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Dr.Who? vs. The Following.

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Started: 3/20/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will be for Dr.Who? I await your reply.


I accept
Due to the fact that you have named Doctor Who I assume that you want to debate Television series. You have already said that you choose Doctor Who so If you where referring to The Doctor who is the main character of Doctor Who you may forfeit this debate.

If you with to continue, I choose Sherlock
Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


If you want to choose Sherlock that's OK but pot what episodes you refer to so I can watch them I have never seen Sherlock. I await your reply we need to start this next round on our debate.


Thank you

You need only to watch the first season of Sherlock.

1.) Doctor who Is missing over a hundred of it's episodes. This can be annoying for the viewers as each episode is valuable part of the story. This can affect the the show negatively in many ways.

2.) 1989-2005 was a time where no new doctor who on television. For over 15 years they deprived their fans of new episodes.

3.) The 45 minute run time of Doctor who which long compared to some shows is half that of Sherlock's 90 minutes. With the full Hour and a half of time Sherlock's plot has more time to develop and take twists and turns.

4.) Benedict Cumberbatch, According to a online poll, is superior, Robert Downey Junior, in the role of sherlock homes. This is a valid argument since Robert Won a Golden globe for his performance. (although this link does not mention the role of holmes, it is implied)

5.) Doctor who often uses special effects that many people find to be "Terrible" especially in the earlier episodes. This wouldn't usually be a problem except for the fact that the effects where a great deal of the show.

I'm going to eng it there because my opponent hasn't seen any Sherlock. I await his rebuttal
Thank you
Good night
Debate Round No. 2


Quinoas forfeited this round.


I regret that this debate had to be so short.
Thank you
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by StevenDixon 4 years ago
It would be hard to argue that the following is better than anything because it's garbage.
Posted by maxprimo 4 years ago
Oh no I just realized that you where referring to The Following as in the tv show. I mistakenly believed that I was supposed to choose the show that I was to ague for. I apologize for any inconvenience. I was ignorant.
But ignorance is bliss.

However you did not set any rules for this debate in you first argument saying that I was to argue for The Following. You also did not define The Following. The capitalization could have easily been mistaken for a typo. 'The Following' could have been referring to the the tv show that I was supposed to decide on.
An error on both our parts.
But you didn't restrict me from arguing for Sherlock.
Again sorry
Posted by Zaradi 4 years ago
I'd say that The Following hasn't really been around long enough for there to be sufficient evidence to argue in favor of it. I hereby declare that this debate should be put on hold until at least one, preferably two, seasons have come and gone, thereby granting sufficient evidence for both sides to make a compelling case instead of just one side.
Posted by lannan13 4 years ago
TV show?
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