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Dr. Jill Stein should be allowed in the Presidential Debates

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Started: 9/17/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The Presidential debates are bias and rigged for the two party system. They state, that in order for Dr Jill Stein to be in the debates, she must first reach 15% in the polls, but this is impossible!
Because, she is omitted from 90% of the national polls!
Millions of Americans worked extremely hard canvassing for years, for signatures from registered voters to get Dr Stein on the ballot in 48 states and this should be enough for her to debate!


As an Independent, I am happy to take the con side of this debate, and I personally believe Jill Stein shouldn't be in the debates. Thank you for creating this debate, Pro, and I would say good luck, but I wanna win, so I shall not. Anyhow, I believe Dr. Stein shouldn't be allowed in the debates on September 26, and throughout October. I think this because, you mentioned that she's not even included in most of the polls. I believe that this is true, but it has a good reason. According to RealClearPolitics, in a Battle Between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Dr. Stein, Secretary Clinton as of September 17 has an average of 41.9% in recent national polls, with Mr. Trump close behind at 40.8, followed by Gov. Johnson at 8.3, and Jill Stein with a mere 2.7%. That is so tiny that the odds of her becoming president are excruciatingly low, that including her in the debates would be pointless, because then, the Constitution Party's Nominee is gonna try to be in the Debates. Then he'll have to be included because of your rule. Then, the PSL, and Rocky De La Fuente, and then the Socialist Workers Party, and then we'll have to include so many people it'll be a complete circus. Including Dr. Stein would be pointless, because I think that in American Elections, if you want to Get Far, you need support. If you don't have support, you can't get anywhere. Since Secretary Clinton became the Nominee, Some Bernie Supporters and other Ticked off Members of the Democratic Party have Decided in Protest to go the Jill Stein, and there is no doubt that she is much more popular as the Green Party Nominee now then she was in the 2012 Election. But with all of this, she still doesn't have the support of even 1 in 20 Americans, and for this, I believe that she simply shouldn't be in the debates, because she simply has no support, and including her would be a waste of time.
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Posted by Overnight 1 year ago
Just to point out, the five polls that are averaged that would get Jill Stein on the stage all include Stein and Gary Johnson. I will not debate, since I mostly support Pro
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