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Donald Trump is inept at finances.

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Started: 8/23/2016 Category: Politics
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Donald Trump is inept at finances. He ran up 900 million in debt and then 300 million in debt. [0] Elect trump and there is a good chance he will run this country further into debt. Thanks for the debate.



Let me just settle this debate once and for all. Donald Trump has a net worth of 4 billion dollars, more than enough to pay off the 1.2 billion in debt. In addition to this, AWD News is a biased source, as can be seen in the article and therefore should not be relied upon as the premise of your argument.

Good debating with you.
Debate Round No. 1


It is easy to make claims, much harder to back them up. Can you back up your claim of my [0] source being bias? I also have two more articles on the same topic. [1][2] Also, having a net worth of 4 billion only proves Donald Trump is charismatic and greedy.



I would like to remind you that the issue we are debating is whether or not Donald Trump is inept at finances. By claiming Donald Trump is greedy for having 4 billion dollars, you have essentially destroyed the premise of your argument since having 4 billion dollars proves that Trump is, indeed, quite adept at finances.

Back to you, side Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


Donald Trump has a lot of money because his dad was rich. [3] If you watch the documentary Trumped, he made a terrible investment in a golf course in Scotland. [4] The weather in Scotland is cold, its not even a good location for a golf course.

"That “ordinary” guy was no doubt born into some extraordinary circumstances. He likes to claim that he is a self-made man because his father only loaned him the “small amount” of $1 million. But in the early 1970s, Trump inherited a share of his father’s real estate empire worth tens of millions of dollars. He later took several massive loans from his siblings’ trust funds and his father to pay his debts and shore up his business." [5]

Donald Trump is inept at fiances, he got lots and lots of help and had lots of connections. He is the ultimate in privileged. Yet, he still needed to to take massive loans from trust funds and his oil prince friend in Saudri Arabia.

All in all it shows that a person who is incredibly privileged, has lots of connections, and loaned lots of money, can be rich despite being inept. Thanks for the debate, was fun.



First of all, I would like to point out that side proposition is the first person to rely on and as credible sources. If nothing else, these sources have already negated every point side proposition has made today.

As we probably all know, Donald Trump is the current owner of The Trump Organization, a multi-national conglomerate that continues to operate today [1][2]. The primary focus, however, of Trump's investments is real estate and he has proved incredibly adept both at financing and managing his business endeavors.

Regarding side proposition's points on Trump's investment in Trump International Golf Links of Scotland, the golf course is still up and running today [3]. I guess this is the quality of information you get when you get your sources from

In closing, we have seen today that Trump's business acumen, regardless of your political views, is undeniable. Side proposition today not only seems confused about the resolution but is, in fact, misinformed. Moreover, side pro seems incapable of providing a single credible source, therefore nullifying every point they have previously made. The proposition has, today, let their political bias cloud their reasoning, utterly destroying their argument and thereby ending the debate.



Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
Hillary's plan is for legal plunder. Trump, even though I hate his plan for increased tariffs, is marginally better than Hillary's.

Do I want Trump? No. Do I want him more than Hillary? Yes.
Posted by marissa82794 1 year ago
i agree with you. he also should not be president because he has no political background.he's also very discriminating towards many types of people. vote for Hilary
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