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Donald J Trump

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Started: 2/8/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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He has already done more than the previous POTUS, he is honoring his campaign promises, is keeping jobs here in the US, tell me one thing he has messed up so far.


Although I do agree with your stance on Donald Trumps economic benefits, he has no sense of humanity. A POTUS must have the ability to connect and relate to the people of The United States of America, regardless on age, race, gender or ability. The fact that Donald Trump has already caused protests, including the organisation of the woman's march further proves that Donald Trump is far too incompetent to run the largest economic country in the world. Furthermore, the POTUS must act as a role model for all citizens, regardless on whether it is apart of the job description, it is crucial that he promotes equality and kindness. Donald Trump may be a business mogul, but he will never be a fair and true President.
Debate Round No. 1


The women march was complete malarkey, i used to be rich, and i can confirm that these gold diggers well let you do anything, and it was also organised by a ISIS sympathizer, the travel ban is so we can find out what is going on, so we don't end up like Germany, they really are savages.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Doom-Guy-666-1993 1 year ago
Are you going to finish this debate?
Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago

Donald Trump has not messed up yet bet I FEEL that he will so he is bad
Posted by Doom-Guy-666-1993 1 year ago
Mr.masterDebator, come again in English. but i think i see what you are saying, no Germany, the place i was born has been infested with the plague known as Islam, it has gone to hell in a hand basket there.
Posted by Mr.masterDebator 1 year ago
although u know we r talking bout mexicans right not germans
Posted by Doom-Guy-666-1993 1 year ago
would you rather end up like Germany riddled with those savages?
Posted by Mr.masterDebator 1 year ago
I know he is about to take lets say about 10 MILLION DOLLARS out of america to build this stuoid wall!!!
Posted by Capitalistslave 1 year ago
Damn, this is like the third debate today I tried to accept but someone beat me to it by seconds
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