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Dr. Who is Confusing

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Started: 10/9/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am looking for a new opponent to, I am not a very good arguer.
The opponent's argument starts in Round 1.

I think Dr. Who is confusing because of the time overlaps. How does The Doctor know how old he is, if he is constantly changing time periods. Every time he visits he is a different age, or not born yet, so what does he go by to decide how old he is. And how can there be two of him at one time, like when the eleventh doctor dies and sends the letters to the Ponds, River, and himself. Wouldn't that be a paradox? Rose can't touch her past self, but The Doctor can write to his past self, in the present. And why are the weeping angles so scary? All they do is send you back in time, if you are the Doctor you can find your way back, and if you are a companion, The Doctor will do his best to help.


He counts his years and days he has been alive. It doesn't matter that he does not live those years in the same chronological orde as everybody else, he still wakes up every morning and counts off one more day.

There was just the one Doctor from different points on his personal timeline. The older sent a letter to the younger. The older knew to send this letter because he had received it when he was the younger. This does not create a paradox. It does created a fixed point in time, forcing him to send those letters. If he refused to send it, that would create a paradox.

The weeping angels create a fixed point in time. They send you back in time, you grow old and die. If the Doctor went back and rescued them it would create a paradox.

Debate Round No. 1


This was also partially for my opponent to explain things to me.

How does he keep track? It is hard to remember what day it is with a calendar. Imagine how hard it is if you don't have one. And it is just weird that he is married to his best friend's daughter. That is just awkward.


Imagine a cast-a-way on an island with no calander, keeping track of days by scratching a line on the wall of a cave. I'm not saying that the Doctor makes marks on the walls of the Tardis, but he doesn't have to know that it is Thursday, Ocotber 11, 2012 to know how may days he has been alive.

I agree that dating his companion's daughter could be considered awkward, but I don't find it confusing.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by JorgeLucas 5 years ago
Doctor Who doesn't care about continuity, so just accept it and enjoy Doctor Who.
Posted by snnybns 5 years ago
@smithereens burden of proof was on pro. I attempted to explain why what she found confusing was not confusing.
Posted by snnybns 5 years ago
If I'd known I would be limited to 750 characters, I probably would not have accepted.
Posted by tornshoe92 5 years ago
You haven't watched the end of the last season have you? That'll answer most of your questions.
Posted by JorgeLucas 5 years ago
I always found the weeping angles acute rather than scary
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Reasons for voting decision: Con argued that he didn't find it confusing as his final statement, he did not attempt to prove it, where as Pro raised multiple contentions that were confusing