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Dota 2 is objectively a better game for the player than League of Legends.

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Started: 1/12/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1 is for acceptance. I want to know why people believe League of Legends is objectively a better game than Dota 2 as a game. I ask this on the LoL forums but get downvoted immediately and get ad hominem attacks instead of an opinion.


If round 1 is for acceptance you are going about it all wrong. If you go onto a forum about anything (In this case League of Legends) And start questioning why it is inferior compared to something else, you have to remember you are surrounded by the people your question is attacking and they will defend what they believe because you are potentially calling them all out. I guarantee if I were to go onto a Dota 2 forum and begin asking why they think Dota 2 is better than League, I will get shut down and flamed just like you. Neither side will be accepting of your opinions when you put yourself in that situation. However, maybe I am looking at this wrong. Maybe you are trying to say that the community who plays the game overall is less accepting in League than in Dota 2. If that is the case, then I will say this. I have little to no experience with Dota 2 and it's community, so I can't say I know what it's like. However, I can assume that the fan base from League of Legends is similar to that of Dota 2 because of how similar the games are. What I know from the League community is that there are very evil, ruthless, vindictive players, but there are also players who gift you after a game just because they want to make you happy. Therefore, I can't say this argument gives Dota 2 a whole lot of ground in this debate because you can have good and bad people all make up a community, and I guarantee it is the same case for Dota 2.
Debate Round No. 1


I meant it as for accepting the debate. Also, I don't make assumptions based on my stance that Dota 2 is objectively a better game. I asked for their opinion on why they like LoL better, and I couldn't get a serious response. Anyways, back to the debate.



1. Accessibility

Many gamers who are unfamiliar with MOBAs believe that League of Legends is the superior game when it comes to being more beginner friendly, but this is simply not true. Both games have a basic tutorial system that guides the player when they first start the game. I will give a brief description of both.

In League of Legends, there is a basic tutorial in which you play as a ranged hero called Ashe. Players then learn basic mechanics of the game such as movement, buying items, and pushing towers. After this is completed, there is a more advanced tutorial that allows you to play against the AI with three beginner-friendly champions.

In Dota 2, you are given a tutorial where you play as a ranged hero called Luna. You go through basic mechanics such as movement, buying items, and pushing towers. You are then able to play a more hands-free tutorial in where you compete against AI with the choice of three different heroes.

Sounds oddly familiar doesn't it?

The beginning stages of both games are the exact same; the main difference however is that in Dota 2, you gifts upon leveling up until level 10. These presents teach you more about the cosmetics available in the game as well as the many different features that exist in Dota 2. As you begin playing with real players, you will notice that all heroes are available for selection. You can play all 111 heroes from the start of the game, meaning you can master a certain hero very early on, unlike League of Legends, where you need to purchase each champion individually in order to play them. Dota 2's design is not only better monetarily, but also motivates the player to become better at the game rather than chase purchasable incentives.

2. Content

Dota 2 has far more available content for the average player than League of Legends does. Dota 2 is published by Valve Corporation, the same company that developed Steam, a digital distribution platform. Dota 2 is made available on Steam, giving it many features that League of Legends does not have. In both games, you can create lobbies of up to five players. In Dota 2 however, you can invite friends who are currently not in the game, but rather logged on to Steam. This makes it much easier to set up a group of friends quickly when you feel like a quick game. Furthermore, you are allowed to have an extra member in your team, a coach, to guide inexperienced players without them directly influencing the game.

Another point is that there is far more customization in Dota 2 as you can mix and match items. These items can be dropped in regular games so non-spending players also have a chance at getting them. There are announcer packs, cursor packs, HUD skins, weather effects, and compendiums in Dota 2, all in which League of Legends does not have. In addition, Steam is free market which allows for players to buy and sell items for as low as $0.03 USD (1), a feature that is impossible to incorporate in League of Legend's business model.

3. Gameplay

The fun in both games is subjective, so I will rather talk about the content and features available for the average player. In League of Legends, there are four game modes. These include Classic Matchmaking, 3 vs 3, Dominion, and ARAM (2). On occasion, Riot games releases other game modes which are altered versions of Summoners Rift and ARAM. On the contrary, Dota 2 has one base game mode along with three custom games created by Valve, these being Overthrow, 10 vs 10, and Haunted Colosseum (3). However, the list does not end there. Dota 2 is associated with a feature called Steam Workshop, a place where content creators can post their content to be incorporated into the actual game. In turn, there are hundreds of original game modes, all being free to everyone (4).

A big point of criticism that League of Legends has always received is their lack of a sandbox mode and replay system. In Dota 2, you can create a private lobby and enable features that you cannot in a real match. A player can spawn AI, set gold to infinite, set cooldowns to zero, and much more. This allows for the player to test out abilities on certain heroes and emulate scenarios without needing to do so in a full-length game. Dota 2 also has its own replay system where you can watch past games of yourself, professional players, and tournaments.


In short, Dota 2 is objectively a better game for the player because it contains all the features of League of Legends, and more.







So I'm guessing I just make my counter argument to what you posted now.

So first off, you talked about the the tutorials in each game and the gameplay afterwards. You said that until you reach level 10 the game focuses on the cosmetics of the game. My question is why? I want to learn how to play the game, not learn about the unneeded cosmetics that only make the game seem nicer. Having all the heroes available at the start of the game is not a good thing at all. It's like a spoiled child. If they get everything they want right away, they will become bored and unable to be pleased because they have already gotten everything. what can you give them to make them happy if you've already given them everything there is? In league, it is more like a well mannered child who has to work and do chores in order to get what they want, but when they do, they feel actual joy and a sense of completion for actually earning something by themselves. This is like league and Dota 2. And I disagree with your verdict about motivation. Why would you ever feel more motivated to play something you can't progress in? In league, you can see your progress by what you earn.

Being able to access the game quickly is a completely pointless point. If you want to play a game with someone, you just text them, "Hey, Get on." which is exactly the same as someone telling their friends on steam to get on Dota 2. There is no advantage for Dota 2 being on steam.

You brought up there is more customization in Dota 2 than in league. This is ABSOLUTELY false. You do realize you can customize every single thing you mentioned in League As well. Just download any customization you want and there you go. You don't need a business model model in league because downloading every one of these things is 100% free.

Your next point about there being hundreds of different gamemodes in Dota 2 is just wrong. If these other "gameodes" are created by content creators from steam and not the legit company, then they don't count as gamemodes. In that case, you can do the exact same thing with league. What you said is basically like going into a game and playing hide and seek instead of the actual game and calling it another gamemode. Next, You say a sandbox is good for testing out scenarios without having to play an entire match. This makes no sense. Sandbox is not the actual game so if you change things like your cooldowns to make it easier to test things, that is not how the actual game is going to be so you really aren't testing anything valid. Besides, In League, You can create a custom game by yourself, Test what you want and leave. You don't need to play an entire game. And finally, while dota 2 may have it's own replay system, for League you can get countless different ones that appeal to your needs.

In short, Dota 2 has all the same things League of Legends has and it obviously doesn't do anything better. If it did, it would have a bigger fan base than League of Legends, but it doesn't. 8 Million to 27 Million players. Obviously players think League is Objectively better for themselves, and that's why more people play it.
Debate Round No. 2


Shinya forfeited this round.


Big_Moist forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Shinya 2 years ago
GG I had entrance exams for pre-pharm. I'll just post by rebuttals here so people won't play League of Peasants.


>Con implies that buying characters gives motivation to players.

That is a subjective and baseless claim. My argument states that not having characters is a hindrance and puts the player at a disadvantage, an objective point as you will start with less content compared to older players.

>Con states that being able to access the game quickly is pointless.

Your argument only applies if all your friends including yourself owns a cell phone. I will use myself as an example, I don't have a cell phone and if I did, texting would cost money. Steam messaging is free.

>Con thinks that custom games by Dota 2 should not count because you can mod League of Legends as well.

Mods are implemented into the base game client of Dota 2, you need third party programs to Customize League of Legends. This means you are in favor of modding, even though the company who created League of Legends is against it.

>Con believes the content is not from the company so it should not be counted.

That argument is pointless. As long as the content is available and supported by the base game of Dota 2, then it is a extra content that League of Legends does not have.

>Con states that sandbox mode is not a benefit to League of Legends.


As for your concluding paragraph...

>Redundant claim that Dota 2 doesn't do anything better than League.

I just proved that it had more features, which can only be a plus, not a hindrance, objectively speaking.

>"It would have a bigger fan base than League of Legends, but it doesn't. 8 Million to 27 Million players.
Obviously players think League is Objectively better for themselves."

LoL (2009) vs Dota 2 (2013). You also disregarded the meaning of the word "objective."

Posted by 666hailSatan 2 years ago
Both these games are total $hit.
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