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Donald Duck is Better than Mickey Mouse

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Started: 10/30/2009 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The resolution to this debate is that Donald Duck is better than Mickey Mouse. Pretty straight forward.


Mickey Mouse - a comic animal cartoon character who has become an icon for The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and voiced by Walt Disney.

Donald Duck - an American cartoon character from The Walt Disney Company.

better - something superior in quality or condition or effect

I move to affirm the resolution that Donald Duck is better than Mickey Mouse


Donald Duck is a sailor

Donald Duck is Magic

He is one of the main Disney characters that aids Sora in Kingdom Hearts

And has been to Atlantica, Halloween Town and the Pridelands.

Donald's bad temper often leads to comical misadventures (see youtube video).

While Mickey Mouse is a supporter of the terrorist group Hamas. (see second youtube video)

Therefore Donald Duck is better than Mickey Mouse.

Thank You.


Many thanks for starting the. I wish my opponent the best of luck!

First, let us quickly respond to each point which the instigator has instigated! :)

1) He start off by saying that Donald Duck is sailor. Donald Duck may be a sailor, but Mickey Mouse captains his own ship, as we see in "Steam Boat Willie." Naturally, a captain trumps a mere sailor any day of the week:

2) Next, he points out that Donal Duck is magic. That may be true, but Mickey Mouse is also Magic as we've seen as early as Fantasia:

In addition, in the very game PRO is linking to, Mickey trumps Donald not only in magic skills (thanks to his personal keyblade), but also in authority as he is referred to as KING Mickey:

In fact, the video to the right is an excellent demonstration of his combat skills. Watch Mickey in action as he proves a worthy adversary to the one winged angel himself, Sephiroth!!!

3) My opponent points out that Donald is one of the main Disney characters that aids Sora in Kingdom Hearts, but as I've pointed out, as has Mickey, so this doesn't help his case.

4) He argues that Donald has been to Atlantica, halloween Town and the Pridelands. However, Mickey had been keeping an eye on Sora and the gang to insure throughout the entirety of the game. We know this on the basis of the fact that Mickey could potentially show up and aid Sora every time he came close to meeting his demise at the hands of the wicked heartless. Thus, it is only reasonable to conclude that Mickey had been to all of those places as well. Not that this should be considered a feat in the first place.

5) Donald's bad temper may lead to comical misadventures, but has also lead him to be considered a RACIST BY MANY!!!! Watch the second video to the right and listen to what he calls Daffy Duck:

6) My opponent argues that Mickey is a supporter of a terrorist group, yet if we watch the video to the right, all we see him doing is professing ignorance to what Islam is by asking if it is his uncle or mother!

All of that aside, we must keep in mind two additional things when deciding who is better.

1) Mickey Mouse is Disney's flagship character and is what people generally associate with the name Disney itself:

This gives him a great deal of seniority over Mr. Duck.

2) Mickey Mouse actually has the decency to wear pants whereas Donald Duck has no shame parading around his duck penis as if anyone actually wants to see that!

Thus, based on my arguments as well as the arguments I've gained in refuting my opponent's arguments, there remains no doubt that Mickey is clearly better than Donald Duck.

And that'll do it for now.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent Logical-Master for accepting this debate.

So firstly I'm going to respond to each of the points my opponent has made

1) My opponent falsely makes the claim that Mickey Mouse was the captain on his own ship, he then links a picture of mickey mouse steering a steamboat. This claim however is false because Captain Pete was in fact the captain of the steamboat, Mickey just sneaked in and was pretending to be the captain. [1]

2) My opponent points out that Mickey has been performing magic since as early as Fantasia, however as my opponent will recall the story of Fantasia ultimately ended in tragedy, Mickey nearly drowning in a giant whirlpool of his own creation, only before being rescued by Yen Sid.[2] Seeing as Donald is master of magic and Mickey never became more than an apprentice Donald's magical ability clearly trumps Mickey Mouse's.
Though it may be true that Mickey does have authority over Donald it proves inadequate seeing as Donald and Goofy disobey a direct order they were given by the king during the 1000 heartless battle.[3] This proves that the authority of King Mickey is non effective.

3) The King was only able to assist Sora in the second Kingdom Hearts game but was unable to do so in the first Kingdom Harts game because he was in the dark realm, leaving on Donald and Goofy to look after Sora all on their lonesome. It was only in the second game that he had the ability to watch over Sora.[4][5]

4) It was only in the second game that he had the ability to watch over Sora. In addition to the fact that Mickey only had the ability to watch over Sora in the second game, and even when he could he never showed up in any of the worlds where the main characters are magically transform (Atlantica, Pride Lands & Halloween Town). The only battles when he appears are: Shan-Yu, Thresholder and Possessor, Shadow Stalker/Dark Thorn, Cerberus, Hydra, Blizzard Lord and Volcano Lord, Storm Rider, Xaldin, Grim Reaper (Battle 1) and Armored Xemnas (Battle 1).[6] Meaning he never made a trip to Atlantica, the Pride Lands or Halloween Town.

5) To address my opponents fifth argument I would simply like to finish his sentence. Donald's bad temper may lead to comical misadventures, but has also lead him to be considered a RACIST BY MANY!!!! Watch the second video to the right and listen to what he calls Daffy Duck, a nitwit.

Seeing as the term nitwit means a stupid or silly person.[7] Seeing as this term as no racial interpretation its hard to brand Donald Duck as a racist for using this term.

6) At some point there would have had to be an agreement between Mickey Mouse and Hamas in which Mickey agreed he would be in a film by them in order to promote fundamentalist Islamic beliefs.

7) My opponent argues that Mickey Mouse is a flagship character, however this is as much a liability as much as it is an asset. Many of the people angry at the Disney company often direct their abuse towards Mickey and thus they tarnish his image. Take for example this picture: Though their beef is clearly with Disney they have chosen to take their frustration out on Mickey Mouse and thus tarnishing his image by portraying him as a rabid blood thirsty monster.

8) My opponent states that since Donald Duck does not wear pants he is somehow parading his penis around for the world to see however as you can see in this picture Donald's junk is well hidden in his feathers.

I extent my thanks to both my opponent and to the readers as well.

[4] Youtube Video


1) It would seem I was mistaken. Mickey wasn't actually the captain of the steamboat willey it would seem. However, I would lke to point out that he did go on to become the captain of a greater quality ship wth even greater profit:

Indeed, tis certainly more profitable and impressive to be the captain of the Disney cruise than a mere steamboat. :D

2) Fantasia may have ultimately ended in a tragedy, but this is well besides the point. My argument was that Mickey had been studying magic since the days of Fantasia. In other words, a great deal of time longer than Donald Duck. This would suggest that he is more experienced, hence has the great skill level.

Furthermore, we must keep in mind my other point here and that is that Mickey has himself a keyblade. No matter how skilled of a magician Donald had become, his magic is still no match for that of a keyblade master's. Donald Duck pales in comparison to Sora because of this, thus would logically have to pale in comparison to Mickey as well.

Finally, my opponent points out an incident where Donald Duck disobeyed Mickey's authority over him. My opponent argues that this proves King Mickey's authority is non effective Let us for a moment forget the fact that the ONLY reason he was on his mission with Sora in the first place (his purpose in the game) was because it was an order from King Mickey. Nevertheless, this doesn't indicate that Mickey's authority is non-effective. This simply indicates that Donald has values which are stronger than his desire to obey the commands of his king. In the situation which my opponent is citing, it is quite possible that Mickey's commands could have resulted in the death of their friends. If one is given the option of obeying the law or saving the life of someone they deeply care about, one should probably be inclined to choose the latter option.

3) I could make the same case for Donald, given that he is asleep throughout the entirety of Kingdom hearts 358/2 , whereas Mickey is clearly not locked up in the heartless realm in this game and has a canonical appearance to boot, hence evening the score:

4) My opponent has provided evidence that Mickey had not shown up in the Pridelands, Halloween Town and Atlantica. Given that this is the case, I shall persist in arguing based on the position which I had claimed; that merely showing up in these levels is not a reason to establish that one character is better than the other. To do this, lets say we were comparing who was better between Donald Duck and Spider-Man and I said that Spider-Man had been to NewYork or some other realistic places which Donald hadn't been to. Would this really suggest that Spider-Man was the better character? How does even having been in a certain place alone really better a character? If a Disney decides to make a short cartoon with Donald Duck nodding his head on the moon for five seconds, does this suddenly make the character more compelling? Of course not.

Looking at every other contention in this debate, the criteria for "better" clearly comes down to what characters have actually accomplished; what difference they have actually made. Accompanying Sora to the Pridelands, Atlantica and Halloween isn't really much of an accomplishment at all, especially when it's being used as a reason to declare the humanoid duck superior to the esteemed Mickey. These visits served the exact same purpose as the visits to every other world in the game, thus I assert that there's nothing special about Donald having visited them.

5) Ladies and gentleman, I cited my video because it was the only youtube video where I managed to find a clip of the actual film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" with the relevant material at hand. I assure you that contrary to what the uploader of the vid believes, Mr. Duck did NOT say nitwit. I suggest you listen to the words uttered. Pay close attention the to G and R sounds when Donald is referring to Daffy and notice how you do not by any mears HEAR a W sound which should be heard.

Even if you don't believe the duck used the word I am referring to, the main thing to keep in mind is that I've said that Donald's bad temper has gotten him to be CONSIDERED a racist. There has been a great deal of controversy of the clip which I linked to in the last round. If Donald would watch his anger and provide more clarity, such controvery wouldn't exist.

6) Nonsense. For all we know, Mickey just happened to stumble into that room on accident while desperately searching for a Rodent labeled restroom. My opponent has offered no evidence which indicates that Mickey is in league with these so-called terrorist, whereas there is certainly reason to believe otherwise (such as Mickey having no clue what Islam is).

7) My opponent points out that mickey (being Disney's flagship character) is often a target of abuse for people to vent their hatred towards the Disney company. He offers evidence of this by providing a link of a scary picture of Mickey Mouse. However, I'd say that such evidence is beneficial to my case. For you see my dear audience, fear is a great indication of authority. When you give the bullies your lunch money, it is so they won't beat the crap out of you. That depiction of Mickey clearly shows him as someone to be afraid of, thus indicates his authority.

On the other hand, no such fear can be found from Donald Duck! In fact, Donald Duck is more along the lines a figure to belittle. The video on the right is a strong indication of this.
Even the president casually and openly mocks him.

8) Lol. I might get banned if I post some "counter evidence." Hmm, what should I do? Ah yes: This is pretty tame in comparison to what I had in mind. Um . . . parental discretion is advised? Yeah, lets go with that.

In any case, this is clear evidence that Donald Duck is a pedophile and perhaps a RAPIST!!!

Also, I'd like to point out that the duck penis can be pretty involuntary, given Donald's human characteristics and all. Donald Duck has most certainly not an asexual and has shown attraction to female ducks in the past (i.e. Daisy Duck), thus even those feathers wouldn't be able to protect him. My point stands.

Till the next round.
Debate Round No. 2


ReganFan forfeited this round.


Too bad. Looks like I win. Vote CON!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
Sweet. Now I know I voted for myself!
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
A damn shame. I was having fun too. :(
Posted by Registered_Trademark 7 years ago
Shame the debate had to end so soon.
Posted by wonderwoman 7 years ago
Haha I never would noticed it to be anything like fuc you if it hadn't been mentioned. Weird stuff that power of suggestion.
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
Also, here's another one which has caused controversy (though I can actually hear the "says you" part):
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
lol, yeah, I know that. I'm just pointing out that I'm simply not hearing the word "nitwit" is all.
Posted by Registered_Trademark 7 years ago
At the end of the video it says Donald refereed to him as a nitwit, so that's probably what Reganfan is going off of.
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
Nope. Still nothing. The G sound kills it
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
I've listened to that a dozen times over. I'm just not hearing it.
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
In all seriousness, that doesn't sound ANYTHING like nitwit. You can CLEARLY hear an R sound. There is no W sound thogh.
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