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Donald Trump is anti-Semitic.

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Started: 8/25/2016 Category: Politics
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"Rabbis and other Jewish community leaders point to a moment of reckoning following a Wednesday night appearance in which Trump, with his voice raised, defended the use of a six-pointed star, which resembled the Star of David, mounted over a pile of $100 bills as part of an attack against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The image previously appeared on a website popular with white supremacists." [0]

Seems to me Donald Trump is anti-semitic.



Being anti-semitic, and having a dark sense of humor are 2 completely different things. Donald Trump jokes about many different cultures, and here, all we can see is that the Jewish community is not a exception. He is essentially joking around with the stereotype of Jewish people being greedy. There is nothing here that implies he is anti-semitic. These days, people regurgitate words like "anti-semitic" and "racist", without even knowing what it means. Being anti-semitic is defined as "discriminating" people, and treating them unfairly because they are Jewish.

Pure hatred of Jews is far from a mere joke. And it's not like Donald Trump only targets Jews when making these jokes and stereotypes, he does it with many others. In fact, he was incredibly nice with the Jews, compared to how he talks about other cultures, for example how he calls mexicans killers and rapists.

And the fact still stands, no matter what you argue, that the definition of "anti-semitic" is discriminating Jews. And jokes, especially in this context, do not fall into the category of discrimination.
Debate Round No. 1


The old humor defense to enable discriminating remarks.

" So, when the charge of’ lacking a sense of humour’ is made,the critic can reply that there exists a body of joking to which the appropriately moralresponse is not laughter, but outrage – and that such humour has no place within amoral society. On that basis, the critic can then proceed to debate the undesirability of other forms of racist, sexist or violent humour, that seem more ambiguous." [2]

The correct moral response to Donald Trump's outburst is not laughter but outrage.




I'm using the "humor" defense, because it's a legitimate point that proves he is not anti-semitic.

Also, the source you provided was about "Extreme and violent racist humor", which you conveniently didn't define. Because it distinguishes from humor like Donald Trumps. The intent behind his jokes weren't hatred, it was simply a subtle joke, playing on the stereotype that Jews are greedy. There is a difference between a joke like that, and blatantly saying something like "Jews should be gassed, hahaha". It's people that don't understand the difference between a harmless joke, and one with malicious and aggressive intent that are the problem here. They are what spawn these unneeded and exaggerated controversies.

Furthermore, you go on to refer from the source "the critic can then proceed to debate the undesirability of other forms of racist, sexist or violent humor, that seem more ambiguous." True, that is what begins to define a racist/anti-semitic. But until we see any of that behavior, you can't just assume that's what's going to happen. The point of this is to come to a conclusion based on what we have, not what we predict would happen. Because then that completely changes the story, and my position on this motion.

And why would an anti-semite support the state of Israel?

Wouldn't he do the exact opposite?

So for now, until we see some actual evidence of him being anti-semitic, there should be no outrage whatsoever, except from the easily offended. You might think the joke is not funny, that's perfectly fine, but insinuating that he's anti-semitic is what's really outrageous in this situation.
Debate Round No. 2


I think your bluffing, you are pretending that this claim is outrageous to hide the fact that Trump let his anti-semantic side slip.

"These explanations, though, were rejected by the chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, Jonathan Greenblatt.
"Donald Trump should stop playing the blame game and accept that his campaign tweeted an image with obvious anti-Semitic overtones and that, reportedly, was lifted from a white supremicist website," Greenblatt said in a statement Monday evening. "It's long past time for Trump to unequivocally reject the hate-filled extremists orbiting around his campaign and take a stand against anti-Semitism, bigotry, and hate.""

The anti-defamation league rejects Trumps explanations, meaning that Trump did mess up.

"It wasn't the six-pointed star alone that evoked anti-Semitism -- it's the combination of the star with a background of money and an accusation of corruption, which suggests stereotypical views of Jews and money and raises conspiracy theories that Jews control political systems.
Or in the words of the ADL's Greenblatt: "The imagery is the classic trope of Jews and money implying that she's raising Jewish money, or something along those lines."
"I get tweeted pictures like this all the time from anti-Semites and racists and white supremacists," Greenblatt said. "Does this look familiar to me? Absolutely.""

This further explains why the image was anti-semitism. Specifically the stereotypical views of Jews and money and raises conspiracy theories that Jews control political systems. Do you not see this is not only anti-semistism but dangerous? That proliferating conspiracy theories about Jews might lead to violence? Sure, its just words and an image, yet is that not how a lot of violence starts, with words and images?

I conclude that the image with the six sided star and money in the background was anti-semantic, dangerous, and Donald Trump is anti-semantic due to tweeting this image. Thank you for the debate.



The ADL is probably the most unreliable source you could have come up with. They plaster things with the word "anti-semitic" or "racist" without having any reason to do so, those are the same people that don't understand the definition of these terms and still use them anyway. Moreover, you instantly believe he is an anti-semite because they "said so", all this shows is that you can't think for yourself. I don't care what some random committee says about Trump, it doesn't prove anything. The way a debate works is that you present points to why you think your argument is correct. Showing the opinion of the ADL, a non-credible source anyway, does not prove anything.

Your next point didn't add anything new, all you did was quote a source that described the picture without any explanation from you or the source, and then you said "this shows he's anti-semitic". Yet you completely ignore how I pointed out that dark humor and anti-semitism are defined completely differently. Then you suggest that this joke would lead to something "dangerous and violent", despite there being no evidence of that in this situation, or in any situation ever. This stereotype is used by many comedians, satire comics/TV shows, and jokes in general without any backlash towards it, or any of the "dangerous and violent" acts that would you described. And these jokes were used decades ago.

In this debate you completely avoided my points proving you wrong, and all you did was quote the opinion of some random sources barely making any points, and the points you did make were very flimsy, and just didn't add up. In addition to that the opinions of these sources you mentioned are worthless in a debate. Donald Trump was merely making a simple joke about Jews, as with most other cultures, and usually even harsher to others, he also supports the state of Israel. So in conclusion, he is not anti-semitic no matter which way you put it.

Thank you for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Stupidape 1 year ago
"all this shows is that you can't think for yourself." LatinWord

Ad hominem.
Posted by DocMan 1 year ago
Although I disagree with Trump on many topics, calling him an anti-Semite seems questionable. He does support the state of Israel after all.
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