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Donald Trump is a better candidate than Hillary in everyway

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Started: 7/29/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe Donald J.Trump is the superior candidate over Hillary Clinton


NO! wrong
you think you choose him because of the republican position?
well but he doesn't act like a republican it lowers a country GDP
you think refugee is a hard problem?
those are hard working citizen and social programs is only in effect if they pay taxes that's just like a person
they vote a president?
no why? as long as they don't have enough knowledge it's not but they're hard working
a terrorist attack?
they're already coming in but you can't reject 100 treasure boxes if 10 are trap you should use treasures in 20 boxes to fix or prevent bad things caused by these boxes and take another 70 boxes and the Chinese did a great wall? that was one of the biggest failure in a history from now on the Chinese start falling in economic growth just like what trump is going to do on America by stopping an economic growth for security
Debate Round No. 1


Hello first off I would like to address in a polite manner your somewhat "broken" English. It's hard for me to discern what your meaning is exactly but I do my best but I just think there is a language barrier between us.

I firstly identify as a Libertarian, I'm quiet right wing. However I am capable of looking at the facts, while I think Gary Johnson the Libertarian Candidate is a very fine pick, he's my 2nd pick after Trump. Trump is something special, he has proven himself in the last year. Look back on his comments on politics from the 80's, he's been saying the same things since way back when.

A Countries GDP is not necessarily an indicator of a countries wealth and it's important to realize that.

Illegal Immigration is a problem at the moment when it's costing tax payers around 100 million a year. As Milton Friedman said, "People vote with their feet,". Meaning that people will move to places for specific reasons. Before the welfare state Immigrants immigrated to places for employment and couldn't avail of any welfare. Now look at the case, they flock to the USA and receive benefits and no longer have to work. It is a problem, why can't they come here legally is my question to you.

I'm not sure what you mean by the terrorist attack comment but will i assume you mean the correlation between immigration from known hotspots and the attacks committed?

I live in Europe and look at the problems we are having, huge amounts of attacks being committed by refugees. We have no clear way of verifying these people at all.

100 boxes and 10 are traps? Does this mean that out of a hundred immigrants only 10 might be bad? I'm not sure please clarify. But if that's your argument then I have to say that 10% is far too much. It puts a lot of people at risk of these 10. Just look at what single individuals have done. A single man can kill dozens of people.

The Great Wall of China was a failure? I'm pretty sure it was created to keep the Mongols out of China and for the most part the Wall Succeeded. And now it generates revenue from tourists going to visit it. Great Wall, best wall. Also here is a link to the Israel Wall statistics.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by BartMarlows 2 years ago
I couldn't agree more Hilary is Horrific i can't believe Obama is leaning towards electing her for the next POTUS, she lies and she gave poor Trump such a Hard Time, she also has detrimental discreet Emails probably leading to the Benghazi Genocide, but now Bernie Sanders is an Independent if Trump acts Fast he can steal votes.
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