dog does not care who it is about to attack, making them much more brave then a cat. and when it comes to beauty a dog would win this by a far rang, once you see one cat you have seen them all, but a dog comes in so many form, colors and shapes, making them a perfect representation of us human.

i grow up with cats and dogs, and i remember mostly the dogs today, because the cats never came on the field to play with us, these dog acted like they knew their position in the family,and they loved it, i cannot say the same about the cats, they where sometime fun to play with but only when everyone is home and tired from playing.

Cat is only for people who are not active, don't like go out, don't like games, and just stay inside all day long.
Debate Round No. 1


You can actually play with a cat as they are pretty active creatures they like a good game of string. I don`t think that in any scenario that you will need a dog to defend you from a bear or a tiger. Cats are good for relaxing with and quiet time. If you have a dog that is so active and annoying you can get quite sick of it. You can also train your cat to do nearly anything.

Also dogs cost money ,dogs cost over 1,800 dollars a year. This includes getting them council approved, de sexed, vaccinated, deflead, food, shampoo, brushes, clippers , leads and a whole lot more.That is quite a lot of money you could be spending on power or water remember going to my friends house and my friends dog was jumping on me and being so obnoxious that I was pretty sick of it.

Another thing is that cats smell better than dogs. Dogs have a particular smell that stays on your clothing . Cats are smell free as they clean themselves regularly. Dogs are hard work to maintain,clean and take for walks. Unless you are super active and a triathelete I think you would prefer to sleep in on mornings than have to get up to have your dog jumping on your bed and licking your face hurrying you to feed it, take it for a walk and clean up its waste that is , most probably done on the kitchen or lounge floor.


you are proving my point here friend. like i said you can not play a lot of games with a cat, a string game, i believe that a cat would love it,not all human like playing with string, can a cat play basketball,soccer, or even as seen on YouTube, skateboard, play tag, you will have to teach a cat to do these things, which comes naturally to Dog. the scenario of a dog defending from a tiger is absolutely possible, and can a cat safe you from drowning? can you use a cat to pull you in the coldest weather on earth, can a cat guide a blind person. can you use a cat to detect dangerous thing from a criminal's car, house cloth etc?

dogs have been saving humans life for many years and they still are today, dog have work all the up the rank of trust till we human even trust them with some very dangerous jobs. today they with police officer, and those dog are more then qualify for the title as pets. they are Heroes, they have done some thing a Cat can never do,and if it does it would years of training and money. Dogs are truly loyal to human, and you can see that in the guide dogs. they give up their play time, freedom to help a blind human 24/7, think abut that.

And have you ever heard a cat cry? which is more convincing? dog cost more money because they are absolutely better then cat, and yes there more responsibility because dog are almost like a human child. And i would rather be waken my a nice happy dog who give you energy and joy to start your day then waking up by an alarm, cause a cat would never bather to wake you up.
Debate Round No. 2


There are also people who do not like taking dogs for walks and cleaning up after them. I highly doubt that anyone like picking up dog faces. Me and I`m sure a whole lot of other people like playing string with cats, as its actually quite entertaining. Its exactly the same as playing Frisbee or catch with dogs. I guess in my country there are no tigers and bears running wild so I wouldn't need protection. Also a cat is perfectly capable of defending itself, and its owner if it ever came to getting attacked by a tiger. It has claws and teeth, which in fact are sharper and more efficient than dogs teeth and claws. It also depends on the dog. A small dog/lap dog could not do anything like that because it is exactly like a cat but its a dog. A cat CAN guide a blind person if it is trained to do so. Another thing is that they hardly use dogs now days as modern technology is taking over.

There are heaps of story's of cats saving lives. My city was hit by an earthquake and there was a lot of story's about how their cat warned them to get up and was scratching at doors. Like I said dogs are not the only pets who can save lives and be hero's. Go and search on the internet for "Cats saving lives" and you will find that there are a lot of stories about heroic cats out there. Cats are also loyal and seem to know how you are feeling. They know when to be quiet and leave you alone and they know when to be playful and it is a proven fact that when you are in the presence of a purring cat it helps you feel at ease. Temporarily helps you forget stress.

Cats are better behaved than dogs. Dogs chew clothes, especially school uniforms. They also put muddy footprints everywhere making your house very unclean. They leave hair everywhere and I will bring this up again but they make the place smell. You can walk into a house and instantly know that they keep a dog by that smell that lingers round. Dogs are also dangerous. Have you ever heard of a cat mauling the face of a toddler? Have you ever head of someone dying because a cat has attacked them?Dogs attack people. Its in their nature, they get angry or excited they attack. They hurt people quite severely . In 2012 dogs killed 38 people in the US alone. Every year there 4.7 million dog bites around the world. Although dogs may make good pets is it worth your pet turning around and biting you or possibly mauling you to death?


you really think that cats are that clean do you? first of all yes its true that they can clean themselves, but guess what? with their own saliva, so every time you touch a cat you are playing with their saliva since they don't take bath with water that actually clean odors. also guess what they do with the hair, they puke it on your carped and anywhere they want, more nasty then a dog walking in your room with mud on them. your talking like don't pop as well, yes they do but they hide it so you never know where it is until you step on it, Dog does do it in the public in that case you know about it and you can get your butt off and clean it.
And first of all playing with a string is nothing; not even close to playing with a Frisbee, a cat will not return their string to you, Dogs perfectly understand the whole concept of Frisbee, they know one must throw and the other must catch it and throw it back, since dogs don't have the arm that Human have they just return the Frisbee back to you. having a Dog give you many options of fun activities you can do with them, like taking the whole family to the beach, a dog can swim, and they are not afraid of water, so you and your family don't have worry about them since they can also swim. with a cat you have leave them home, since they can't swim and hate water you have to leave them home, whats the point of buying a pet when you cant even do most fun activities with them?

And your right a cat is capable of protecting itself, not sure about protecting its owner, that's a very rare case you will witness that scenario, and if a cat were to defend you against lets say a tiger, what are the chance of it successfully protecting you? Dogs are more equip for battle then cats, they are bigger then cats, bigger teeth, more energy, able to take on a grown man and win, and they understand the advantage of teamwork, since they are the wolf family. and your wrong, police officer still use Dogs today, not just for detecting drugs and other things, also to track down a run away criminal, and they are the best option when it comes to that. That thing about cats feeling vibration on their feet, guess what its not just cats that can do that, Cats lion, wolf, dogs, and many more animals have that ability.

And i'm gonna be strait up with you, yes a dog will attack a human if feels threaten, abuse, or if that dog have been treated bad by humans, if you are nice to dogs they will be nice to you. they can smell your emotions,they know either you hate them or like them, even when a person with bad attitude is passing by a dog you can see the reaction in that dog. Dog have their own class that cat can not compete with. Dogs even have their own sport, dog racing, Dog sliding. and i'm sure their are many more i don't about. everything i have said so far are from simply from my experience from living with dogs, i did not do any research, because if you know dog, they will sure their many personality, not hide them from you like the way cat do.

Owning a Dog like i said before, it's a very big responsibility, a responsibility that you don't even notice if you like dogs, because they are so worth more then a couple of thousand dollars, for these animal are strong, some are actually stronger then a human, if you are not that kind of person then stay with your cats. a Cat is a independent animal, and does not like being socially active with human, it only wants to play when ever it feels like it, you can force your dog to play a game, even when hes tired and he will still do his best to entertain you, and after saying of this, if you don't like a dog this is very active you can also get a dog that looks like a cat, after all they come in many shape, and size, even personality, so i believe their is a dog out their that suite anyone's personality.
Debate Round No. 3


Alycat forfeited this round.


this was a nice and fun debate alycat, hope to go again you some other time.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Alycat 4 years ago
yes thank you .fun debate.sorry i couldnt finish it i was really busy
Posted by Longline 4 years ago
and your point?
Posted by sadhguru 4 years ago
Let me blow your mind real quick. How about you get rid of your pet (dog). Indeed 99% of dogs have a jinn inside them....indeed no angel enters home where a dog resides....there's no spirituality it seems....
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Reasons for voting decision: Gato no creeres lo que vei! Me gustan los gatos porque son real con los emociones de los. Dogs are kiss-a$$ing cowards. Cats are just gangsta. Dogs are stupid and shallow animals, they don't care about you, they'd be happy to see a tree if it came home. They are more sporting, but not worth all the maintainence. Cats are funnier than dogs, cuter than dogs, and sweeter to smell than dogs. They never scare children or get choked to death by Nazis. (I'm not saying they deserved it , but they kind of set themselves up for it : / ). Cats are companions, dogs are attention whores. Meow MuthaF*cka!