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Donald Trump and the Republicans will lose the 2020 election.

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Started: 7/13/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 11 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Here are my arguments on why Donald Trump and the Republican Party will lose the 2020 U.S. election.

First, since his tenure as President of the United States, more Americans distrust him because of the campaign he ran, which from their persepctive, inflicted racism, bigotry, homophobia, and xenophobia.

Second, his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Change Agreement caused anger to the international community, given the fact that he was elected to represent "Pittsburgh, not Paris", which is shameful and disgusting.

Third, his Republican allies wasted no time to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace with the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare), which if it becomes a reality, will hurt 11 million Americans and causing the economy to dwindle.

Fourth. his election victory was cheered by the extreme far-right in Europe such as Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry, Norbert Hofer, and Matteo Salvini, white nationalists, and Russia. Even Rodrigo Duterte congratulated him because from his tenure, he openly criticized Obama and praised Trump.

Fifth, he promised to "drain the swamp in Washington", but his Cabinet are extremenly unpopular to Americans, especially Betsy DeVos and Neil Gorsuch, which the former is extremely unpopular for her actions and her words on the state on education, and the latter stole from Merrick Garland.

And last, his party's special election victories in Kansas, Montana, Alabama, and Georgia would lead to another Republican control in both Houses and could possibly trigger a financial crisis even worse than the Great Depression of 1929 and the 2008 global financial crisis, both under Republican control at those times.

With all that in mind, with more Americans disapproving the President's performance, disapproving the acts by the Republican Party, and with continuous anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia, it all makes sense that Trump's America will head into oblivion and the people want real change by handing back the power to the Democratic Party.

These are the unbiased facts which I presented to my opponent and I await for him to question my arguments.


Trump has one weapon-the weapon he used in the previous election that defeated Hillary Clinton: populism.
Trump has kept his word on his most popular but controversial policies. The travel ban has gone into effect. Despite the outcry which has arisen from the travel ban, that has only affirmed the support base that Trump used to win the 2016 election-the white, working class males who did not finish university. To the press, it may seem as a racist action with no moral nor logical ground, however, to his supporters, it proves to them that Trump is sticking to his word. It solidifies the votes from that demographic for 2020. As the war in Syria and Iraq see no foreseeable end, Trump can continue to exploit the anger and frustration which have arisen from these attacks.
He has also lashed out against environmental protection laws by withdrawing from the Paris agreement. Many of his votes came from those who have lost their jobs in the process of exploiting fossil fuels. The lifting of pollution controls is also beneficial to the economy; at least for the short term. Trump has also backed the construction of the Dakota pipeline, possibly a sign of resistance against proponents of renewable energy. To those who have lost their jobs in the exploitation of fossil fuels, this is a sign of defiance against the establishment who have always endorsed action against climate change, actions which have cost them their jobs.
In conclusion, short term economic growth, defiance against renewable energy and the travel ban have affirmed the support that his support base has for Trump.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent seems peculiar when he laid out the basis on why the Republicans will maintain the majority in the 2020 election. He doesn't mention the fact that the last time Republicans were in power, they wrecked the economy further and as a result came the 2008 global financial crisis.

He said that his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement made clear that they turn their backs on the "establishment" agenda on endorsing action against climate change, instead they will put America first by restoring jobs in the process of exploiting fossil fuels, and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. In reality, Donald Trump really doesn't care on the environment, he only cares on the workers to make him even richer.

He also said that his actions solidify the votes for white, working class males who didn't finish college for 2020. In reality, the demographic he made also includes white nationalists, white supremacists, anti-Semites, and Catholics. Donald Trump is nothing but a racist, misogynist, sexist, uneducated, and stupid.

Let my opponent answer the following:
1. Why did he say that in his campaign, Mexicans were "asumably good people", and "bringing drugs, crime, and they're rapists"?
2. Why would he said that he would "drain the swamp in Washington", yet some of his cabinet are extremely unpopular like Betsy DeVos and Neil Gorsuch?
3. Why did he say that John McCain is not a war hero just because he was captured?
4. Why did he win the election with the help of Russian intervention, and caused the delight of Vladimir Putin, which became a subject for a BBC documentary calling Donald Trump "the Kremlin candidate"?
5. Is it a better campaign if he publicly insulted Muslims, African-Americans, Latinos, prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and especially women, and praised only the whites, males, uneducated people, unemployed, and even worse, evangelicals and Christians?

Short term economic growth, defiance against renewable energy and the travel ban will lose the ground support base of Donald Trump, because the majority don't want these. The United States, in the latest Democracy Index, has downgraded to a "flawed democracy" because of the factors that led to his election.

He mentioned the term "populism". Well, let me emphasize these that my opponent needs to think: Good populism is what Justin Trudeau led to his power as Prime Minister of Canada, elected its first Green Head of State, would hand Angela Merkel to another term as German Chancellor, and defeated Geert Wilders, while bad populism is what Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the election, what Rodrigo Duterte led to his Presidency, and made the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

I await my opponent's concrete answers to those five questions, as well as the definition of good populism and bad populism.


This is not about the ethics of Donald Trump, his demographic nor the harmful consequences of his polcies. It is about whether he would be voted to a second term. Your opinions on Trump do not count as valid arguments. In the eyes of many he is seen as a racist, sexist wacko, but there are people who feel that Trump can help them after feeling disenfranchised or disadvantaged by previous administrations.

Trump was an outlandish candidate. He bullied his way to the top, and targeted people to lash out against either to garner support or to offend them without forethought. He exploited the anger of the American populace by attacking the groups that many Americans are frustrated with-i.e Muslims and Latinos. He has also impulsively insulted women, POWs, and people with disabilities during his campaign. Trump still won that election, despite the derogatory comments he made during the campaign.

Again, many across the world view Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement as deplorable, but many of his supporters were affected badly by increasing pollution controls. Moreover, according to a Gallup Poll, only 49% of Americans believe that climate change is caused by human activity. Trump has doubted the authenticity of climate change for a while, and while that assertion is false, many believe him and that his promises to lift pollution controls will bring back jobs and economic growth.

There has been increasing light shed on the investigation into Russian interference. However, there has been no direct link between Donald Trump himself and the Kremlin, which implies that Russia may have wanted Trump to win, but Trump didn't want Russia's help. Trump expressed his admiration for authoritarianism during the campaign, and despite that, he still won.

The illusion of long-term economic growth, the revitalization of fossil fuel and manufacturing jobs and so called
control of the borders is exactly what his supporters want. Trump has removed pollution controls, withdrawn from the TPP (which Trump-supporters believe is the cause of the declining domestic manufacturing sector) and implemented the travel ban. Trump's supporters want these changes. They were some of Trump's main promises which have been fulfilled in the first 6 months of Trump's time in office. To Trump's supporters, that is an accomplishment.

You have also stated that because Trump is being praised by the far right, he will be less popular. Again, Trump won in 2016. The far right have accumulated a lot of support in recent years and many Americans feel they align with the ideals of the far right, despite the racist and disastrous agenda they promote. There is no such thing as 'good'populism and 'bad'populism. Everyone has different opinions, and there are so many conflicting agendas that it is extremely difficult to pinpoint good populism and bad populism, but generally in media, the bad populist is the controversial extremist (Marine le Pen, Geert WIlders).

I wish my opponent the best of luck for the succeeding arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


Well, my opponent seems fair with his arguments, but he cannot answer, straight to the point, those five questions because he made a compulsive mistake. Donald Trump is the most unpopular president ever in American history, and his mandate of "America First" is somewhat similar to Charles Lindbergh's belief when he opposed entering the United States from the Second World War.

Your assumptions on why Trump still won despite the negativity aren't classified as valid arguments. In the eyes of many, yes, he is seen as a racist, sexist, misogynist, narcissist, and a bully, but the people who Trump helped them are similar to what Muammar Qaddafi and his supporters did since his reign as the leader of Libya. His followers "disenfranchised or disadvantaged by previous administrations" found Trump as the only solution, but he is similar to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Trump has removed pollution controls, withdrawn from the TPP (which Trump-supporters believe is the cause of the declining domestic manufacturing sector), implemented the travel ban, and even pulled out the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. They were some of Trump's main promises which have been" fulfilled" in the first 6 months of Trump's time in office. To Trump's supporters, that is an "accomplishment", but to the silent majority, a disaster and a dereliction of American democracy.

His promises are kept by word as an authoritarian, and those changes, to the delight of his supporters, led to where the United States is at right now: a third-world country, a flawed democracy, a one-party state ruled by the Republicans, a laughingstock in the eyes of the world, and a dystopia ruled by the rich and powerful who did nothing but undoing Barack Obama's legacy.

If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio would have been President of the United States, or Hillary Clinton would have won the election, America would have never gone the path of eradication and complete destruction. Obama's legacy would have been solidified, and America's position as the leader of the free world and the most powerful democracy would have remained. But thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters, the United States is now dying and on the path of extinction as a country.

He didn't even define the meaning of good and bad populism precisely and accurately.

I challenge my opponent to answer one question: will you condemn Donald Trump's actions as President and stop the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, as well as reconsidering his decision on the Paris Climate Agreement, or will he just stand here and do nothing but stating arguments that are not really valid?


I will begin by answering your question from two viewpoints. I will begin by answering from my own viewpoint. As someone who does not support Trump's actions, yes. I do condemn him for the actions he has proposed to do. However, if you present that question to a Trump supporter who helped him get where he is today, your question will be laughed off and ignored, and in the eyes of the Trump voter, Trump's actions are far from deplorable; in fact, they are worthy of praise. I have answered your five questions with solid answers in my previous argument and the rendering of my answers as void with the excuse that Trump has a low approval rating is groundless. I will repeat again, despite the vulgar comments he made during the campaign, he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. According to FiveThirtyEight's polling data, Trump's likelihood of winning fell from 49% to 28.6%, and yet, he still won.

Yes, Trump has an extremely low approval rating, however, only 1% of Trump voters have said that they definitely would not vote for Trump again. You have also stated that his mandate of 'America First' deters voters from voting for him. That concept, which is the base of many of Trump's policies, while flawed, demonstrates Trump's patriotism in an increasing globalised world. This appeals to voters in the rust belt swing states-Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin, all which Trump won in 2016, who believe that the free trade agreements such as the TPP and NAFTA have caused their economic woes and the decline of their manufacturing sector. Trump has continued to exploit the frustration of the rust belt and will likely continue to. This helps secure the 64 votes which come from those swing states, which is clearly the opposite of what you have stated.

You have also compared Trump's supporters to those who supported Gaddafi and Hitler. You may see the resemblance between 2017 and 1933-1934, but Trump's supporters don't. Democrats or Anti-Trump activists, like yourself, may view the changes happening similar to the increasing authoritarianism of Hitler, but Trump supporters and Republicans don't, as Trump's proposals still have to go through the democratic process in order to be recognized.

I fail to see how Trump's early accomplishments reveal flaws in American democracy. The only candidate who referred to his supporters as the 'silent majority' is Donald Trump, who truly are the silent majority. Most millennials, who make up a large chunk of the Democratic support base, freely express their views on social media, while a much smaller portion of middle aged and older voters use social media, from much of Trump's support came from.

You have made many false assumptions of the United States solely based on your hatred for Donald Trump. We once again witness another example when you called the United States a 'third world country' and a 'one party state'. It is true, the US has been downgraded to a flawed democracy, but according to the EIU, the organisation which determines those scores, the USA's declining democracy index score is not because of Trump. Their democracy index score has been declining for some time, and even if Clinton won the 2016 election, the US would eventually become a flawed democracy some time during her presidency.

Obama's legacy would only have been kept alive by a Clinton victory. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are both Republicans who oppose Obamacare and the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The US is still the leader of the free world, and the United States has been declining as the dominant world power for a long time.

You cannot provide a universal definition good populism and bad populism. A conservative may consider Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn as examples of bad populism, while a liberal may consider Donald Trump and Marine le Pen as bad populists. Your proposal of providing a definition of good and bad populism is like saying that the classic rabbit-duck illusion is definitely a duck.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, the opponent opposite said that I cannot provide a universal definition of good and bad populism. Well, I provided some examples to get the viewpoint. Good populism is when the campaign tone focuses on globalization, liberal ideas, believing in science and the facts of life, and opposing anything that undermines the democracy. Bad populism, on the other, hand, is when the campaign tone exemplifies extreme nationalism, attacking the "establishment" politicians, freely accepting the values of far-right, lacing it with vulgar and unnecessary words, and advocating racism and other forms of hatred.

There is one flaw on your assumption, however. Even if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election, the United States would stay the position as a full democracy during her presidency, and Obama's legacy would continue to flourish, despite the negativity towards her presidency.

Donald Trump is a different story, he's unpopular all over the world, except Russia. And earlier, Rodrigo Duterte, the murderous, human rights violating President of the Philippines, slammed anti-Trump representatives who are opposing his visit to the United States.

Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte are one and the same: extremists, murders, human rights violators, criminals, advocates of torture, eradicating drugs with an iron fist, and loud mouthed. They are nothing but modern counterparts to Hitler and Mussolini, whose power sparked anger to the Allies in the Second World War.

The United States is now declining as a world power, thanks to him, and if he will win in 2020, it would lead to another financial crisis, just like the United Kingdom, whose decision to leave the European Union, caused a massive decline in the economy.

Under 8 years of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, unemployment went lower, number of jobs went higher, economy went forward, LGBT equality prevailed, same-sex marriage became legal, crime dwindled, position of America to the world retained, millions of patients saved thanks to Obamacare, climate change is real and environmental action kept, and employment is at an all-time high.

In just over 6 months of Donald Trump and the Republican Party, racism becomes prevalent, inequality is higher, United States withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement sparked anger around the world, efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare failed, bringing jobs back to America failed, continuation of investigation over Russia, voter equality diminished, his tweets attacking anyone who opposes him grows, and as a result, the United States is now in decline.

So, I gave my opponent the definitions of good and bad populism, my defense on the third round argument, and the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Let my opponent answer this one: Which would prevail in 2018 and in 2020: a Democratic Party, fighting for a better, stronger, fairer, more decent, optimistic, and brighter America, fighting for working families, and keeping America's promise, OR a Republican Party which since Donald Trump took power and transformed America into a one-party control, promises made, but ended in failures each and every time?

A Democratic Party for all of America or a Republican Party for the rich, the powerful, the whites, and the few?

I await for my opponent to respond.


Your definition of good populism and bad populism merely comes from your own interpretation and understanding of world politics. Now I challenge you to answer this question. According to your definition of good populism and bad populism, I want to know if you consider Fidel Castro, Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn good populists or bad populists. They are politicians who display traits from both your definition of good populists and bad populists who hold liberal ideas and are supporters of science but oppose increasing globalization, attack the establishment and advocating distrust and dislike towards the upper classes.

I agree with you that Hillary Clinton would continue to preserve Obama's legacy, but the EIU, the creators of the democracy index, have stated that the US would be downgraded to a flawed democracy even if she became president. There would still be a large degree of distrust directed at Hillary's administration at a level similar to Trump's. Controversy has tarnished Hillary Clinton's transparency in the past similar to the controversy surrounding Trump's administration. Moreover, during Obama's presidency, the democracy index score still fell, indicating growing distrust for the government and laying the groundwork for a demagogue like Trump to rise to power.

Donald Trump is generally unpopular around the world, but this is about the United States. Foreign nationals do not decide the outcome of the US election. There are people who believe that Trump's attitude and authoritarianism should be opposed, but the reason that Trump admires authoritarian politicians strongly appeals to his supporters-that they get things done. The promises which Trump supporters eagerly waited for 16 years have not been fulfilled, which has allowed Trump to exploit the frustration of his supporters. Trump has gotten further on those promises in the first six months of his presidency than Obama and Bush have in 16 years. I suggest that you try to present arguments which are relevant to the topic.

The United States has always been declining from being a world power. It is only natural that large superpowers decline and pave way for new superpowers to rise. However, this doesn't mean that the United States will collapse as a whole. Trump may cause an economic recession or depression if he wins in 2020, but that doesn't mean he won't win. Again, please try to stick to the topic.

During Obama's administration, unemployment went lower, jobs increased, the economy continued to slowly chug along etc. But a Trump supporter would say that unemployment in the fossil fuel industry rose, jobs in manufacturing were slashed, the manufacturing economy dwindled, morality was defeated, we let Russia and Muslims get the better of us, the debt is rising and unnecessary pollution controls have been implemented. Trump is fighting against many of these things, and Trump's defiance against Obama's legacy only secures the support he received in 2016.

It is clear that you support the Democratic Party, but many Americans don't. Republican governors control 33 of the 50 states. Democrats only have full control (majority in both houses and a affiliated governor) in eight states. The Republican Party also has a majority in both federal houses. The Republican Party has proved itself more popular than the Democratic Party, whether you like it or not.

I would like to remind you that the United States is far from being a dictatorship. Trump's proposals still have to gain approval from both houses of the legislative branch. Please, check the validity of your facts before posting them. It would give you a much stronger argument.
Debate Round No. 4


Donald Trump's proposals will never get an approval from both houses because those are extreme and will turn America into bankruptcy. Their efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare will fail because the majority of Americans will suffer once it passes and becomes American Health Care Act or Trumpcare.

My opponent failed to accept the promises made during Obama's administration, but let's not forget what major accomplishments he has made: leading the fight against ISIS, conducting an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden, joining other world leaders in condemning not just the Paris terror attacks, but also the Orlando nightclub shooting, and keeping America great by joining other countries in the Paris Climate Agreement. What are Donald Trump's "accomplishments" made to the delight of his supporters? Nothing but turning backwards into isolationism and division, and Trump's defiance against Obama's legacy will be the factor that he will fail to get another term.

By the way, under the last Republican government, we saw terrorism on a global scale, plunging into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, never-ending defiance by putting US troops to combat in Iraq, not helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and putting the American lives at danger by guns. It temporarily stopped under Obama, but continued under Trump.

Maybe, my opponent hasn't read George Orwell's "1984", the novel that becomes the basis between good governance and dictatorial leadership. Donald Trump and the Republicans re-wrote their accomplishments by recreating what is under that novel, and as a result, alt-right prevailed and anyone who opposed either bullied on social media, or tortured around the streets. The United States is now a dystopia thanks to him.

So, five rounds of arguments, not a single word or sentence that proves he's unpopular at home, he's unpopular abroad, he's weak and incapable to have another term in office, and he will either be impeached or put into jail. Trump's America is an America of hate, racism, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia, torture, discrimination, white nationalism, alt-right prevalence, suppression of opposition, and would lead into another Romania, where Nicolae Ceausescu ruled for a quarter of a century.

It is hard and impossible, to sidestep the facts and this why my opponent has failed to address many of my arguments.
I thank my opponent for his time, but I urge a ballot for the right thing, the ballot of truth, and the ballot for America.

I urge my fellow members to vote Pro because arguments are meant to be clean and orderly, and it should stand for what is morally and politically right. Donald Trump and the Republicans has failed to build America's promise over the past six months, and their failures are the reasons why they will lose control the Presidency and the Congress because the party of hate, the Republican Party, that is, will fail unless someone who puts country before party has the guts to lead.

The Republican Party, the same Party that criticizes Obama's legacy, the same party that led the election of Donald J. Trump, put party before country, and failed to re-duplicate Reagan and Lincoln's greatness. They will fail and the American people, the silent majority, the liberals, the "crybaby snowflakes", will, in the words of Emily Thornberry MP, "absolutely got to get rid of them."


Your arguments are based on a viewpoint of the world through a single window. You have created many fallacies which you have used to back up your arguments. The following rebuttals only outline a few of those incorrect facts you have used. By the way, I am currently quite busy so I apologise for the short argument.

You stated that Donald Trump's proposals will not be approved by the legislative branch of the US because of its extremity. Remember that populists such as Marine le Pen and Rodrigo Duterte are popular themselves, despite being radicals.

Many are dissatisfied with Obama's critical achievements. Again, Trump exploited the frustration fuelled by terrorism, immigration and "unnecessary" climate change action. Since the start of Trump's presidency,we have not seen any major terrorist attacks conducted by fundamentalist Muslims, Trump has pulled America out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and has vowed to build the wall on the Southern border. Despite being extremely flawed concepts, they are popular with his supporters. They have been won by Trump's idealistic promises which they believe solve their frustration due to the Obama administration. America's increasing isolationism is the doing of Trump's "America First" rhetoric, a flawed yet popular agenda with his supporters.

You have also referenced the failure of the Bush administration. Republicans would then bring up the failure of the Obama administration, who they have criticized frequently, especially Obama's achievements such as Obamacare, the Paris Climate Change Agreement and his domestic terrorism policy. They would also reference the success of the Reagan administration, who revived the US economy after an economic slump with traditional conservative policies. It irrelevant and unwise to reference the past when it is so different to the present. For example, George Bush called muslims friends of the US, while Trump publicly denounced them.

The situation in Airstrip One is INCOMPARABLE to the situation of the United States. Despite Trump's authoritarian attitude and his intolerance of criticism, Airstrip One is a dystopian, communist country where people who routinely tortured and even killed for not conforming to government values. The United States is far from being Airstrip One. You have also contradicted your contention that Trump will win in 2020 by saying that Trump and the Republicans have lied about their accomplishments. This is partially true, as many rich business magnates, such as the Koch Brothers, have blemished Obama's legacy and promoted the Republican cause. Moreover, Fox News, the most watched TV source of current affairs, is sternly Pro-Trump, and relentlessly finds excuses to whitewash Trump's scandals.

In conclusion, Trump will win with the same support he won with in 2016. He has successfully exploited America's frustration and will continue to do so to win over white, working class males, especially in declining states in the midwest and conservative states in the south. In his first six months he brought Otto Warmbier home from the rogue North Koreans, oversaw zero terrorist attacks by Muslims and has successfully delivered on his key campaign promises, such as the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the TPP and the implementation of a 'Muslim' ban which has brought him to the White House. Trump's support in 2016 is reaffirmed and secure for 2020. Trump also has the support of Republican controlled states and governors which could back him up in a close election.

I'd like to thank my opponent for giving me the opportunity to debate and I wish my opponent the best of luck for the future.

PS. I am not a Trump supporter and I am a democrat
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 7 months ago
Donald Trump has nothing to do with racism.

His comment on "grabbing women by the p*ssy" is just an unintentional joke.
One of the reasons why Hillary lost is that because Clinton supporters never take a joke serious!
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 7 months ago
I disagree.
Posted by Debating_Horse 7 months ago
By jc1996: "Donald Trump is nothing but a racist, misogynist, narcissist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe, and possessed by Satan. "

Nothing but pure ignorance, and hate in one comment. I wonder if you could possibly prove any of the lies in your comment.
Posted by byaka2013 11 months ago

Con won, but only by a razor thin margin.

People tend to underestimate Trump, but Pro did point out how the only reason he won the 2016 election was because of Hillary. Other than that, he basically just attacked Trump's policies, which is not the focus of the debate.

Although I still side with Pro, as Con was not convincing enough, at least Con discussed the given topic. So CON WINS.
Posted by whiteflame 11 months ago
>Reported vote: Emily77// Mod action: Removed<

7 point to Con. Reasons for voting decision: Both sides presented some fair arguments, but Pro continued to stray into personal bias and turn the intellectual exercise into a moral discussion, which was not the original point of debate. Therefore, since Con kept to the topic at hand and presented the more consistent arguments, I believe he won this debate.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter is required to specifically assess arguments made by both debaters. This requires more than speaking in generalities about each side generally did, which is all the voter did.
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
It seems that there are no laws that being a Trump supporter violates. Honestly, the left is making a fool of themselves, especially the MSM. Call us whatever you want. We the People chose Donald J. Trump as President, and we will defend him till the last breath. He is our champion, and he will Make America Great Again. Keep up the current liberal method of hate and zero policy and you will continue to fail.

God Bless Donald J. Trump!!

P.S. Challenge me to a debate. Trump vs Clinton within a day. I am willing to defend Trump. The question is can you defend Hillary....
Posted by jc1996 1 year ago
ILikePie5, I suggest you read history FIRST. All of you, Trump supporters, are a nuisance and all you did was defending Donald Trump by attacking even all liberals and Democrats. What happened to your country since then? Becoming a laughingstock. Don't you have a soul and a single remorse for your country?

Donald Trump is nothing but a racist, misogynist, narcissist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe, and possessed by Satan. If you continue doing that to us, then fine. Go rot yourselves in a country now controlled by the Republican Party of hate.
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
What crime has Trump committed? I don't see him being in jail. If he has committed a crime, show me the law. I guarantee you there is none. I almost forgot, where does is say in the law that supporting Trump is a felony or misdemeanor. If you believe that half of America is a criminal and you think that America is going in a downward spiral, I suggest you move to any other country...maybe Germany? See how you like it there. Or maybe Saudi Arabia?
Posted by jc1996 1 year ago
Is being Conservative a crime? No.
Is supporting Conservatives a crime? No.
But, Is supporting Trump a crime? YES.

You are supporting Trump because he is a criminal and so as his cabinet. Your Republican Party is destroying America right before the world's eyes! Sorry, my friend, but the Republican Party WILL DIE!
Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
Care to explain what laws I have violated?
Is being Conservative a crime? No.
Is supporting Conservatives a crime? No.
Is supporting Trump a crime? No.

Show me a law where anyone of those three aren't true.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by Dill777 11 months ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Have to say I agreed with pro initially, but they delved into the ethics of Trump's actions rather than his position with his base and the electorate at large. Pro also took several opportunities to praise Obama and the Democrats which did not serve the supposed point of contention (not to mention the glaring reality that the Clintons, Obama,and the Democratic party contributed to the decline in our Democracy, not just Bush, the Republicans, and Trump). I still don't feel that Trump ought to be optimistic about 2018 and 2020, but I have to vote for Con for a more focused argument.