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Donald Trump will make a great President

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Started: 6/14/2016 Category: Politics
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I am for Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States.

The first round is for acceptance and the following rounds will be for arguments and rebuttals.

Please state sources if you have any and please don't troll


I accept your debate..
Debate Round No. 1


Contention 1: Mr. Trump is not a politically correct person. He sees and tells the truth the way it is and is non political correctness is approved by many Americans.[1] By being politically correct, issues cannot get solved, like the issue of Radical Islamic and the issue of Illegal Immigration. Muslims must be banned in order to prevent more terrorist attacks in the United States. For Illegal Immigration, the illegals came here ILLEGALY. They broke the law to get here and they should be punished by being deported. I will post my rebuttals and second contention in the next round.


Rebuttal: You claim that Trump is not a politically correct person as if that is a good thing, and your only defense to that is that he sees things by the truth which is approved by many Americans. You claim that he sees Illegal immigration and is honest about it. However his only idea to stop illegal immigration would be to build a wall and deport illegals. This idea is highly unrealistic, as the wall would cost an estimated four hundred billion dollars, which would be a terrible idea considering the United States" extreme nineteen trillion dollar debt. [1] Trump also intends to deport 11 million people in the United States? I don"t think so. Not only would this idea be extremely expensive considering our debt, but it would take almost our entire task force to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Would he be able to deport some illegals? Yes, but all 11 million? Absolutely not, especially considering our current government spending. Deporting Illegals and Muslims would be financially unrealistic, and is not nearly as easy as Trump makes it out to be.

Contention 1: Trump would make a poor president because he would have awful decision making, which would end up compromising our relationships with other nations. Ted Cruz, a senator and credited politician while talking about how Trump would be unfit to be president said that we might "wake up one morning and Trump had bombed Denmark"(Cruz, 1) Trump targets and discriminates against people of Mexican heritage which would compromise our continental relationship with Mexico. Trump had said recently that a judge was unfit to be a judge because of his Mexican heritage, despite the fact that the judge was born in America and a citizen of the United States. These irrational remarks are pieces of evidence showing how Trump as president will destroy our relationships with other countries.

Debate Round No. 2


Rebuttals: You claim that I only have one piece of evidence to support my claim that he is politically correct. However you fail to mention why that is bad for being a President. As for the wall, the wall wouldn't cost anywhere near four hundred billion dollars it's estimated to be about 17 billion dollars.[1] This number is well with the trade deficit margin of 58 billion dollars[2]Coming to the U.S. Illegally is in violation of the law, and the law cannot be bended for anyone. I simple way to make the illegals leave to to triple the number Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Currently we only have about 5000 ICE officers that do the lion's share of the work compared to the Los Angeles Police Department which consists of 10,000 officers. Also ICE officers should accompany local gang task forces to apprehend and deport illegals participating in street gangs.[3] This not only reduces the number of crime but also gets rid of the illegals. Another way to get rid of illegals is to defund federal grants from sanctuary cities which number 300 over the entire nation.[4] Con mentions that it would be expensive to deport in a "reasonable amount of time." I would like to ask what is the definition of that statement. Con has also stated the deportation of Muslims, which was not my intentions. I would like to clarify this point in my second contention. Con doesn't provide evidence as to how Mr. Trump has bad decision making skills that will compromise the United States' relationship with other nations. As for the comment by Senator Cruz. This debate is not about him and what he believes, this is about Mr. Trump and his beliefs. Senator Cruz was running against Mr. Trump in the Primaries and would obviously make that statement to make the front leader at that time (Mr. Trump) look bad. As for the judge's Mexican heritage, Mr. Trump is concerned whether or not the trial is truly fair which is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. The judge was part of the La Raza Lawyers Association which organize anti-Trump protests[5]This does not exhibit how Mr. Trump will destroy relations with other nations.

Contention 2:Donald Trump would make a great President because of his business success. His net worth is 4.5 billion dollars.[1] Currently, the United States is in 19 trillion dollars of debt as stated by Con. Mr. Trump will know how to handle the economy of the United States and won't have lobbyists unlike many other members of Congress and other candidates running for office. He will bring back jobs to the United States and will not allow companies to leave the United States without strict consequences. Donald Trump is also a very generous man as he raised 5.6 billion dollars for veterans.[2] Mr. Trump will protect and support our Veterans by firing incompetent and corrupt VA executives that let our veterans down.[3]
Mr. Trump proposes banning Muslims entering the United States and establishing a data base for Muslims currently living in the nation.[4] The ban would keep out terrorists acting like Syrian Refugees, which prevents homeland attacks. The database would profile Muslims that are mentally unstable and could cause attacks in the United States. Something must be done to protect American lives and Mr trump's proposal is the solution. The final round will be for rebuttals only. Thank You for a good debate!!!


Rebuttal: Donald Trump is without a doubt a successful businessman, and is very knowledgeable about the economy. However, Donald Trump is not a politician. He may have what it takes to employ the people of his businesses, but that does not mean he will be able to find a way to employ the millions of Americans without a job(from a political standpoint). Trump has been proved to fail in many business situations as well; he is not all just success. Take a look at the scandal involving Trump University. At the start, Trump University violated the law of operating without proper license, according to the NYSED license code of conduct.[1] Given the fact that Trump had violated laws in order to make money suggests how Trump may not even be that great of a businessman in the end, considering that he has to break laws in order to make his fortune. (Not to mention, the numerous lawsuits upon Trump following the scandal). Due to these reasons, the argument that Trump would make a good president because of the fact that according to Pro, he is a "good businessman" is faulty. (Not to mention the fact that your contention is extremely superficial)

Contention 2: Trump would not make a good president because he does not practice as he preaches. Trump says that as president, he will look to employ American workers, and find Americans specifically, jobs. This is a faulty Trump statement as he has even openly admitted that in his companies, he does not employ as many American workers as he should. Trump turned down 94 percent of job applicants from American workers.[1] Trump promises to get more Americans employed, but is that what truly wants? If that were truly what Trump wanted, he would not have declined 94 percent of American applicants for his companies. Trump would make a poor president because he does not practice what he says his ideology is. Thanks for the great debate! You had strong arguments!

Debate Round No. 3


Before I begin my rebuttals, I would like to point out that Con has failed to negate any of my statements in my previous rebuttals. Con has also failed to refute my contention about Mr.Trump's generosity and about the proposed Muslim ban. For these reasons, I believe that I've won.

Rebuttals: Just because Mr. Trump is not a politician, doesn't mean he won't be a great President. Current politicians have done nothing for the nation because of conflicting opinions from lobbyists. Again, I mention that Trump has no lobbyists and speaks his free mind. As for Trump's failure in businesses, I admit that he had some businesses that failed. However not every business will be successful. Just saying that some of the businesses failed cannot determine the fact that Mr. Trump will not be a good President. According to Michael Bloomberg, the 8th wealthiest person on the Earth, 80% of new businesses fail in the first 18 months.[1] Even with this statistic, Mr. Trump has a net worth of 4.5 billion dollars. This proves that Trump has what it takes to run a country. As for Trump University, 98% of the attendees have an approval rating of Trump University.[2] I would strongly urge Con and judges to check out this website which consists of students personally saying they approve of Trump University. The front page includes a statement of Tarla Makaeff who sued Trump University. In summary, she says that she loves Trump University. Being a good businessman benefits the economy as businessmen know what deals are good and bad. Our current leadership is making horrible deals with the Iran deal and TPP each benefiting other nations more than the United States. I would also like to know how my contentions and rebuttals are superficial, as I have evidence supporting my claims. You claim that Mr. Trump's Mar-a-Lago hires foreign workers instead of Americans. He is the reason why: I'm sure Con knows that Florida is a popular tourist place. As a result tourist season requires far more workers than the offseason. In addition, Americans in the local area prefer a long term jobs not just during the seasonal time period. To fulfill the need of workers, Trump hires foreign workers.[3] Con claims, Mr. Trump does not follow his ideology, but in reality he does; he said he'd fundraiser for out veterans and he raised 5.6 million dollars.

Once again I would like to state that Con has failed to negate any of the claims and evidence I have provided in the rebuttal section of round 3. For this reason I believe that Con concedes on all of the claims. For all of these reasons I urge a PRO vote for this debate.

Con, thank you for a very civil and factual debate. Judges, please vote based on evidence and the performance, not your own personal belief about this issue. Thank You!


I'd like to point out how pro states that I have failed to negate any of his presented claims. He claimed how Trump wanted to help stop illegal immigration, and I refuted that by showing factually why Trump's plan is unrealistic. Pro claimed how Trump would make a great president because he is a great president, in which I refuted upon why that would not necessarily be true while speaking about his business failures, and not to mention his bankruptcies. Pro also claimed that I've failed to refute his claims within his rebuttal. If we were focusing on the rebuttal rather than the contention, this debate would be going in circles. (Disregarding the final round only for rebuttals) For these reasons, pro is extremely incorrect with his claim that I haven't provided and refutations to his claims. Continuing on, you've explained why Trump would have a need to hire foreign workers, which is incredibly understandable, however out of the many Americans that applied by their own will, Trump rather than hire the American workers that applied and wanted to work for his companies, decided to reject 96% of the applicants[source in citation in round 3] Because Trump disapproved this many American workers, the claim that Trump is focused on finding Americans job is very questionable with this new evidence. Pro states that Trump actually follows his ideology and mindset because he said he'd raise money for our veterans, and did. This wasn't exactly political ideology, where we can discuss whether or not he practices what he preaches so to speak, but rather this was him out of the goodness of his heart raising money for veterans, completely unrelated to the claim that Trump does not practice in his companies, what he says he wants to do as president. Plus, if Trump truly cared about our veterans, he would not have attacked senator John McCain, a veteran that was taken prisoner of war by saying, "I like people who weren't captured"[Trump,1] If Trump truly cared about veterans, he would not have said something like this about veterans that were captured as prisoner of war.

Lastly, pro states that because Trump is not a politician, would provide benefit for the country. He claims that politicians have done nothing for this country, which is incredibly false. Washington post actually claims that congress along with Vice President Biden(all of which are politicians) are getting laws approved faster than ever before.[1] Pro's claim about politicians never getting anything sits atop a very slippery slope.

Voters, here are the arguments from pro that remain unclear:
-why Trump being not politically correct is a good thing

-why a businessman means a great president(sure, from an economic standpoint, but considerations towards foreign policy, guns, immigration, etc, do not rely on a background in business)

-why pro believes that Trump university was a success, when he got this information from an unreliable source( a website designed specifically to defend Trump university, most likely a false website considering the numerous lawsuits Trump has faced following the scandal

I believe that the voters should vote con for this debate because pro focuses his debate upon false claims, such as how I apparently "haven't refuted his claims," which is incredibly untrue and outrageous. I believe that my clarity, style of debate, and information presented, shows con to be the winner

Vote for whom had the better debate, not about whom you agree with, thank you for reading our debate!

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by whiteflame 1 year ago
>Reported vote: youmils03// Mod action: Removed<

5 points to Pro (Conduct, S&G, Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: CON

[*Reason for removal*] Not an RFD.
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Vote Placed by TheWorldIsComplicated 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: This was a very close debate. The pro provided excellent points, but so did the con. I believe Con's final argument is what gave him my vote.
Vote Placed by parkerwil 1 year ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con used unreliable sources. If you look on trumps website ( he clearly states he will only deport illegal aliens with criminal convictions. Con also completely bent the truth stating, "Trump had said recently that a judge was unfit to be a judge because of his Mexican heritage" That was a false statement- Trump was afraid he was not going to get a fair trail depending on the Judges political views. After carefully considering that above, I decided Pro will get more convincing arguments. Pro also had more reliable sources as well. Due to Con's sources not only being outdated but simply unreliable; liberal propaganda.