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Donald Trump is NOT a Racist: Change my Mind

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Started: 8/8/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 hours ago Status: Voting Period
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There is no factual evidence that trump is racist or any other thing that ends in "phobe" or "ist" that crazy left wing SJW's constantly say. He treats blacks, Whites, Mexicans, Men and women the exact same way. Just because he attacks someone that happens to be black does not make him a racist. He has been just as hard on white people.


7 racist things Donald trump said:

1: Trump"s real-estate company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans. (01)

2: Quote from Donald Trump: "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. " I think that the guy is lazy. And it"s probably not his fault, Because laziness is a trait in blacks. "(01)

3: Donald Trump called black majority countries like Haiti and Nigeria, "S*** hole countries" (02). He wants more immigrants from places like Norway, Because Norwegians are caucasian. Why else would he want Norwegian immigrants and not Haitian ones, Or Nigerian ones?

4: Donald Trump said, "all Haitians "have AIDS" and that Nigerians don't want to go back to their "huts. "" This reinforces stereotypes that Hatians have AIDS and that Nigerians/Africans are poor.

5: Trump accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel of not being able to do his job because he is a "Mexican. " He was born in Indiana. (03)

6: The KKK said, ""The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes, We believe in. ""(04)

7: The Guardian states, ""When Donald and Ivana came to the casino, The bosses would order all the black people off the floor, ""(05). This might have been due to Trump telling his employees to get the racial minorities out of the casino.

I await your response and good luck.


01:https://www. Nytimes. Com/interactive/2018/01/15/opinion/leonhardt-trump-racist. Html

02:https://www. Cnn. Com/2018/01/12/opinions/donald-trump-is-a-racist-and-bully-opinion/index. Html

03:http://www. Chicagotribune. Com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-donald-trump-blacks-racist-20160928-story. Html

04:https://theintercept. Com/2017/08/15/donald-trump-has-been-a-racist-all-his-life-and-he-isnt-going-to-change-after-charlottesville/

05:https://www. Theguardian. Com/us-news/2018/jan/12/racism-and-donald-trump-a-common-thread-throughout-his-career-and-life
Debate Round No. 1


1: This is a quote from the source of your claim- "In fairness, Those suits date from long ago[1970], And the discriminatory policies were probably put in place not by Donald Trump but by his father. Fred Trump appears to have been arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1927; Woody Guthrie, Who lived in a Trump property in the 1950s, Lambasted Fred Trump in recently discovered papers for stirring racial hatred. "

2: This is an unverified claim by someone who says they heard trump say that. He denied the comment, So who knows if its true.

3: Donald denied this comment and other people in the meeting said they do not recall it. He said in a tweet he thinks it is a poor and troubled country, Which does not have to do with race, But the conditions of the country and the conditions of people in the country. Quote from cited article- "That is why Trump invoked Norwegians as "good" immigrants Thursday, In contrast to the Haitians and Africans. More than 80% of Norwegians are white, But they are also from a "developed" European country with -- in Trump's eyes -- the manners and attributes to be worthy. " This explains why he said he wants Norwegians.

4: Looked at source 2 and 3, Could not find anything. Source Please? Maybe I missed it.

5: There was no source of the comment within the article. Please cite source.

6: This was a KKK member saying this. There is nothing to suggest he was referring to white supremacy, But rather the overall concept of country safety. Trump did not say he agreed with the KKK ever.

7: Again, Just a quote from A person. No credibility to it, And I love how you are citing sources 30-40


1: I don"t think the NY times said that. I "CTRL Found" it and I didn"t find anything.

2: Similar claims have been mad by multiple people according to the article. I quote, "Trump treated black employees at his casinos differently from whites, According to multiple sources. ". The cite is the NY times article. So it wasn't just one angry person at Trump, But rather, Multiple people.

3: Here my opponent says the inconsistency is because Norwegians tend to be richer than Nigerians. However, Nigerian Americans aren"t that poor. Https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_the_United_States_by_household_income states that the average GDP per capita of a Nigerian-American is over $60, 000. To put that into perspective, It"s more than the national average and almost as much as Whites, The richest ethnicity based on geography. Doesn"t sound like people that Trump would want to keep out of the USA.

4: I found it at Source 2.

5: I found it at Source 3.

6: If Donald Trump does not support the KKK, Then why would he appoint David Duke and Steve Bannon to positions?

7: It"s a quote from the Guardian. While they have some bias, Https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/the-guardian/ states that their bias is only left center and their factual reporting is high.

Thanks for the compliment. I don"t know what 30-40 means.

https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/List_of_ethnic_groups_in_the_United_States_by_household_income

https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/the-guardian/
Debate Round No. 2


1: It is a hyperlink from the source- https://www. Nytimes. Com/2016/07/24/opinion/sunday/is-donald-trump-a-racist. Html

2: This is the paragraph- "Trump treated black employees at his casinos differently from whites, According to multiple sources. A former hotel executive said Trump criticized a black accountant: "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. " I think that the guy is lazy. And it"s probably not his fault, Because laziness is a trait in blacks. ""
This could mean multiple sources reported on essentially the same thing, One person claiming trump said that. This article also fails to provide links to those other "multiple sources, " questioning the credibility of the claim.

3: First of all, I was primarily talking about Haiti, Which is the main country trump and lawmakers were talking about. One person said he also said Africans, Which, Even if it is true, Is not just Nigerians, But rather all of Africa. Again, Trump denied the comment, And there were people on both sides of the situation. All Trump said, According to his tweet, Was that Haiti was a poor and troubled country. It was probably democrats that lied because they wanted to give leverage to the whole racist Trump thing.

4: The White House strongly denied the use of those words, And several people at the meeting did not recall him saying the alleged words. Only two people accused Trump of saying that, And I highly doubt he did.

5: Since you failed to provide a link about the actual comment and the whole story, I did some research myself. The judge is of Mexican heritage, It doesn't matter if he was born India. Just because Ted Cruz was born in Canada does not mean he is not American. Trump thought he was giving his case an unfair ruling because he thought the judge was biased because he is Mexican, And does not want the border wall. Trump said he was not being racist and respects the judge's heritage, But wouldn't back down building the wall. Here is the interview- https://www. Cnn. Com/2018/02/27/politics/judge-curiel-trump-border-wall/index. Html

6: In a 2000 interview, He called David Duke a racist. In more recent interviews, He has said he doesn't know much about white supremacy or David Duke, And that he disavowed David Dukes support. Not quite sure what you are talking about. (https://www. Washingtonpost. Com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/01/donald-trump-and-david-duke-for-the-record/? Noredirect=on&utm_term=. 96d012249aa6)

7: It has nothing to do with the website. I went to the source of info(hyperlink) in the article, And it redirected to the newyorker. Com. First off, This was 40 years ago. People can change. Second off, This claim is by one person who thinks he recalls instances like this when he was a teenager. Who knows the credibility of this claim, It could be completely made up. One person claiming an extremely racist thing is not enough to determine the credibility of it in my opinion.

Disregard the last sentence of my previous argument. I meant to backspace it :)


What hyperlink?

"This could mean multiple sources reported on essentially the same thing, One person claiming trump said that. " This might be because multiple sources confirmed what Trump said.

He said all Nigerians live in huts. Although I confused Nigeria and Africa for a while, He called Haiti and African nations as shithole nations, Not just nations that are poor, But shithole nations.

"Was that Haiti was a poor and troubled country. " Can you site this? I cited him using "shithole" to describe the country.

"And several people at the meeting did not recall him saying the alleged words. " What several people? You don"t cite this, So your doing what the NY times did by failing to cite. These people could have been strong supporters of Trump. I tried to use reliable sources that were only center left. These people could have been less reliable

"In a 2000 interview, He called David Duke a racist. " He could have been doing this to suck up to the public. He also loses his credibility on the subject since he says that David Duke is a racist and then later he claims not to know anything about David Duke, Therefore not knowing enough about whether or not David Duke is a racist. He was willing to lie about his support because he said he would do it only if it made us feel better.

The site claims, "
Unlike most other top Republican officials, Trump generally does not couple his statements about Duke with a firm condemnation of Duke"s views. Instead, His answers are often reactive, Such as "I would do that [repudiate Duke], If it made you feel better. ""

This is Trump giving into the public and hiding his racist views in the name of how the public would feel. If he was truly against David Duke, He would call him a terrible person. He called him a racist, But he doesn"t believe that being a racist is a bad thing. It would be like Hitler calling you a Natzi. To everyone else, It"s an insult. To Hitler, It"s not. I"m not saying Trump is Hitler, But the analogy still applies.

Donald Trump is dodging the questions a lot because he doesn"t want to admit that he"s a racist.

https://www. Washingtonpost. Com/news/fact-checker/wp/2016/03/01/donald-trump-and-david-duke-for-the-record/? Noredirect=on&utm_term=. 96d012249aa6

7: "This was 40 years ago. People can change. " It"s hard for adults with a firm ideology to change. Even when saying this, You claim Donald Trump was a racist 40 years ago.

"Second off, This claim is by one person who thinks he recalls instances like this when he was a teenager. " Is Donald Trump the teenager or is the recaller the teenager? I'm not sure.
Debate Round No. 3


It was a link in the paragraph of the article you cited. I gave you the link in the last argument. Click on the first thing you see after the web search for the link. I will tell you again- "In fairness, Those suits date from long ago[1970], And the discriminatory policies were probably put in place not by Donald Trump but by his father. Fred Trump appears to have been arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1927; Woody Guthrie, Who lived in a Trump property in the 1950s, Lambasted Fred Trump in recently discovered papers for stirring racial hatred. "

There was one person who claimed Trump said that. They also fail to provide links to other sources.

A couple people claimed he said Nigerians live in huts. Other people said they do not recall Trump saying that, And he denied it himself. Would you trust lying liberals or truthful republicans?

The shithole claim was by a couple lying people, And other people in the meeting denied him saying anything like that. This is Trump's tweet- "Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, Obviously, A very poor and troubled country. Never said "take them out. " Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, No trust! "

Democrats claimed trump said shithole. Here is the denials of him saying that- https://www. Cnn. Com/2018/01/12/politics/senators-trump-comment-tom-cotton/index. Html
Even Lindsey Graham, A never trumper, Said he does not recall Trump using that word.

He probably forgot about it, Or meant he didn't know much about Duke and had to look into it more before he made a comment.

So? He said if it makes you feel better because he claimed he didn't know much about Duke.

It doesn't matter what he says about one specific person. He said he didn't know much about Duke. What else more do you want? You said he doesn't believe being racist is a bad thing. This is an opinion, Not a fact. I know Jim Jordan personally, And trust me, Trump is not racist. He has hired more blacks and has great relationships with them such as Kanye West, And many blacks are for Trump, Like Candace owens.


"It was a link in the paragraph of the article you cited. " The link had multiple hyperlinks. I was asking which one.

Here you basically claim that it was Donald Trump"s Dad that was the racist with his racist policies. However, Donald Trump did not put an end to the policies even though it was in his power once his Dad died.

If one person claimed that Trump said it, They are a primary source and therefore, Can"t and don"t have to cite other sources.

I trust whoever is honest and convincing. This could be liberals or conservatives. In this case, It"s center left NBC vs right wing politicians. Since NBC is closer to the center, They are more reliable. (05)

"The shithole claim was by a couple lying people, " They could have been lying or they could have been telling the truth. Who seems more reliable, Multiple people reporting on one guy or a president with a bad reputation even amongst several Republicans who has had a history of doing things close to lying. It seems like a tough call, But keep in mind that many Presidents lie which allowed them to earn a stereotype for lying. Given that Donald Trump is objectively worse than the average Republican president and most moderates would say he is worse than the average Democratic president, This makes him even more prone to lie to protect his reputation and ego. Trump should get put on Trial so he can"t lie about this under oath.

Lindsey Graham is a right wing politician. She said that the language he used was questionable. The article quotes, "However, Republican Sen. Tim Scott, The junior senator from South Carolina, Told the Charleston Post and Courier that Graham told him the reported comments are "basically accurate. "" The quote down below that he said is vague about the subject.

Post and Courier says the same thing about this. (https://www. Postandcourier. Com/politics/sen-tim-scott-graham-says-reports-of-trump-s-shithole/article_e99c2fba-f7a9-11e7-a381-d7950e17b81f. Html)

He probably did know a basic amount about David Duke. The vast majority of people 21 and older know who David Duke is to the extent of knowing Duke is a racist. Since Trump at that time was more into politics at that time then the average person, Trump probably did too. The fact that he denied knowing anything about him might, Just might be him lying. Bill Clinton did it. Trump might have too.
https://www. Cnn. Com/2016/02/28/politics/donald-trump-white-supremacists/index. Html

"He said he didn't know much about Duke. " He does, But he lied about it or just feels confused on what to respond to. The article states, ""By the way, Not only is that wrong, It makes him unelectable. How are we going to grow our party with a nominee that refuses to condemn the Ku Klux Klan? " he said. "Don't tell me he doesn't know what the Ku Klux Klan is. This is serious. "". He also appointed Steve Bannon to a white house position, Who is Alt Right. The Alt Right is as Wiki put it, " is a loosely-connected and somewhat ill-defined[1] grouping of white supremacists/white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, Neo-fascists, Neo-Confederates, Holocaust deniers". Https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Alt-right

What does Jim Jordan have to do with this?

Here you say that many Blacks support Trump. Most Republican candidates get between 5 to 15% of the Black vote, With some exceptions in 2008 and 2012, When Obama ran. Right Wing Fox news (https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/fox-news/) claimed that Donald Trump got the average 10%. USA Today, A Center left source (https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/usa-today-2/), Says it"s 7%. The numbers Fact check gave were 10%, 7%, 12% (most other Republicans received way more support), 4% and 10%. Assuming all these sources are reliable or balanced biased, The average is 8. 6%, Lower than the average for Republicans.
(https://www. Factcheck. Org/2016/02/trump-and-the-black-vote/)

https://www. Documentcloud. Org/documents/2186612-major-landlord-accuse-of-antiblack-bias-in-city. Html
https://www. Postandcourier. Com/politics/sen-tim-scott-graham-says-reports-of-trump-s-shithole/article_e99c2fba-f7a9-11e7-a381-d7950e17b81f. Html
https://www. Cnn. Com/2016/02/28/politics/donald-trump-white-supremacists/index. Html
https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Alt-right
https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/fox-news/
https://mediabiasfactcheck. Com/usa-today-2/
https://www. Factcheck. Org/2016/02/trump-and-the-black-vote/
Debate Round No. 4


The basic disagreement of this debate is the source and who trusts who. I trust republicans, You trust liberals.

We don't even know if their were racist polices. That quote was just an idea. One person claimed that. I don't believe him.

Trump has cut taxes, Moved the embassy to Jerusalem, Strong on borders, And is tough on the media. People were tired of republican presidents just taking punched from the media, But not punching back. Trump has fixed that. Democrats hate Trump, And want to impeach him. Saying that he is racist helps their case, And they can get away with it because their in a closed meeting.

Lindsey Graham is a he. He is a rhino, And far from actual republican or conservatism. Sure, The comments are vague.

Steve Bannon is not alt right. He is moderate. He is not a white supremacist.

I wasn't talking about percentages. I was talking about the people who do support him. Black unemployment is at one of the all time lows. His black vote was more than Romney's, And now the approval rating among blacks is up to 21%, A high- https://americasvoice. Org/press_releases/new-poll-nations-most-competitive-races-may-hinge-on-trumps-racism/

Jim Jordan has told multiple stories about Trump and how he cares about all people and is compassionate to people.

Steve Bannon was fired anyway.


There were some non RINO republicans that said he is a racist.

An example of a racist policy was when Donald Trump didn"t let people rent apartments even though they could afford it because they were blacks. I trust whoever I believe is right. Most of the time, That is conservatives. This time, I tried to aim for more centrist sources.

Most of Trump"s policies were good. However, This is not about his policies. It is about racism. I personally want Trump impeached so Pence can replace him.

Lindsey Graham is not a RINO.

His stance on:

Immigration:https://www. Lgraham. Senate. Gov/public/index. Cfm/key-issues? P=immigration
Healthcare: https://www. Lgraham. Senate. Gov/public/index. Cfm/key-issues? P=stopping-the-government-takeover-of-health-care

He"s about as much of a RINO as Ben Shapiro is.

"Steve Bannon is not alt right. He is moderate. He is not a white supremacist. " Steve Bannon is not moderate. He supports white supremacy (https://www. Dailywire. Com/news/8441/i-know-trumps-new-campaign-chairman-steve-bannon-ben-shapiro)

Your cite did not confirm that it was 21% or I couldn"t find it in the link. I provided a link claiming it was around 8. 6% of the black vote, Lower then the national average.

Like you have said with all my sources, This is just one guy"s opinion.

Steve Bannon was fired yes, But it was probably after Donald got annoyed with Steve Bannon. The fact that he was hired for the job in the 1st place could show that Donald Trump supports racism and might be a racist himself.

https://www. Lgraham. Senate. Gov/public/index. Cfm/key-issues? P=immigration
https://www. Lgraham. Senate. Gov/public/index. Cfm/key-issues? P=stopping-the-government-takeover-of-health-care
https://www. Dailywire. Com/news/8441/i-know-trumps-new-campaign-chairman-steve-bannon-ben-shapiro
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Our_Boat_is_Right 4 hours ago
There's a reason conservatives call him "grahamnesty" you know. He suppourts pathway to citizenship for daca recipients. This article was in your own source.

If you looked at the graph in my source, You would have seen the black approval rating. You don't look at sources hard enough, You just assume its not there.
Posted by asta 5 hours ago
Can you guys vote for me?
Posted by colindebates 3 days ago
Trump IS racist. Change my mind.
Posted by asta 3 days ago
I used to support Trump because it was either Trump or Hillary. Now I think Trump is a false Republican (RINO) and a hypocrite because of the following:

1. He imposed a head tax on businesses for every employee they have.
2. He appointed Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice, Even though he's pro choice.
3. He supports low taxes on everything except for trade with other countries. He's a protectionist.
4. He supports cutting funding for the military.
5. He is tough on immigration except for Ivanka's parents.
6. He is causing the US population to go leftist and I don't know if the damage can be reversed. His leftist policies are causing many Republicans to also go leftist.
Posted by zhaod1 3 days ago
Oops, I didn't know you changed your profile information.
Posted by zhaod1 3 days ago
Why are you seemingly insulting Donald Trump if you are pro Donald Trump on your profile?
Posted by asta 1 week ago
In that last debate, I thought it was true based on the site. However, I didn't read the 1969 part of the article. Because of that, I believe that the relevant differences between the 2 races is the family based culture they were raised in. This is what causes Whites to succeed and blacks to fail (generally speaking).

It might also be(in the debate this was mentioned) because white names tend to be better equipped for the workplace then black names. Would you be more willing to hire a manager named Edwin or someone named Dillan if all you knew about them were their names? Most people would select Edwin, Not because it's the whiter name then Dillan, But because it's the "smarter" one.

I hope this makes sense. :)

P. S. Can you vote for me after the debate?
Posted by LoveRichardDawkins 1 week ago
asta you confuse me. You said in our debate that black people were inherently stupider than whites. But you also say that saying black people are lazy is racist.
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