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Donald Trump is a Racist

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Started: 7/17/2016 Category: Politics
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This will be my third Trump debate today! I will be debating that Trump is NOT a racist. My opponent will argue that he is.


Best of luck to my opponent.


I accept this debate. My argument will be that Trump IS a racist. I will wait till round 2 to make arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


Donald Trump is NOT a racist, despite what how the media portrays him.

1. He is against illegal immigration. He is pro immigration and not racist towards Hispanics.
"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending they're best. They're sending people with problems and they're bringing those problems to us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." That's a quote from Trump's campaign announcement, and if you only heard this part, you'd think he's anti-immigration and generally discriminatory towards Mexicans. That's not the case. Keep in mind he was discussing illegal immigration when he used that quote. "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending they're best." There's a difference between the government 'sending' people and people immigrating. So what Trump is saying is that the Mexican government is sending not-so-nice people over the border illegally - and they are. A pamphlet published by the Mexican government itself explaining how to illegally cross the border was recently discovered - source on that below. And the thing about these illegal immigrants is that we have had at least 3 million arrests attached to them (with tens of thousands of violent assaults, rapes, and murders) - there's only estimated to be 11 million! If that's Mexico's best, I'd hate to see their worst. "And some, I assume, are good people." There's the part where Trump affirms that he is not referring to all illegal immigrants as bad people, thus proving he is not generalizing every illegal immigrant.

That's about all that comes to mind about what someone against Trump would call him racist for, however, there could be more.



There is a long lists of statements and actions made by Trump that reveal his racist attitudes. Trump doesn't come out and make overtly racist comments, but if you read between the lines, pay attention to his tone, and try to understand what he is implying, his racism becomes apparent. Some of his statements can be dismissed individually, but if we examine all of the evidence it shows a clear pattern of racial bias that runs through his campaign and his life. For this debate I define racism as holding negative attitudes or discriminating against people of a particular skin color, ethnic background, or religious identity. Religious identity is the controversial part of this definition and I will return to this when I discuss Trumps attitude towards Muslims.

Starting back in 1973, Trump was sued by the Justice Department for alleged discrimination against blacks in his housing complexes (source: Two "testers", a white woman and a black women who worked for the government, were sent to a Trump apartment complex around the same time to apply for an apartment. While the black woman was told there was no space, the white woman was offered an apartment. During the government investigation, Trump employees told investigators that they placed a "C" for "colored" on applications filled out by African Americans. Eventually, Trump lost the suit but didn't admit guilt. He argued that he was not discriminating against African Americans, but rather against welfare recipients who couldn't afford to pay. However, the investigation clearly showed this was false. Trump eventually faced a second law suit for not complying with the terms of his first. It's true that Trump never openly discriminated against blacks with something like a "whites only" sign, but the evidence for discrimination against blacks is still there. While Trump may be racist, he's also a businessman and he knows that any outwards appearance of racism would hurt his success.

Before his presidential campaign, Donald Trump led a campaign to get Obama to release his long-form birth certificate. However, Obama already released his short-form certificate which was all that was expected of any other candidate. This drives the major question, what was the purpose of Trump's birth certificate campaign? The idea that Obama's birth certificate was faked was based on the idea that Obama was not born in America, which I argue is fueled by xenophobia and racism. Obama is different from other candidates in that he's black, has family and friends abroad, and has relationships with Muslims. None of this should bother anyone who isn't xenophobic, but those who are use this to portray Obama as non-American. Trump has both questioned Obama's birthplace, and suggested that he is a secret Muslim. While I can't prove definitively that the birther movement is motivated by racism, I can say racism seems to be the most plausible explanation for its existence.

During Trump's presidential campaign, his racial controversies have radiated around two groups, Hispanics and Muslims. Trump made his most controversial comment about Hispanics during the speech that announced his candidacy. It is true that Donald Trump was talking about illegal immigrants from Mexico, and not Mexican immigrants in general. However, I argue that while support for a border wall or deportation is not necessarily racist, Trump's anti-immigration campaign is. To begin with, immigrating illegally is a fairly minor crime; it either means that one crossed an arbitrary line in the sand without the correct paperwork or that one entered legally but overstayed their visa. Immigrating illegally is more comparable to underage drinking or parking in a no parking zone than it is to drug trafficking and rape. Because of this, it raises a red flag when someone is excessively passionate about stopping illegal immigrants. During Trump’s opening speech, he associates illegal immigrants with serious crime without citing statistics. This association would appear to be based entirely off of stereotypes of Mexicans. Trump tried to soften his message by saying that some illegal immigrants (he assumes) are good people, but his emphasis is still clearly on the criminals. At other times, Trump has said that he wants Mexicans to come here, but legally. The problem with this is that the immigration laws we have in place are designed to restrict the number of immigrants who can come here legally. Donald has done nothing to challenge these laws. Trump’s true preference seems to be that these immigrants don’t come at all, legally or illegally.

Perhaps the strongest evidence for Trump’s racism against Hispanics was his argument that Judge Gonzalo Curiel was unfit to oversee the Trump University case because of his Hispanic heritage. To say that anyone’s heritage disqualifies them from anything is inherently racist. However, the interesting part about this is that it shows that Trump understands why Hispanics perceive him as racist. In an attempt to defend himself, he argued that his plans to build a wall and to renegotiate trade deals with Mexico have made Hispanics biased against him ( ). If these policies were not motivated by racism then there should be no reason to assume that Hispanics would automatically be against them. It’s therefore very telling that Trump himself believes that these policies cause Hispanics to hate him.

Lastly, we get to Muslims. Even though Islam is a religion, not a race, I classify Islamophobia as a form of racism, equivalent to antisemitism. It is acceptable to criticize beliefs or practices associated with a religion, but it is not okay to discriminate against someone simply for the religion they identify with. The majority of Muslims are good everyday people who do not heed the worst parts of their religion. Keep in mind that most Muslims were born into their religion and didn’t subscribe to an ideology. An attack on all Muslims is there for an attack on their identity, not their beliefs. Trump has supported discrimination and profiling of Muslims in several ways: he supported a database of all Muslims ( ), he suggested that Muslims should have to carry around special ID’s ( ), he advocated strongly for a ban on all Muslims entering the US, and he openly advocated for profiling Muslims ( ). Donald Trump doesn’t talk very much about the effectiveness of these policies as a counter-terrorism strategy; most likely they wouldn’t work since one can simply lie about their religion. Therefore, these policies are probably motivated by racism, not security concerns. Also, while stereotypes can contain shreds of truth, profiling inherently leads to discrimination against innocent people. We’ve learned during the civil rights movement how severely discrimination affects lives. Trump openly supports taking away rights from Muslims, which in my opinion makes him racist. In addition, it’s noteworthy that Muslims are not the only demographic associated with terrorism; Trump could also go after all young males, but he doesn’t.

As I have said earlier, many of Trump’s statements and policies are not overtly racist and can be shrugged away. However, it’s not just liberals who interpret him as a racist, it’s also his most extreme supporters. There’s a clear reason why the KKK strongly supports Trump (they interpret his policies as racist, which they believe is a good thing) and Trump has not made a serious effort to distance himself from them. Trump also inspired the overtly racist campaign slogan for Rick Tyler, “Make America White Again” ( ). This doesn’t prove that Trump is racist, but it does show that allegations of racism are not simply the result of a liberal smear campaign; Trump’s strongest supporters are interpreting Trump’s message the same way that liberals are. If Donald is being misinterpreted, he’s not doing a good job setting the record straight.

Trump has a long pattern of saying and doing racist things. The reason he is not overtly racist is because he doesn’t want to say anything incriminating, as that would hurt both his business and his presidential campaign. That being said, Trump’s biased attitudes towards certain groups are apparent to both his supporters and his opponents. I conclude that Trump is a racist, and I look forward to the rest of this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


1. 1973 Racial Bias Lawsuit
Actually, that's only partially true. Donald Trump himself was not sued, Trump Management Inc. was. At that time, as stated by your source, Trump was only an apprentice - his father, Fred Trump, was in charge. This means that any accusations of racism within the company would be attributed to Fred Trump. The title of your source (a liberal-leaning source, however, I'm completely okay with that) is very misleading and even contradicts information that later appears in the title. "Inside the government"s racial bias case against Donald Trump"s company, and how he fought it". Well yes, it's Donald Trump's company today, but in 1973 it was owned by Fred Trump; of course Donald will be loyal and defend his father, and of course he will testify in court for him, but to hold Donald Trump entirely accountable is downright false. A better title would be: "Inside the government's racial bias case against Fred Trump's company, and how Donald Trump defended his father." On top of that, you didn't provide any evidence that Trump was aware of any racism in his father's company, considering he was just an apprentice at the time.

2. Obama Birth Certificate
I'm not so sure about that. Barack Obama was not the only African-American to run for president while Trump was alive. Shirley Chrisholm ran in 1972 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Jesse Jackson ran in 1984 and 1988 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Lenora Fulani ran in 1988 and 1992 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Alan Keyes ran in 1996 and 2000 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Carol Moseley Braun ran in 2004 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Al Sharpton ran in 2004 - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. Ben Carson ran in 2016, against Donald Trump himself - Trump did not ask for a birth certificate. The reason Trump was suspicious about the birth certificate was because of Obama's ties to Indonesia and Kenya. I think it's a little absurd, but it's not fueled by 'xenophobia' and 'racism'.

3. Presidential Campaign Controversies
You claimed that "Trump's anti-immigration campaign is [racist[". Actually, Donald Trump is pro-immigration and against only illegal immigration. Even though illegal immigration is a minor crime, it is a crime nonetheless - hence the word 'illegal'. We can't turn a blind eye to it, especially when 3 million arrests have been attributed to an undocumented population of only 11 million - and yes, Trump cites this statistic on his website and links to a source. Saying that he is blindly accusing illegal immigrants of crime is false.

4. Gonzalo Curiel
Gonzalo Curiel is part of an society called La Raza Lawyers, which "promotes the interests of Latino communities throughout the state." The comment Trump made, as he clarified in the interview featured on your source, referred to this rather than referring solely to his Mexican heritage. The idea that someone will be biased against you if they are part of a group that dislikes you is not extreme at all. In my opinion, Trump's comments were fine and not racist.

5. Muslims
You're right, Islam is a religion, not a race. That being said, I'll discuss your argument anyway. First of all, he only wants to have a Muslim database for refugees, not Muslim citizens. It says that very clearly in the Politifact source you used. Secondly, he did not suggest that "Muslims should have to carry around specials IDs" in your second source, it only says that he did not rule it out at the time, and by the looks of it, he has ruled it out now. Finally, in your third source, he says that perhaps we should start thinking about profiling Muslims, not that he supports it. In fact, he said he is hesitant about profiling in that same source, though he said we should not yet rule it out. He has not gone any further with it, however.

6. KKK Supports Trump
They also endorsed Hillary. William Quigg, a grand dragon in California, pledged his allegiance to her and the Klan donated $20,000 to her campaign. Does that mean we can interpret her policies as racist now?

Donald Trump is NOT a racist.



1. You agree that there was racial bias in the Trump business. The fact that it was led by Fred Trump at the time doesn’t matter since after the lawsuit Donald could have still admitted there was racial bias and apologized for it. One does not have to defend the racist discriminatory activities of their father (or their employees). Furthermore, Donald became president of his father’s organization in 1974 when the lawsuit was ongoing. He was president years later when the terms of the settlement were violated. Donald, being in a position of power, definitely had responsibility.

2. You agree that Trump’s role in the birther movement was inspired by Obama’s ties to foreign countries. I argued that Obama’s race and relationships with Muslims were also in the mix. Most people understand that none of Obama’s connections invalidate his birth certificate. We could just say that Trump believes in absurd conspiracies for no reason, but usually conspiracy theories pander to underlying biases. The birther movement panders to racist and xenophobic ideas. In regards to your rebuttal about other black candidates, none of them actually won a presidential election (the birther movement reached its peak after Obama was elected) and so they didn’t get the same treatment from Trump. Additionally, as already stated, Obama had other factors that made him the target of xenophobic attacks (I regard xenophobia as essentially a form of racism).

3. As I stated in my original point, Trump does not want more Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise. If Trump were truly pro-immigration as you argue, he would try to make it easier to migrate to the United States legally. This means reducing the amount of paperwork and easing up on migration restrictions. However, increasing legal immigration was never Trump’s goal, he wants to reduce the total number of Mexicans coming over. The crime statistics you bring up are disputable, but I’m not going to talk about that since it’s not very relevant to this debate (Trump’s original statements were not based on statistics at all, only later did his campaign scour the globe for any information that might bolster Trump’s position). While Trump said that some illegal immigrants are good people, his framing betrays his biases. He described illegal immigrants as a group of criminals with some [he assumes] good people. A person without Trump’s biases would have described them as a group of good people with a sizable number of criminals amongst them. In this instance, Trump was talking strictly about Mexicans, and no listener was left with the impression that Trump would have wanted those same immigrants to be there if only they had the correct paperwork.

4. In the second to last sentence of your rebuttal for part 4 you take for granted that Hispanics dislike Trump. The fact is that not only do Hispanics dislike Trump because of his racism (see above), but Trump realizes this. If the true motivation for Trump’s immigration policies were to reduce crime as you argue in your opening argument, Hispanic Americans should be just as enthusiastic about those policies as anyone else. When Trump sites his own policies as reasons why Hispanics don’t like him, it’s as if he’s saying “of course Hispanics hate me, I’m racist against them”. The incident is significant mostly because it blows away Trump’s cover. Additionally, I maintain that it is racist to say that someone is disqualified because of their race, which is exactly what Trump did to Gonzalo Curiel.

5. Trump clearly supports discrimination against Muslims, most notably by banning their entry into the United States. Your entire rebuttal consists of trying to downplay Trump’s other statements. I’ll be generous and grant you that Trump did not pursue the three proposals besides the Muslim ban. However, at the very least, he gave them serious consideration. Someone who is not bigoted against Muslims wouldn’t take these ideas seriously as they violate fundamental principles. These ideas also wouldn’t work as genuine counter-terrorism strategies since one can lie about their religion. Then again, counter-terrorism is just the cover and not the goal.

I will repeat that bigotry against a religious group is still racism, if it weren’t then one could argue that the Holocaust was not racist since it was waged against Jews.

6. Trump’s candidacy led to a wave of enthusiasm amongst racists unseen in any mainstream candidate. Hillary received some support amongst racist Democrats in 2008 when she was running against Obama, but it was not comparable to the support that Trump is getting and it was not because of her ideology. Refer back to Rick Tyler’s “Make America White Again” campaign. He writes on his website:

“In our present political season the dominant presence of Donald Trump has served to open us channels of discourse and dialogue that have previously been off limits. His advocacy of a ‘temporary ban’ on Muslim immigration and the construction of a wall on the Southern border have created a climate conducive to conversation relative to the elephant in the living room no one wants to talk about...namely, the urgent and vital subject of race.” (

Again, Trump isn’t responsible for these people, but it’s very revealing that racists see an ally in Trump because of the language he uses and the policies he supports. Also, Trump has done conspicuously little to distance himself from his racist supporters, implying that they probably aren’t misinterpreting his message.

Debate Round No. 3


1. Actually, I never said that I agree that there was racial bias in the company. I only said that any racial bias (which doesn't confirm there was racial bias, it's just a hypothetical statement) would be attributed to Fred Trump considering Donald Trump was only an apprentice in 1973. That being said, it would seem that Trump won the lawsuits. All Trump has to do was read the Fair Housing Act and advertise to minorities.

2. Yes, I agree that his role in the birther movement was inspired by Obama's ties to foreign countries. The birther movement revolves around the idea that Barack Obama was not born directly in America. Barack Obama was allegedly (not proven) born in Kenya because his mother was not allowed to travel by plane. His mother than took him back to Hawaii to register his birth. That's the story that spawned the birther movement. The real, original birther movement had little to nothing to do with his relationship to Muslims. Although I think the birther movement is absurd, considering Obama would still be a citizen of the United States, it's very misleading, meaning that one can easily fall for it.

3. By your logic, Trump wouldn't want immigrants (legal or otherwise) period. You said he would ease up on migration restrictions and paperwork if he were really pro-immigration. The thing is though, the restrictions and paperwork apply to immigrants from all over - meaning that racism is not involved. Furthermore, 'Mexican' is a nationality, and 'illegal immigrant' is a status, neither of which are races. That being said, you did not refute my argument that there have been 3 million arrests attributed to a population of only 11 million other than calling it 'disputable'.

4. Actually, I was referring to Gonzalo Curiel's society called La Raza Lawyers. I was not referring to Hispanics. Trump also clarified that he was talking about the society on the full interview featured on your source.

5. He's only banning those from countries with heavy influence of terrorism. What if terrorists infiltrated the United States as refugees as they did in Europe? I don't think a Muslim ban from countries with high terrorist influence is racist, I think it is common-sense. The Holocaust is completely different from the Muslim ban. The Holocaust consisted of the killing of Jews, where most of them were innocent people. The Muslim ban is a temporary way to prevent terrorists from getting into our country.

6. Just because racists like him, doesn't make him racist. By that logic, any politician who had racists support them or racists become inspired by them would be racist themself.

Thanks for this debate. You really made me think about Trump, even though I still doubt Trump is racist.


1. The point is that the Justice Department did an investigation and found discrimination in the Trump business. At best, Donald was covering up the racial discrimination of his father’s company. At worst, he was actively engaged in carrying out the discrimination. Either way, I find him guilty. Whether we call the lawsuit a win or a loss is irrelevant.

2. As I’ve said, the birther movement gave a nod and a wink to peoples’ xenophobic beliefs. We both agree that there doesn’t seem to be a rational reason for its existence. Therefore, the best motivation for the birther movement and for Trump’s involvement seems to be xenophobia and racism.

3. You’re right, I argued that Trump doesn’t want Mexican immigrants, period. It doesn’t matter that removing restrictions would affect all immigrants, if Donald were pro-immigration he would support this. While ‘Mexican’ isn’t a race, there is a lot of overlap between Mexican and Hispanic. Besides, discriminating against an entire nationality can still be considered racist since race is not rigidly defined. I already explained in this debate why I think Donald is not truly concerned with the legality of immigration and that instead he cares more about the race and nationality of the immigrants. You’re last point is correct, I didn’t refute your statistic because I didn’t need to; this is a debate about Trump, not immigration.

4. Donald Trump’s original criticism was: “Everybody says it, but I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater. His name is Gonzalo Curiel.” Everything he said later was just damage control, although some of this damage control ended up hurting him even more, as I discussed in earlier rounds. The distinction between La Raza Lawyers and the general Hispanic community is arbitrary for the purposes of this debate.

5. For months, Donald said he wanted to ban all Muslims who are not US citizens. He started softening his tone in recent months to pander to the general electorate, but that doesn’t erase his previous statements. I make no comments about a geography-based travel ban, but a religion-based one does not make sense as a practical strategy since one can lie about their religion. This leads me to question the true motivation for the Muslim ban. I didn’t compare the Muslim ban to the Holocaust (reread my original argument from round 3) but I did compare Islamophobia to anti-Semitism. The majority of both Jews and Muslims are innocent.

6. This is a strawman. Racists don’t just happen to support Trump, they are directly inspired by Trump’s policies and statements which I talk about in my first 5 points. In your opening argument, you write “Donald Trump is NOT a racist, despite what how the media portrays him.” My response is that it’s not just the media that perceives Trump as racist. While this argument doesn’t stand alone, it validates my other arguments.

It’s clear that Trump has engaged in a pattern of racist and racially biased behavior. I rest my case. Thank you for this respectful and engaging debate.

Debate Round No. 4
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sry i just talked about nukes some place else and they just came to mind.. maybe give him block button to the world and ban islam.. much better idea here, much better vi
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muslims are full on racists.. give Donalds trump nuke keys and make a hero
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