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Donald Trump (PRO) VS Hillary Clinton (CON)

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Started: 7/16/2016 Category: Politics
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I will be arguing that Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States; my opponent, on the other hand, will argue for Hillary Clinton.


Good luck!


Good luck to you as well.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you.

Why Donald Trump should win:

1. Comprehensive and Common-Sense Immigration Reform
The Trump Immigration Plan revolves around three core principles.

a. A nation without borders is not a nation.
We must construct a wall along the southern border and increase border security (in fact, triple it) to prevent illegal immigration. The wall will only be 1,000 miles long (as there are natural boundaries as well) and it will cost around $10-$12 billion. Mexico has allowed this to happen; they've published pamphlets explaining how to cross the border illegally and they've collected billions in remittances. This cannot continue.

b. A nation without laws is not a nation.
The government must enforce immigration laws that are already in place. Donald Trump will implement a nationwide e-verify system, defund sanctuary cities, enhance penalties for overstaying a visa, end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants, and deport all criminal aliens.

c. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.
The issuance of green cards to foreign workers will occasionally be paused to ensure the employment of domestic workers and legal immigrants. Trump will also crack down on welfare abuse and will implement a program to help children without parents move to safer homes and communities.

2. Second Amendment Rights

a. Enforce gun laws in place.
We must implement a program similar to that in Richmond, Virginia called Project Exile. If a violent felon used a gun for criminal intent, they would go to prison for five years with no parole or early release. Gun violence decreased by 60% in two years. We should also encourage law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves.

b. Fix our mental health system.
To prevent mass shootings committed by the mentally unstable, we must expand treatment and remove those who are a danger to themselves and others from the streets.

c. Defend our rights.
Gun and magazine bans never work; law-abiding citizens should be able to choose whichever firearm they want to defend themself with. Furthermore, a concealed weapons permit should be accepted in all fifty states rather than the state of origin.

3. Because Hillary Clinton CANNOT win

a. Repeated scandals and lies.
On September 11, 2012, an American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attacked. Hillary was criminally negligent, and on top of that, she stated that the attack was the fault of an Internet video. She then told the Egyptian prime minister that the attack in Libya was a planned attack that had nothing to do with a video. After that, she lied to the families of the Benghazi victims, telling them that their relative's death was caused by a video. On March 10, 2015, Hillary said that there was no classified information on her personal email server. When under review, at least 2,101 classified emails were found and 22 emails contained top secret information. Hillary also stated that the use of her private server was approved, however, it was not; she did not request permission whatsoever.

b. She's been endorsed by the KKK and she supported Margaret Sanger
Donald Trump is not the only KKK-endorsed candidate. William Quigg, Grand Dragon of the California KKK, affirmed his support for Hillary and said that they have donated $20,000 to her campaign. Furthermore, she claimed to admire Margaret Sanger, a racist who called for the extermination of African-Americans by implementing similar eugenics programs to those used in Nazi Germany.


Hillary Clinton is far from perfect but she would be a better leader than Trump. Clinton has experience with public office and knows what she is doing. Trump on the other hand is a business leader who has exploited and conned people for his own gain. The rest of the world will not take us seriously if we elect Trump, Clinton will reinforce the idea that the US provides an equal opportunity for everyone. Trump has criticized free trade deals such as NAFTA which helped our economy, also he wants to ban Muslims from the country which will not help combat terrorism contrary to what he thinks. Clinton is the practical sensible choice.
Debate Round No. 2


I apologize, I forgot to include my sources in the previous round. I will include them here.

Now for a rebuttal to your arguments:

"Clinton has experience with public office and knows what she is doing. Trump on the other hand is a business leader who has exploited and conned people for his own gain."
And what has she done with her time in public office? Her campaign website lists seven of her 'biggest' accomplishments. Let's take a closer look at them.

1. Fought for children and families for 40 years and counting.
Really? What about the time she defended the rapist of a twelve year old girl and then laughed when discussing how he got off without any charges? Is she not one of those children? What about the LGBT families she was against in 2004, when she gave a speech in opposition of same-sex marriage? Or when she declared in Albany that New York should not recognize same-sex couples? I suppose they don't count as families either? What about the unborn child, who she recently declared does not have constitutional rights (whether you agree or not)? The point is, Hillary only fights for women and children when it helps her and makes her look good - very similar to what you called Trump out for ("exploited and conned people for his own gain").

2. Helped provide millions of children with healthcare.
I don't think so. Ever heard of CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program)? Hillary gives herself credit for it, yet the Clinton Administration was originally against it. Furthermore, she had no role in writing the legislation and it is said that she 'may' have advocated for it in the White House, but that's about it. The real credit goes to Sen. Ted Kennedy. Sounds like she's conning the public by exploiting Kennedy's accomplishment.

3. Helped get 9/11 first responders the healthcare they needed.
Probably the most semi-honest accomplishment! She 'helped' get them healthcare, keyword there is 'helped' because she didn't have all that much to do with it. The legislation passed long after she left the Senate. Once again, exploiting someone else's accomplishment and conning the public.

4. Told the world that "women's rights are human rights".
In other words, she gave a speech. You can only really count it as an accomplishment if what she advocated for took place afterwards. For example, Kennedy is given some credit for the moon landing because he gave a speech about sending a man to the moon, and Reagan is given some credit for the Berlin wall being brought down because he gave a speech urging Gorbachev to tear it down. After Hillary gave that speech in Beijing, two activists were punished and women's reproductive rights did not improve; things like forced abortions for population control continued.

5. Stood up for LGBT rights.
Like I said before, she was originally against same-sex marriage, she claimed that New York should not recognize it, and during her 2008 campaign, she only fought for same-sex civil unions rather then marriage. It surely appears that on issues like LGBT rights, she only sides with whichever view is most popular for her own gain. She's conning us and the LGBT community.

6. Helped expand healthcare and family leave to military families.
Another semi-honest one! She 'helped' the military families? Name one senator who hasn't claimed to do the same.

7. Negotiated a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.
Yes, she ended a week-long conflict. But what about how she destroyed Libya? What about when she was criminally negligent and lied about Benghazi? What about when she did NOT reset relations with Russia as she promised with a misspelled present to the Russian foreign minister?

You claim that Trump has conned people and exploited them for his own gain. I'll admit that there is some truth in that, like the Trump University lawsuit; but Clinton has her fair share of exploiting and conning others.

"The rest of the world will not take us seriously if we elect Trump."
Really? Vladimir Putin said, according to the Hill, said that Donald Trump is "a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt... he's the absolute leader in the presidential race". A Russian newspaper says Trump is "anti-mainstream and self-confident", and that he doesn't "feel constrained by political correctness".

"Trump has criticized free trade deals such as NAFTA, which helped our economy."
So has Hillary. When she ran for Senate, she said NAFTA was "flawed". In 2008, her campaign website said that NAFTA "has not lived up to its promises".

"[Trump] wants to ban Muslims from the country which will not help combat terrorism contrary to what he thinks."
Trump's idea of a Muslim ban has changed from when he announced it to now. The ban now applies to countries where terrorists have a large influence over the population. When asked if he would allow Scottish Muslims to legally immigrate here, he replied "it wouldn't bother me". Look at what happened to Europe after they let Syrian refugees in and tell me that won't happen if we let them in - which Hillary supports. It would seem Hillary's plan would be more of a security threat than Trump's plan.

"Clinton is the practical sensible choice."
But a lot of the things you said about Trump either apply to Clinton or are only partial truths. You said Clinton has more experience, but she has not done anything especially substantial (or positive, I should say) with her time in various offices. You accused Trump of exploiting and conning others, yet Clinton has done the same. You brought up Trump's criticism of NAFTA, when Hillary has criticized it more and more ever since it was passed in 1993. You claimed the Muslim ban will not combat terrorism, yet it is far superior to Clinton's plan to allow refugees from Syria into the United States.

SOURCES (this round):


Point 1. You say that we must build a thousand mile wall for $10 to $12 billion that is a terrible idea the plan isn't cost effective at all. We can surely accomplish more for less by giving border security better technology and if we make it easier for people to come to this country we will not have as much of a need for border security. Not to mention that immigrants perform many jobs that the average American probably wouldn't be comfortable doing and they do these jobs for very low wages. Getting rid of the estimated 11 million immigrants would cause a huge shortage of workers and consumers, just think of the food and amount of housing these people pay for gone from the US.

Point 2: I don't have much to argue about on this. These are good ideas. Though I would argue that people on the no fly list should not be able to buy a gun this seems like common sense.

Point 3:. Hillary Clinton was investigated and no wrongdoing was found she made a mistake and tried to cover it up it isn't like she is the first politician to do this.
Debate Round No. 3


Point 1: Border security has optimal technology already, and has the Office of Technology Innovation and Acquisition to make any necessary technological improvements. The wall must be built to stop illegal immigration where border patrol cannot. The West Bank Wall in Israel has dramatically reduced terrorism and has been more successful than border patrol and technology alone. The wall will cost $10-$12 billion, and will be paid for by Mexico. There are many ways to have them pay, like stopping remittances, implementing trade tariffs, cancelling visas, and increasing visa fees. If the Mexican government does not wish to give us the money, we can simply have them take it out of our $50+ billion deficit with them. Onto your deportation point: you said that immigrants perform undesirable jobs - not illegal immigrants, but all immigrants, including the immigrants that come here legally. Furthermore, you claimed that deporting 11 million illegal immigrants would cause a 'huge' shortage in workers and consumers, yet they only make up 3.66% of the population and they only pay 0.38% of taxes despite costing the Federal Government $113 billion per year. Besides, they will be allowed to return legally and we can make up for it by increasing legal immigration.

Point 2: I think you're missing the point - you're supposed to be arguing for Hillary on gun control (Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton). Hillary supports certain gun and magazine bans and she would most likely side with President Obama on his criticism of Project Exile. The only Second Amendment point I made that they agree on is the expansion of mental health treatment and preventing individuals on the no fly list from purchasing guns.

Point 3: Quite the contrary; it was illegal to have a private server in the first place. On top of that, it is verified that there was classified information on that server. Saying she covered it up (aka lied) and that she is not the first to do this does not justify anything. You also did not respond to my argument about Hillary's not-so-secret racism. I cited this video already, but I'd like you to watch it and see for yourself who the real Hillary is:


Before I conclude, I'd like to personally thank you for this debate.


Your first point "the wall must be built to stop illegal immigrants". How would a wall suddenly stop illegal immigrants the people getting these immigrants across make a killing off of this and will find a way to get through. Also deporting all illegal immigrants would reduce the economy by 6% or $1.6 trillion dollars. If that isn't enough factor in the cost of deporting these immigrants according to American action forum deporting and stopping them from returning could cost from $420 billion to $620 billion while taking 20 years to do. The easiest and cheapest way to stop illegal immigration is to not make it necessary for people who just want a better life. I would also like to point out that I meant undocumented immigrants perform undesirable jobs I thought that was clear I'm sorry. You say that the wall in Israel has decreased terrorism, well we are not Israel. 80 percent of terrorist attacks have been committed by US citizens since 9/11 a wall wouldn't keep them out.
Source: I used this earlier but I wanted it to be easy to find.
Point 2: I couldn't argue for Hillary on gun control because I don't agree with most of her statements I can't argue for something I don't think is right sorry if this messed up the debate.
Point 3: Hillary Clinton was investigated by the FBI and was not found guilty of criminal charges I tend to agree with them on these matters. I pointed out that other politicians have covered things up to show that we wouldn't investigate this long on anyone else. In conclusion Trump's policies are expensive and ineffective and he is just as untrustworthy as Clinton. Thank you, I enjoyed this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Can someone actually tell me the sexist things Trump has said? I always here this line but there never is any evidence.
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Yes, trump actually called climate change a Chinese hoax designed to outsource American jobs.
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Why not debate him, I'm sure he can disprove all your accusations against Trump....I know I can
Posted by Drago31 2 years ago
Dear TheConservativeSocialist

Seriously?!!?! Donald Trump is a RACIST and SEXIST and you vote forHIM?!?!?! if you think i'm gonna vote for that jerk, then you must be stupid.

No Offense,
Posted by Foxian 2 years ago
Trump actually called climate change a Chinese hoax? That got widespread on our social media and I just assumed it was something that was taken out of context...
Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Imagine those 2 with us HeavenlyPanda
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Don't forget that he called climate change a Chinese hoax. He would be awful.
Posted by TheConservativeSocialist 2 years ago
HeavenlyPanda - Accept the debate.
Posted by TheConservativeSocialist 2 years ago
HeavenlyPanda - Accept the debate.
Posted by HeavenlyPanda 2 years ago
Yay!!! Lions, tigers, bears oh my!!! Building the Great Wall of America with Mexican money, being racist, taking away gay people's rights oh my! Being down right rude, being a biggot, being a plain idiot oh my!!! Should I continue? If he does win he's going to insult Putin and other world leaders. As much as you like to believe that America is invincible, Russia is a close second and so is China. Those two put together against America would be fatal for America. All because of Donald Trump's big mouth. For now the world will sit back and laugh in amusement at America.
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