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Donald Trump thinks climate change is a hoax.

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Started: 8/12/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Claim: Donald claims climate change is a hoax.

"Climate Change: It is a hoax." [0]

"Climate change is a hoax. (Jun 2015) " [1]

Impact: The evidence clearly shows Trump thinks climate change is a hoax.



Thanks for the debate and good luck!

My opponent unfortunately makes some shallow assumptions, in that they believe Donald Trump legitimately believes everything he's said. Remember, my opponent has the burden of proof, and as such must prove beyond reasonable doubt that Trump actually believes this during the course of this debate. Failure to do so means a lack of his fulfillment of his burden of proof and thus means the negative wins the debate. I don't need to show that Trump DOESN'T believe this, just show that there isn't enough evidence to demonstrate that he does. I can further explain the burden of proof in a later round if this becomes an issue or is confusing somehow, but I'll leave this where it is for now and move onto my main contentions.

As I said earlier, my opponent just quotes Trump at face value and assumes that is enough to assert that this is what he believes. However, it's a well known fact that politicians in general will fake beliefs to pander to a specific audience. Looking back at his history as a candidate, it's common knowledge that Trump already had his supporters locked down early in the republican primaries and really couldn't do anything to lose his supporters, even claiming he could shoot someone in the middle of the road and not lose support. A potential reason for him faking belief in climate change then could be to pander to Cruz supporters, of which only 38% believed in climate change. This is a clear reason for Trump to pander to a specific audience in order to get votes, which gives us a motivation for Trump's actions.

Trump even has told people that he has a strategy of saying odd things in order to attract the audience of different groups. Take for example what Carson reported after discussing the matter with Trump himself: "I needed to know that he could listen to other people, that he could change his opinions, and that some of the more outlandish things that he"s said, that he didn"t really believe those things," Carson said. When asked which statements Trump might back away from, Carson demurred". "I"ll let him talk about that because I don"t think it"s fair for me to relay a private conversation," he said.

Read more:

How can my opponent say for certain that Trump fully believes this if there's evidence of him saying that he'll back away from some of the more outlandish claims, and that he doesn't necessarily believe all of it? My opponent even recognized in the comments section that this is a somewhat outlandish and silly claim for Trump to make. We've seen Trump back away from policies such as the muslim ban, so why assume that this is his actual belief? Unfortunately my opponent uses mostly personal speculation and does not consider the large body of compelling evidence casting doubt over Trump's actual beliefs.

With that I'll give pro a chance to respond to my contentions. Thank you!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting the debate.

If you want me to have burden of proof sure, 51% for me versus 49% for you burden of proof.

In your own link there is further proof that Donald Trump is not a believer in climate change and thus thinks its a hoax.

"Trump, who is now the GOP"s presumptive nominee, has said he"s "not a big believer" in man-made climate change, and has vowed to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency if elected president. " [2]

Vowing to eliminate the EPA? Come on this proves that Donald Trump believe climate change is a hoax.




So first of all, the burden of proof means YOU have the burden of demonstrating your claim to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. *I* just have to demonstrate that it's not necessarily true. Dividing it into percentages or fractions doesn't make any sense. Think of it like a courtroom, the defense is just trying to refute the claims of the prosecution, and doesn't carry a higher burden than that.

Anyway, my contentions haven't been addressed at all... My opponent just re-read another statement with Trump saying he doesn't believe in climate change but my original contention already refutes that as it discredits the words of Trump and actually looks deeper into his intentions as a presidential candidate. My opponent's guilty of oversimplifying the situation here.

Thank you. Good luck in your last round.
Debate Round No. 2


In other words you claim Donald Trump is a compulsive liar who will say anything to turn heads. The fact that Donald Trump words suggest that Donald Trump thinks Climate Changeis a hoax does not matter. I'll accept that. Politicians are know to lie. I know its the 3rd round, but you literally have not given me any option, other than to create a new argument in the 3rd round, so here it goes.

Actions speak louder than words

Donald Trump destroyed a scientific area of interest and natural habitat in order to build a golf course in Scotland. [3][4]

Clearly, both in actions and words Trump has no respect for the environment. My opponent has shown that Trump is a compulsive liar, so his words should not matter. I think the only out for my opponent now is to prove that Trump knows that climate change is real and a threat, but is so greedy that he destroys the environment anyway. Thanks for the debate.



Ok so my opponent conceded the first 2 rounds of the debate and decided to bring a completely new contention the very last round. The problem here is that he also basically concedes that if I were to demonstrate that Trump is greedy enough to just not care about it then that's sufficient to win the debate.

A quick Google search reveals an article in which Trump literally states "I am very greedy" [1]

It's a well known fact that Trunp is excessively greedy, he even says it himself. He's a businessman who brags about his wealth constantly. Why not assume that he's greedy enough to do this? My opponent doesn't provide any counter evidence to his immense greed over the course of the debate and concedes that he'll go to excessive measures for more power so I suggest that this refutes his contentions. Thank you.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Stupidape 2 years ago
"Quoting Jorge Bergoglio, the Marxist in Chief of Vatican City, does not sway me against my point. It has rather the opposit. effect.

It would be interesting to see the debate play out. Best of luck."

This makes no sense to me, aren't you supposed to follow the pope no matter what. Since he is the closest living person to God's word?
Posted by NoCoolNameNate 2 years ago
Hey pro, just some tips:

Don't say "Claim warrant impact", in your speech. It sounds a little silly, you can just tell us what it is without announcing it.

For your claim, just make sure you state it fully and articulate well, adding words to discredit what your opponent said or help what your claim is. IE: "My opponent makes a bare assertion in their third contention and states that raising the min wage would cause job loss..."

For warrants, in a debate irl (For these debates just a link is OK) make sure to have the source name, author's name, author's credentials, date, etc)

For an impact, make sure to have time frame, risk probability, and magnitude.

This is coming from an irl debater. Hope this helps!
Posted by Throwback 2 years ago
Quoting Jorge Bergoglio, the Marxist in Chief of Vatican City, does not sway me against my point. It has rather the opposit. effect.

It would be interesting to see the debate play out. Best of luck.
Posted by Stupidape 2 years ago
"I'm no Trump fan and I definitely can't debate what he believes. If he does believe it's B.S., he got one right." Throwback

Wow, just wow, you actually think climate change is a hoax? There is so much scientific evidence. There is observational evidence too. Just look at the weather the last few years. Extra hot summers and mild winters for the most part. There was some polar vortex making some of the winters colder.

There is the physical evidence of the polar ice caps melting. The pope thinks climate change should be fought against.

"VATICAN CITY " Pope Francis on Thursday called for a radical transformation of politics, economics and individual lifestyles to confront environmental degradation and climate change, blending a biting critique of consumerism and irresponsible development with a plea for swift and unified global action."
Posted by Throwback 2 years ago
I'm no Trump fan and I definitely can't debate what he believes. If he does believe it's B.S., he got one right.
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