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Donald Trump should release his tax returns.

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Started: 8/19/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm of the opinion that Donald Trump should release his tax returns. If this person is to be our President, more information is better.


Donald J Trump does not need to release his tax returns. The truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no reason for the American people to really care about the tax rate he pays. The media attacks Donald saying he is not as rich as he claims to be, but a tax return will not prove anything. Trump has already stated he is under an audit, and for him to let everybody know his financial statements while being harassed by the IRS is simply unwise. Furthermore, do you not find it strange that the reason people care about him not sharing his financial situation is because it is "untrustworthy" while his biggest opponent has polled with a majority of Americans not trusting her? The same crooked media that attacks him for not releasing his returns turns a blind eye to the fact that HRC sold off a fifth of America's uranium to oligarchs from Russia, you know her "enemy". Lastly, the return represents a major political poker chip in that he can use it as a tool to find those 33,000 classified emails mysteriously gone missing by offering his returns in exchange for her dirt.
Debate Round No. 1


As to the audit releasing the information would not harm Trump. Since no new information would be disclosed.

"This claim, on its face, is absurd, since he would simply be releasing information the IRS already has. No new information would be disclosed." [0]

I don't even know what HRC is. You could be making up the selling of uranium entirely, with no outside link as evidence I can't take your claim seriously, and thus I dismiss it as a bare assertion.

"Lastly, the return represents a major political poker chip in that he can use it as a tool to find those 33,000 classified emails mysteriously gone missing by offering his returns in exchange for her dirt." Kieran.NYC

Good then have him release it in exchange for the missing emails. The more information the public has on both candidates the better.



You hope for more information on both candidates but do not wish to put in the time to do your research. Regarding Uranium, here you go. [1]

I would like to point out that google does not allow you to search up articles regarding the topic, so you have to search it up on bing because we live in a thought policed world.

Regarding the debate and tax returns, you are right in that "no new information would be disclosed" but this really is not the case because the corrupt media (which we all know exists as evidenced by the whitewashing of any anti-Clinton work) [2] will now have the opportunity to simply write phony hit jobs regarding how Trump is an unpatriotic American because he hardly pays taxes (like any successful businessperson). I believe, like many Americans that his tax returns do not matter. While I must concede that I am by no means a tax lawyer, nor an expert in the field of taxation, the fact is that Forbes's Rob Woods has even stated that

"The fact that the IRS says that Mr. Trump could decide to release the returns despite an audit does not mean that doing so would be a good idea. From a tax viewpoint, most tax lawyers have said that the tax-smart thing is for Trump not to release the returns until his audit has been completely concluded." [3]

Overall, I just find it nonsensical to really put much emphasis into tax returns when there are much larger issues plaguing our candidates, nation, and world.


Debate Round No. 2


The media is corrupt on both sides. This is common knowledge. I don't know why the media does this. Conservative media telling conservatives what they want to hear and same with liberal media telling liberals what they want to hear. [2][3]

That's why I stop identifying myself and others in terms of liberal or conservative. Sure, if someone is obviously bias towards one side I will note it, but I am noting the bias as opposed to party affiliation. That's why I like to look at a liberal and conservative new site to determine the truth. This is especially helpful when both cover the same story.

As for corruption, yes there is lots of corruption on both sides. We need to crack down on it, I think getting Hilary to exchange the deleted emails for Trump's tax returns would be a great start. As for other problems that's a red herring.
That's the equivalent of stating that I should not worry about cleaning up a small mess in my room because there are larger problems in the middle east.

Despite, the problems in the middle east, its probably a good idea to clean up the small mess in your room. Thus my opponent bringing up larger and more pressing problems is a red herring and has no impact.



Your room or middle eastern problems are both problems, but the problems I addressed are both issues with meaningful connection, and it's extremely unfair of you to paint it as a red herring.

I would like to make note of the fact that you never actually put any real reason why it really matters to the general public or what is actually accomplished by Trump releasing his tax returns.

You came extremely off of the point and began arguing about corruption and the media, which I interpret to be because you never really had much of an argument.

I'm glad that we shared our points of view and I had a great time with this.

I urge everybody to vote con, since I provided real reasons as to why this idea is simply farcical.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
Nobody cares about his taxes. We all know he is rich and the rich are allowed to pay crazy low taxes. If he shows he does this, the leftist media (which is almost all media and doesn't even pretend to be fair) will attack him for not paying his fair share of taxes. The truth is, every rich person pays the minimum amount the government allows. If Trump paid 0 in taxes it is the government's fault. But the media will attack him for it.

He gets nothing out of releasing his taxes. Clinton did but it was a shitty fake tax form. What about the Clinton Foundation?
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