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Donald Trump should resign from the presidential race

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Started: 11/27/2015 Category: Politics
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Donald Trump is basically the worst possible option (in my opinion) in the U.S. 2016 presidential race. Since this is my opening argument, I'll just make a brief list of the reasons why he is the worst. Okay, maybe second worse, I loathe Mike Huckabee.
1.) He's conservative, I'm VERY liberal.
2.) He mocked a disabled employee, we can all universally agree that is NOT presidential behavior.
3.) He supports a database of all the Muslims in the U.S., and that is downright dystopian.
4.) He wants to build a twelve-foot wall and make Mexico pay for it. I mean, would YOU agree to that if you were the Mexican president?


I thank my opponent for this debate.

I am not a Trump fan; I think he represents the anti-intellectualism wing of the Republican Party and conservatives in general. However, just because I disagree with the man doesn’t mean I think he should quit the race for president. In fact, conversely, I think Trump is amazing for democracy. He is completely shaking up the system, and causing the system to re-evaluate itself, as a result.

I’ll go into this point more in the near future, but, first, let me completely dispel Pro’s first 4 points.


1. This is completely inadequate justification for affirming the resolution. Difference in political beliefs is not reason in and of itself for a candidate to drop out of the race for president. It is a complete and utter non-sequitur.

2.a. What defines “presidential behavior”? How can we live by rules of conduct that are not clearly enumerated?

b. What evidence does Pro extend to show that he has “mocked” a disabled employee? What is the difference between mocking someone and making a joke, which Trump may have been doing?

c. How does this specific, single instance of Trump exercising his right to unfettered speech lead to the conclusion that he must leave the race? Seems like another non-sequitur.

3.a. What’s dystopian about it? Dystopia refers to a fictional place where the conditions are atrocious; such a database, if it is what Proclaims it to be, seems more tyrannical if anything.

b. President's support radical positions constantly. Bernie Sander’s campaign openly supports more socialist policies, and supports “democratic socialism,” an ideology which only 36% of Americans view positively [1]. This is a radical position, yet, we still say Sander’s should run. Why? Because he, just like Trump, has beliefs which are valid and derived from rational positions; it would be intolerant to exclude those which we find to be just “too radical.”

4.a. Same as 3.b. Even if a position seems radical, how would it be just to exclude it from conversation and a race for president? Again, seems like a prodigious non-sequitur.

b. Who is to say Trump couldn’t convince the Mexican president to build the wall? Could Trump claim it would be a massive stimulus to the Mexican economy or something along those lines? How can we dismiss conversation before it has even happened?

Essentially, Pro’s points are fallacious and irrational. They derive themselves from abused political rhetoric, rather than intellectual thought. Pro fails to affirm the resolution and fulfil his BOP; hence, I have fulfilled what I must do for the debate (seeing as Pro has the full BOP), and have, thus far, negated the resolution.

Even though I could simply stop here, I wish to bring my own points up and push back against Pro further. Without further adieu, here are my contentions.


1. Trump is a Gift to Democracy

In the following YouTube video, the narrator describes in detail why Donald Trump helps our democratic system:

I wish to summarize his core argument: the current political system (involving politicians, the media, and the public) has created Donald Trump. The intense focus upon sensationalism and confirmation bias is what drives the media to cover Trump over other, less honest, more reserved, more typical candidates and is thus what causes people to flock to Trump in large numbers. It, in turn, creates a perpetual cycle that is hard to break, where the media keeps covering inflammatory remarks and people keep flocking towards the media, causing the media to cover the remarks more, causing us to flock in higher numbers, etc.

This cycle and the prominence of Donald Trump is a direct result of this system. Donald Trump is so unique that he can keep this cycle running, even when other candidates come into the arena or Trump makes mistakes. Trump is so inflammatory, he is able to use this to his advantage. This means, if we want to prevent candidates like Trump from rising in the future, and we want to stop Kanye West in 2020, then we must move and change.

Essentially, Donald Trump is forcing the political system to change and alter itself naturally. If he were to drop out now, more candidates like him would simply arise in the future, and politics would continue in being dishonest, the media would continue to lack integrity, and the population would continue to be disengaged. Trump forces change to this perpetual and broken system.

2. Trump Leaving the Race Constitutes a Victory for Political Correctness

Some view this point as a point for having Trump leave the race; I beg to differ.

First, let me begin by talking about Political Correctness (PC). Many people work to defend political correctness, claiming it’s more sensitive and inclusive, and PC language is more appropriate and accurate. All of these points, I feel, completely negate itself by neglecting the core of what is the issue at hand. PC language restricts language in general, meaning that it shuts down any debate over ideas over language before they even occur. What is the correct word or sensitive word is determined by intellectuals, rather than debaters and discussion. Rather than having people defend themselves and their choice of language, any discussion must be restricted to using word X and word Y, rather than word A and word B. It crafts the qualities of an Orwellian society, and harms debate. Instead of it being free, it is ruled by authoritarian, Ivy League intellectuals.

Now, unless Pro wishes to argue political correctness is a good thing, then I will continue to my next point. Donald Trump is the epitome of what political correctness seeks to eliminate: free thought. Granted, when free thought occurs, the public isn’t always favorable towards the results it generates (such as what Donald Trump says), but that’s irrelevant. Simply because we disagree what what is produced by a free discussion isn’t justification for censoring it.

The point is that, where Donald Trump to leave the race, political correctness would be upheld and any type of conversation would continue to be censored, and fail to produce any real, meaningful results. Donald Trump, while we all may disagree with what he says, is speaking his mind, no matter what people say. He is leading the charge against censorship and shaming of certain beliefs deemed “insensitive” or “inappropriate.” Were he to drop out of the race, this censorship and Orwellian thought-control would persist.


I may disagree with Donald Trump, but Pro’s points are fallacious and irrational, while I have extended points which support Donald Trump’s candidacy for presidency.

The Resolution is Negated.

Vote Con.




2. (note: this source is not aimed to insult any particular member, just to show and highlight the specific arguments used by others to defend political correctness)

Debate Round No. 1


Nevix forfeited this round.



Arguments extended. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 2


Nevix forfeited this round.


Arguments extended. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by uahshdyy 2 years ago
Con smoked Pro
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture loses the conduct point for Pro. Pro simply throws a bunch of claims in the opening round about Trump without any evidence to back it up, this is spotted out by Con as he refutes the argument and presents clear sources to back up his opening arguments. Con is the only one to fulfill his BOP as Pro never responded and hence, con won the debate hands down.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con won merely on the basis of the forfeit, but also dismantled Pros argument and provided addition logical reasons why Trump should stay in the race. Con made a stronger more convincing argument.
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