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Doomsday would beat Batman in a fight (to the death)

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Started: 8/26/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In a scheduled fight between Doomsday and Batman have an allotted and equal amount of time to prepare, Doomsday would prove to be the victor. One vs One. They will fight to the death as stated.
No other version of the characters can be used.
No cheap ways through.


Assuming this is the first time Doomsday is fighting Batman. Therefore Doomsday has not dealt with Batman before.

Now it is a fight to the death of one of them, so Doomsday only has to fight to the death once. It doesn't matter if he returns to life he would have still lost and therefore leave batman victorious.

So I would think Batman could have a fighting chance against Doomsday since Doomsday has not adapted to batman and his weapons yet. Especially considering Batman also had the ability to beat superman, and superman has killed Doomsday atleast once!

Just my 2 cents!
Debate Round No. 1


First of all Doomsday is domnant and already killed Superman (Superman vol 2 #75). Plus the classic Batman has never encountered mutants with the power like Doomsday he has only really encountered Joker Peinguin Harley Quinn and Two face etc. Plus I stated that you will not be using any other verion of him.

Doomsday can also develop/evolve resistance from ordinary injuries. Superman once used a sound gun to greatly discomfort him, but Doomsday's auditory canals closed up, making him impervious to Superman's weapon. Waverider once paralyzed Doomsday with chronal energy, but the second attempt backfired. In essence, Doomsday gradually turns more invulnerable if not injured beyond his ability to recover, which is so far undefined. Doomsday has also developed weapons and abilities that counters the powers of an opponent. He managed to cancel out the pure-energy Radiant by slamming into him; to greatly extend his claws and develop a poison to strike Superman in flight and reel him in; or breathe flames against the fire-sensitive Martian Manhunter, and apparently neutralize his defensive phase-shifting power. Doomsday's skeleton protrudes through his skin in razor-sharp spurs which provide protection to his few vital organs (brain, eyes, nervous system), and act as clawlike weapons on his hands, elbows, and knees. Doomsday doesn't have to adapt to Batman's wepons he is already evolved to a level higher then Batman plus his skin is razor sharp skin so even if Batman threw something at him he would be able to block it with his skin.

Doomsday possesses seemingly inexhaustible stamina, and was not noticeably slowed down from fighting Superman for an entire day. His speed and agility are vastly disproportionate to his bulky stature, and he has been able to match Superman in this regard, once even managing to grab the Flash while the hero was in motion. Plus he could fight Batman all day and would not get tierd but Batman would.


But you forget that doomsday lacks any real intelligence and can be easily manipulated, batman could easily trick Doomsday to go in an area where he will be killed. Plus Batman is way more technologically advanced than Doomsday, Doomsday can not be invulerable to everyone weapon. Plus since Batman is superior in intelligence to Doomsday he has better use of the time to prepare to beat him.

Just watch Superman and Batman Apocalypse, Batman single handedly kills multiple Doomsdays with just an axe.

Also Batman was voted as beating Doomsday officially:

Debate Round No. 2


Even if Batman has a better intelligence skill set this is a fight to the death basiccally a grude match and Doomsday has better durability, strength, reflexes, and ablilty to over domiate and essencially kill Batman.

Also like I said he literally can bounce everything Batman throws at him:

Invulnerability: Doomsday is almost completely resistant to all forms of physical and mental types of harm, and as such, bullets bounce off him, rockets, lasers and bombs won't leave a mark on him, and high-voltage energy emissions (beams) can't penetrate through his tough hide, and he can survive in space and can even operate while in the direct prsence of space vacuums, vortexes and wormholes, and he doesn't require oxygen, water, or any form of nourishment to maintain himself, and he can only be harmed by high-tier superhuman beings like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel.

Even if Batman is very smart Doomsday could absorb them:

Absorption Cells
: Throughout Doomsday's Kryptonian body the monster can replicate and store the special abilities of any beings/super beings in his immediate proximity using "Absorption Cells". With every being he encounters, Doomsday becomes even more powerful and virtually unstoppable by copying their powers. Powers gained are the abilities of Steel, including a stainless, metallic, steel body armor, new stainless, metallic, steel Bone Protrusions, and the power of flight.

Doomsday's strength is also superior:

Superhuman Strength:
Doomsday is an extremely powerful alien engineered on the planet Krypton. He was designed and artificially built by Kryptonian scientists and was constantly tortured and abused into hating all Kryptonians, particularly Superman, making it possible for his rage to enable him to overpower and even kill full fledged Kryptonians at ease. With his strength, Doomsday can easily overpower and kill humans and other aliens like Kryptonians, and can bend and break through reinforced steel, destroy impenetrable barriers, and can lift extremely heavy objects, and uproot trees and buildings/structures as well as decimate them with his might. He is strong and powerful enough to overcome entire rosters of superhumans, like the Justice League. Doomsday's strength capacity potential seems to be unlimited. Due to his adaptive abilities he is as strong as he needs to be to accomplish any goal.

Strength level Class 100+; Doomsday is able to easily lift in excess of 100 tons.


yuiru forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Since my opponent did not post his next argument, I will post more powers of Doomsday that would over-power Batman in a fight:

Also I forgot to point this out in my last round your video doesn't have any proof that Doomsday would lose in a fight to Batman, I could just as easily say that a whole bunch of Dc comic book officials got together and said that Doomsday would beat Batman you were going off a video that was made off of the common group's vote.

Superhuman Reflexes: Most surprising are his reflexes and speed for his bulked and built size. In a matter of moments, Doomsday managed to render most of the Justice League incapable of fighting.

: He was incapable of flight but due to his extremely dense muscles in his legs, he can leaps miles at a time. Superman took advantage of this in their first battle by attempting to keep him airborne. He also used it to his advantage when he deposited Doomsday in a lake to slow him down.

: Although he had been incapable of flight after his return he used his power absorption cells to steal the self powered flight of Steel as well as his other abilities.

: As a result of his engineering, Doomsday does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep and can survive in the vacuum of space.

Sense Kryptonian
: A genetic ability to sense anyone Kryptonian.

Kryptonian Rage
: Overriding instinct to treat any being with Kryptonian DNA as an automatic threat.



I can not possibly win this now.

You must be Doomsday himself or something!

Any way I just want to say since we are arguing the original characters, doomsday does not have the ability to fly, absorptions cells, or real intelligence. Just say'in...

My lost argument was suppose to say Batman is filthy rich and therefore had the resources to come up with something able to in some way trap, harm, trick, or control Doomsday giving him the potential of killing Doomsday at least once.

Batman apparently includes:
  • Use of high tech equipment, weapons, & gadgets
  • Master of stealth
  • Master of disguise
  • Proficient with technology
  • Access to vast wealth and criminal records
  • Excellent observational skills
I believe he could use these power in some way to gain a upper hand to The Ultimate.
Debate Round No. 4


I thank you for taking part in my debate, but I have nothing more to say other than Doomsday would beat Batman in a fight to the death maybe Batman could beat him in a intellect or like fame I don't know but Doomsday would prove to be the victor in a deathmatch.


Well I am glad to have debated. Interesting challenge!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Korashk 5 years ago
You don't give Batman preptime and then argue that he'd lose.
Posted by Korashk 5 years ago
You don't give Batman preptime and then argue that he'd lose.
Posted by yuiru 5 years ago
NO!!! I wrote all those arguments and it didn't even post!
Posted by yuiru 5 years ago
Noooo~~~!!!! You revealed my weakness, I can't not decline a challenge!
Posted by yuiru 5 years ago
Wow, I was about to accept until you revealed your ruse in the comments
Posted by TheSupremeDebater 5 years ago
Yes I do know that, but some hardcore Batman nerds think he can beat anyone and I have seen it happen before on website so I wanted to challange them :)
Posted by Dubloon 5 years ago
Doomsday can't die so...?
Posted by HonestDiscussioner 5 years ago
Batman wins because he is Batman. End of story.
Posted by adontimasu 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro argues more along the lines that Doomsday would win if the two got in a boxing match, not in a no holds barred fight to the death. All he did was post about Doomsday's abilities, and claiming that those abilities mean that he wons against Batman. This simply isn't enough as Batman is constantly going up against superpowered threats as a member of the Justice League. Couple that with Con's sources from official DC media and fan arguments gives this one to con, although just barely.