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Donald Trump should be the next president of the US.

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Started: 4/19/2016 Category: Politics
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This is my first debate on this website, and I will be arguing for the PRO side. I will be debating mostly through my phone which may result in some grammar errors caused by auto-correct. In addition English is my 2nd language therefore please excuse me for bad grammar.

Trump policies are exactly what US needs to remain a strong country.
His approach to China, which involves putting tariffs on companies that leave the US, will keep and bring back many companies resulting in higher taxes revenue and low unemployment.
His tax plan which involves closing tax loopholes that big corporations use to avoid taxation and a general decrease of taxes on all Americans will give the average consumer more buying power which will result in an economy boost.
His approach to Mexico will stop the flow of illegal immigrants which will result in yet another economy boost.

In addition to his policies, he is a very successful man who has a good record. First of all while it is true that he inherited a lot of money, it is also true that he made A LOT more than what he started with. Also Trump was one of the few Republicans who publicly opposed the Iraq War, predicting that it will destabilize the middle east.


Donald Trump is a racist. Having him as the next president will bring chaos to the United States and the world. It seems like he was actually surprised to be in the lead of the Republican Party. That is why he is making all these rude, insensitive comments. Trump is not serious . He never expected himself to be the leader of the Republican Party, and that is why he should not become president.
Debate Round No. 1


Your argument has no reasoning but I will do my best to respond to it.

"Donald Trump is a racist."
(I assume that you say so either because he is against illegal immigration from Mexico or because he is against Muslim immigration).
Regarding Mexico.
I honestly see nothing racist about being against illegal immigration from Mexico. He singled out a small percentage of people (not an entire race) and said that they shouldn't be in our country. Illegal Mexicans cost US 1.3 - 1.6 trillion dollars a year. There is absolutely no background checks done on the people who cross therefore while most are poor families trying to make a living there could also be violent cartel members. It is well known that the cartels pay illegal immigrants money so they would take drugs with them into the US where drug dealers pick them up. In addition, more than 50% of women who illegally cross the border are raped along their journey.
Legal immigration would solve all of these problems.

Regarding the Muslims.

(Before I proceed I would like to point out how unfair it is that Hillary, as a secretary of state voted in favor of many military actions in Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. and indirectly killed thousands of Muslims, meanwhile Trump called for a temporary stop in Muslim immigration and the everybody went crazy).

In recent years, radical Islam became extremely popular among Muslims, and while it's true that most Muslims traveling to the US are peaceful people, it's not possible to tell what their ideology is. France, which when compared to US has a huge Muslim population had a great amount of terror attacks in recent years as well as a lot of ISIS recruits. With deaths caused by radical Islam at a all time high last year, another 9/11 is too big of a risk to take at this time.

"Having him as the next president will bring chaos to the United States and the world."

I see absolutely 0 reasoning in this argument but I will do my best to respond.

Arguably the biggest threat to the world right now would most likely be a war against US and Russia. Trump calls for better relations with Russia unlike some other candidates. He believes our relationship shouldn't be destroyed over Ukraine and wants to consider Russia as a business partner rather than competitor.

"It seems like he was actually surprised to be in the lead of the Republican Party."
No reasoning once again.

"That is why he is making all these rude, insensitive comments."
I see absolutely no logic in this statement therefore can't respond.

"Trump is not serious."
How so? Spending millions on a campaign sounds pretty serious to me.

"He never expected to be leader of Republican Party."


These Mexican immigrants that are crossing the border are in search of a new life. In Mexico, they face hard times, and going to the US is like a new world for them. As for the Muslims, not all Muslims are extreme. There are some good Muslims and bad Muslims. The war between Russia and the United States is a thing of the past. There was something called the Cold War in the 1900s, when the United States and the former Soviet Union did not talk with each other. Trump spends millions of dollars on his campaign, but so what? Jeb Bush spent a lot of money on his campaign, but now he dropped out. Trump just is not capable of running the Republican Party because he will cause more damage in his party (the Republican Party is suffering hard timer).
Debate Round No. 2


I acknowledge that most of illegal Mexican immigrants as well as Muslim immigrants are traveling to the US for more life opportunities. However, we cannot afford to take all of them in.
The mexicans, although they mean no harm for the most part, they put a huge strain on us economically. They usually don't pay taxes, (and if they do its not to such extent as amer. citizens do), the money they earn, they send back to their home country (which damages the economy), if they get sick/hurt and go to the hospital, they are given free treatment (and while I firmly believe that all hospitals should treat patients no matter what their financial status is, it does cost the government a lot of money), and last but not least, they commit more crime on average.

As for the muslims, as you just said yourself, "there are good Muslims and there are bad", and I totally agree with that, in fact I believe that an overwhelming majority of Muslims immigrants are peacefull. However the extremist Muslims with a anti-western ideology can abuse our immigration laws to perform terror attacks in the US, especially right now when extremism is at an all-time high. Therefore a temporary Muslim immigration ban until amount of extremism goes down makes a lot of sense.

Regarding to you saying that war between US and Russia is a thing of the past.
In my argument I never said that a war is likely. What I said was compared to all the other threats to "bring chaos" to the world US and Russia war would seem like the most probable, even though very unlikely. My reasoning behind this is the recent Ukraine crisis and Russian actions in Syria. The relations between US and Russia are very tense right now compared to how they were post-Cold War.

Regarding to Jeb Bush.
The reason Jeb dropped out was that he had no chance of beating Trump nor Ted Cruz for that matter. Dropping out doesn't mean you weren't serious about running, just means that going further with your campaign was useless (in Jeb's case).

Regarding "Trump being incapable of running the GOP".
First of all he isn't running for the leader of Republican Party, he is running for Republican nomination. He is looking to make America great again, not the Republican party. The reason why he is causing damage to the GOP and why GOP hates him, is that he can't be controlled by it. He is not sponsored by anyone and therefore can't be controlled.

please have at least some political knowledge before accepting debates, your arguments had 0 reasoning and support. Just because you don't agree with someone, it does not mean you can argue against them. I feel like I wasted my time writing my statements as you didn't give an adequate response to any of them.


You are right. I should have really made some reasonable arguments. Next time, I should think about what I say before I speak. I still stand firm with my point of view. Thank you for creating this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DebaterGood 2 years ago
I wish I could have accepted this debate.
Donald Trump, besides his racist comments, is in no way suited for the presidency. When asked about questions of substance or about American Issues, he either isn't able to respond, f's up what he's saying, or says something even more bigoted than what we thought was imaginable.
Also, when talking about the terrorist attacks on 9/11, he referred to them as "terrible things that happened during 7/11". This guy is a clown.
Posted by King_Giza9 2 years ago
Lol I wish I could've accepted this one.
Posted by firewrath9 2 years ago
F UCK DONALD TRUMP he is super racist. he wants to biuld a 13 billion dollar wall. srsly!?
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