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Donald trump (rematch)

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Started: 11/27/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 days ago Status: Voting Period
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Give me real unbiased facts that ARE NOT from corrupt networks


Allow me to begin my statement with a fact: in absolute tyrannies, such as North Korea's current situation, you cannot choose your leader. Your leader chooses himself. There are no votes, no decisions. The people only have one option.
Here in America, however, we do have a choice. This system of government is called democracy, and it has persisted here for over two hundred years because it is effective. It gives every man and woman a chance to decide who runs their country.
Usually, two options are presented before the people. The candidate who gets the most votes wins. Let us acknowledge that "the most votes" essentially represents the majority of the American people. Therefore, what "the majority" thinks is what most Americans think. And this year, most Americans did indeed think strangely.
Are most Americans racist towards the African-American race? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who hates the African-American race.
Do most Americans hate the Middle East? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who hates the Middle East.
Do most Americans hate Latin America? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who hates Latin America.
Do most Americans hate China? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who hates China.
Do most Americans hate homosexuality? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who hates homosexuality.
Do most Americans promote rape? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who promotes rape.
Do most Americans want poverty to endure? Apparently so, because most Americans chose a leader who will never solve poverty.
Do most Americans hate women? Apparently so, because even American women chose a leader who hates American women.
This is not prejudice, this is not a lie, this is not even a political opinion. Few people realize that the presidential election is really only a survey. It"s a survey that tells us what most people like. We only vote for leaders we like. Why would we do otherwise?
The above statements are the truth. The cold and honest truth. America"s choice in leaders tells us who Americans are, what we stand for, and what our country is. Not all of us, of course, but most. This year the majority had a choice. They made it, and now they can see where our country and reputation as a country goes.
In conclusion, whether Donald Trump should be president or not is not a question of politics. It is a question of the sanity of the majority of the American people.
Debate Round No. 1


Hmmmm that sounds familiar OH WAIT you just copied and pasted one of your false arguments and called your statement now try and give new and real facts that will help your argument


let me give you with a briefer on the republican party.

republicans were invented in 1854, as a means to end slavery. in those days, i must admit, democrats were evil, and republicans were good. republicans stood up for minorities, while the democrats oppressed them. that all changed in the 1970s, when republicans began adopting a new theory.

republicans believe, in some way, that tax cuts for the wealthy aid the poor. this is their main economic philosophy. they truly think that if the wealthy people keep their money, poor people are benefited. this is a ridiculous ideal and one that makes no sense, no matter how much republicans insist it does.

republicans now stand on the side of millionaires, while we democrats stand on the side of minorities. you republicans say that the parties have not switched. you say that republicans still uphold the same dream from 1854, but can you truly uphold this argument when your leader says that "laziness is a trait of blacks"? (he really said this. go look it up.)

republicans have, in my opinion, become the opposite of what abraham lincoln dreamed. wealthy, white pigs who hold onto your money no matter how much it could help a starving black man. you now despise minorities. your original intent has become damaged.

republicans are no longer what they used to be.
Debate Round No. 2


Honestly i do believe quite a lot of republicans are like that yes. But you must acknowledge that it's a broad statement to say all of them are white pigs. So in all that's a good argument and that's why I'm not republican but it doesn't center on Donald trump so please center that down to trump. And once again I am quite impressed with that statement. I do agree yes.


if you do not support republicans, then why do you support donald trump? after all, he is one of the whitest and greediest men alive today. he fits the description of a "white pig" perfectly.
Debate Round No. 3


I never stated that I don't support republicans I said many can be like that. trump is rich sure greedy no. So now you are putting words in my mouth try making a legitimate reason to hate trump instead of making racist and offensive comment and then putting them in my mouth I never said that so why don't you and your 6 year old friends go and play checkers or something and get off the internet I'm sure your mom would be proud.


fine, i won't use racism any more. besides, i suppose trump is pink, not white. what was i thinking?

here are a few of his arguments which make no sense.

why does he want to anger our southern allies? how will we communicate with them after it's put up? will cell phone use be okay? how will it stop air traffic? what will he do with the legal immigrants? how will he locate the illegal immigrants who are already in the country? does he want to end cargo and shipping from mexico as well? how will legal immigrants get through? how will he pay for it? why does he think mexico would pay? why does he think mexico wants to block off all communication with us? how will he convince congress to build it? will he employ mexican labor?

why does he hate china so much? what have they done to us? why will he put a tariff on products entering our country? how will we mass produce if we no longer have china mass producing for us? will he make cell phone factories? who will be employed? what percentage of the population will be forced to work in factories?

okay, i hope you can see what's wrong with this one.

watch these.

see? he celebrates christian holidays! i'm sure that if bernie had been elected, he would have celebrated hanukkah instead. if obama was really a muslim, he would have celebrated some other thing.
Debate Round No. 4


alright, "he loves war." no he doesn't you cant chose if likes war or not. "Obama is a Muslim" yes he is I don't care if he celebrates Christmas or if he celebrates freaking dirt he is a Muslim. "trade war with china" ok he doesn't like china but you have to relies that he most likely knows what he is doing he is a business man he is our only president that is suited for such big business changes so let him do his thing because in the end it will most likely work out. "trump is pink" you are just dumb and your not funny. so why don't you and your other 6 year old friends play star wars instead being an idiot on the internet


why didn't you call out my argument on the wall, sir? was it because you found it trivial? or was it because it was the best argument i made?

i am not six years old. your argument shows many insults toward me. i think i may be required to report it.

you also seem to think that in the end, it will all work out. how do you know this, sir? as i see it, his term will end in an impeachment or an assassination. and his assassination will be the first one to make people happy. he is a filthy animal who doesn't deserve to live anyway.

i may not be able to choose if he likes war or not, but trust me, you will not be all too happy once an a-bomb sends the earth to kingdom come.

muslims don't celebrate christmas. obama celebrates christmas, therefore he is a christian.

he is indeed a big business man, but he went bankrupt multiple times. and is he the only president who is suited for such big business changes? i think that every president before him enacted a big business change.

and he IS pink. i just thought i'd let you know.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheBenC 3 hours ago
Frank, your argument is almost all your own fefes.
Posted by frankfurter50 5 hours ago
?why won't you admit that my argument isn't all that opinionated
Posted by Fernyx 11 hours ago
All I need to say between the 2 debates of these 2 is that Frank, no one cares about your opinion, it does not matter, you are not famous, grow up and make an argument from an educational perspective not an opinionated perspective.
Posted by frankfurter50 1 day ago
yeah, ESPECIALLY FROM HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Overnight 2 days ago
Terrible debate from both sides.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 days ago
i used actual quotes from him.

and i posted an entire essay.

i used the actual history of the republican party, so well that my opponent literally agreed with me.

i have lots of facts.
Posted by TheBenC 3 days ago
This is the worst debate ever. It is all about "muh feelings" and has no facts to even consider. Feelings are not important kids, please try to keep that in mind.
Posted by frankfurter50 4 days ago
hmm, that could be...

Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 4 days ago
People can file a Frivolous Lawsuit in a attempt to paint the picture the person looks bad.Groupies can be influenced to file a Frivolous Lawsuit by the opposition. So yes groupies do have a reason to sue the man they worship.
Posted by frankfurter50 4 days ago
groupies willfully worship a man. they have no reason to sue the man they worship.
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