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Dr. Ben Carson or Hillary Clinton?

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Started: 3/26/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this debate my opponent will argue why Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for President and then Why Dr. Carson is bad. No sources are needed, but please know the candidates.

Pro: For Dr. Ben Carson. Con: For Hillary Clinton
Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: 3 Points or less on why your candidate is best, 2 points or less on why the other is worse.
Round 3: Closing statements

No Rebuttles in this debate!

Dr. Carson: African-American Neosurgeon, first to Seperate conjoined twins, author, rising Republican star.
Hillary Clinton: White female, former Secretary of State and First Lady, Author, most likely democratic candidate.


I do not know whether the purpose of this debate is humor, but I accept your challenge. I am a new member and I am inclined to practice, practice, practice as I have not debated in over 20++ years.

As Round 2 is where we are asked to provide pros and cons, I am uncertain as to the information that you require in Round 1. First, I know the candidates which is why I am curious as to the seriousness of the debate. From my understanding, we are referring to Dr. Ben Carson whose last accomplishment was dated back in 1987. If this is the same gentleman, then, it is my understanding that this debate is to whether someone who openly professes against equality would be a better president than someone who does not openly speak out against homosexuals, immigrants, blacks, and women’s rights.

If my understanding is correct, then Round 2, when we begin our arguments, will be enlightening to me. I look forward to hearing your point of view.

Also, I appreciate the clarification of sources given the character limit. I just began a debate yesterday and the character limit was 10,000. A character limit of 3,000 truly limits sources…and, perhaps a verification of facts.

You pose an interesting challenge indeed.

Debate Round No. 1


This debate is serious, we are simply debating why are candidate is better and why the other is worse. No sources are needed just make sure you understand and know the candidates.

1. Carson has common sense solutions
Written in Carsons famous book, "Save America's Future", he provides us with the common sense solutions to our problems that our government has failed to realize. People like Hillary Clinton try to make it seem like a long and hard road but really there are simply ways to fix problems like social security, national debt, etc. for example to fix social security just personalize it so everyone pays for their own retirement and money can be transferred between family and friends.

2. Carson is an example of accomplishment
In highschool Carson did horrible and was a bad student, soon his mother with only a third grade education made him and his sibilings read. Soon he became a bright and intelligent man who crawled out of poverty and became a renowned Neosurgeon. He has proven he is a very intelligent man and that he can fix things. He is the best example of a good american citizen.

3. He's against political correctness
Political correctness is a huge problem, people don't look at the point someone is trying to make and just look at the words. For example, if you state a fact like majority of our jail population is African-American, you'll most likely be called racist. When really your just trying to state a fact and talk about an issue and how to solve it. People have become too sensitive and so people are afraid to speak their minds.

Now why Hillary is bad

1. She supports collectivism
The core flaw with socialism and liberalism and communism is collectivism. The belief that the issues of society as a whole come before the rights of an individual. The problem with that is simple, the government then becomes a powerful source of oppression as people become dependent on it. It's shown to fail with Soviet Russia. Hillary Clinton believes in that.


  1. Unlike Dr. Ben Carson who believes that individual rights are only valued if you are not a woman, gay, or a minority. Hillary Clinton believes that society should protect the individual rights of women, homosexuals, and minorities. Hillary Clinton supports the notion that without government involvement women and minorities would not have been allowed to vote. Hillary Clinton supports the individual rights of a woman to choose what to do with her body and the individual rights of an adult to marry another adult despite the corresponding gender.

  2. Hillary Clinton has experience speaking, negotiating, and partnering with other countries. She has experience in government. Her experience brings an awareness of other people, cultures, and beliefs, and this experience will assist her if she becomes the leader of a country whose citizens are from all different backgrounds, colors, religions, and beliefs.

  3. As my opponent asserted in Round 1, Hillary Clinton is a woman. The United States is one of the few countries without having ever had a female leader. Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Turkey, …several South American and African countries have all had elected officials at some point in their history which represented half of the citizens of that land. Hillary Clinton would provide the United States an opportunity to practice the equal rights that it professes.

  1. Dr. Ben Carson does not support the notion of equal rights for all the citizens of this land. Dr. Ben Carson will not be able support equal rights without further education and awareness to dispel his misunderstandings of science including those of sexuality. The leader of the free world should not be so ill-informed that he or she does not understand that sexual orientation does not come out of exposure to prison or molestation. Dr. Ben Carson has had to apologize too many times for statements that come from either hatred or ignorance. Dr. Ben Carson comparing homosexuals to pedophiles and those that practice bestiality is unacceptable for a future leader of the free world. Dr. Ben Carson is not ready for a national political office without first understanding that this country is a diverse one and all citizens must be treated equally and fairly.

Debate Round No. 2


"Unlike Dr. Ben Carson who believes that individual rights are only valued if you are not a woman, gay, or a minority."

What my opponent said here is totally false, no where ever has Dr. Carson ever stated these things so just from this we can see that my opponent is extremely uninformed about the candidates. Dr. Carson has always stated this is America and everyone deserves rights. And that fact that my opponent would say he's against minorities when Dr. Carson himself is a minority (African-American) proves my point further that my opponent knows nothing.

"Hillary Clinton has experience speaking, negotiating, and partnering with other countries"

My opponent seems to have forgotten about all the issues that have arisen from Hillary Clinton under her leadership as secretary of state. Such as Benghazi.

My opponent also brought up that fact that we have yet to have a female leader. We see from that, that my opponent is one of those people that vote on emotions, not on who is the best candidate as instead of actually learning about what each candidate is like, since he doesn't know Dr. Carson, he just would vote for whoever we haven't had yet.

Dr. Carson supports everyone's equal individual rights, he himself is a minority, 100% black unlike obama. Hillary wants to through away individual rights for society and as we've seen with Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia it doesn't work and is a very bad idea.


This debate is not one of Hillary Clinton versus Dr. Ben Carson. Instead it is one of any reasonable candidate versus one who ignores science and the ever changing demographics of the citizens of this country. Dr. Ben Carson is used by the Republican Party, not because of his beliefs, but because of the color of his skin.
A couple of his beliefs contradict the Republican Party platform. However, because Dr. Ben Carson is black, has a medical degree, and struggled as a youth, the Republican party has a mascot to promote a false notion that they are a party of inclusion rather than a party of exclusion. However, the Republican Party is not what it used to be and is a distorted image of the party that Ronald Reagan grew. Ronald Reagan believed and worked for universal health care. Many presidents tried before and after Ronald Reagan was in office. President Obama was not a better president than Ronald Reagan; it is only because of a perfect storm that the health care legislation passed. Ronald Reagan believed that there should be some reasonable restrictions to gun laws. Reagan believed in climate change.
The Navy has to hide how it is dealing with climate change. Whenever they outline measures to research and investigate its effect on the bases around the coast, money is removed. Thus, they have a serious crisis at the moment. Many of their nuclear facilities as well as some other critical assets are near coastlines that, by their calculations, will destroy facilities within 10 years - not 20, but only 10 years. These facilities are worth billions of dollars. If you speak to anyone within the Secretary of the Navy office, you will discover that the Navy cannot obtain financial support from Congress purely out of fear of the political ramifications of admitting that there is a real problem. So, they are stuck with having to be reactive rather than proactive. The Republican Party itself has become one which is denying science, excluding women and minorities, and isolating itself from other religions or beliefs.
This is all to say that Dr. Ben Carson is a member of a party which has forgotten its core principals. Moreover, Dr. Ben Carson is simply a mascot rather than a serious contender.
Independents, many of them old Republicans and Democrats, dislike Hillary Clinton. Some Democrats would prefer Elizabeth Warren. Independents want anybody else. However, when the debates begin, Clinton will be able to prove herself to be the best leader if paired against a Dr. Ben Carson. On Hillary Clinton's side there will be science, inclusion, and a goal to partner with even those countries which do not share the beliefs of this country. If the Republicans are going to survive the general election, they must win the independents-those Republicans that have been disenchanted. In this regard, Dr. Ben Carson will make it as far as Herman Cain.
In conclusion, Dr. Carson is the worst of the two as he has no hope of winning independents. Clinton has a chance.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ewolf 3 years ago
I am new, but why were the other votes removed? I do not want the Pro to win, but why were the other votes removed? I definitely do not agree with the votes and I question the logic, but I am curious as to why they were removed?
Posted by airmax1227 3 years ago
Vote by freedomfromoppression disqualified and removed.

(Vote for Pro. RFD: He stood by his objective of saying why Dr. Carson is a better candidate while con went off track many times and talked about things that didn't have to do with the topic of the debate and didnt say why Hillary would be a good candidate in closing statements..)

Futurepresident2048 and freedomfromoppression are encouraged to contact me immediately.

Posted by airmax1227 3 years ago
Vote by Senator2040 disqualified and removed.

(Vote for Pro. RFD: Come strayed off topic a couple times. Con also wrongly assumed his opponent was racist for supporting a black candidate. Pro gave more convincing arguments.)

Futurepresident2048 and Senator2040 are encouraged to contact me immediately.

Posted by Futurepresident2048 3 years ago
My bad, my opponent may Rebuttle me, I have so many debates going on I lose track at times of my rules.
Posted by PM1066 3 years ago
What happened to no rebuttals? If you can't follow your own rules, then what are you doing?
Posted by bsh1 3 years ago
I will accept this if you make the character limit 8,000 or more, and if you allow us to address more than 5 total points.
Posted by AlternativeDavid 3 years ago
This is heavily weighted. Not only does Con have to prove that Carson is a bad candidate, but they also have to prove that Clinton is the BEST.
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
I got a better Idea. I'll do a Hilliary Clinton vs. Rand Paul debate.
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
I never called you racist
Posted by Futurepresident2048 3 years ago
How am I racist? I'm simply stating the ethnicity and gender of the candidates, I have no need for your liberal political correction.
1 votes has been placed for this debate.
Vote Placed by PM1066 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: The Pro is clearly preaching to the choir when it comes to radical right wing politics. Therefore, things like experience in public service, or any experience running a large organization aren't relevant to that group. The con clearly argued why Dr. Ben Carson is this round's token black man for the Republican Party. In a general election if by some miracle these 2 met the con has clearly shown Hillary Clinton would be the far superior candidate and would crush Ben Carson in a landslide of biblical proportions.