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Driving age should be raised to 21!!!!

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Started: 4/30/2013 Category: Society
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Nowadays driving age is 18 years old. Everybody endeavor to obtain driving lisence at this peroid of life. Will be better to raise driving age because young drivers are the main cause of road deaths. In addition, young poeple drink and after they still to drive, If driving age is 21, the number of death will decrease and the road becomes more safer


Thanks to my opponent for the opportunity to experience my first debate on this site.

I take the stance in this debate that the current driving age in the United States (age 18 without an adult present) is better for the safety of our roads than increasing the driving age to 21. As my opponent has done, I will present my main arguments in this initial round with hopes of rebutting their claims in Round 2.

-Allowing an extended period of time to learn to drive, including graduated liscencing, is safer than giving an 18 year old a liscence and letting them drive away. Teen accidents have dropped by 62% since 1975, due to the introduction of graduated liscencing. Graduated licensing allows teens to gain driving experience in a controlled environment while working to get their full driver"s license. Laws vary by state, but they generally mandate a minimum number of hours of supervised driving with parents and place restrictions on night driving and the number of passengers. (1)

-If teens and young adults are unable to drive until they are 21 and can legally drink, the inexperience of drivers mixed with alcohol may cause fatality rates of this age group to rise. California drivers ages 21-24 had the highest recorded percentage of DUIs than any other age group. (2)

-If teens and young adults are unable to drive until they are 21, we are putting added pressure on parents and decreasing the importance of learning the life skills needed for a successful adulthood. Teenagers and young adults need to develop life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and the ability to get from point A to point B in order to gain confidence and learn to live independently, which is an important part of adolescent development. (3)


I look forward to our debate and hope to hear back from you soon.
Debate Round No. 1


I have comprehended your point of view. I have several arguments.
In my opiniont, first contention is a peer pressure. Many teenagers buy a car at eighteen years old. I"m sure that this pressure made them getting a car too. I mean when somebody shows a driving license for everyone to see and those who do not have a permits for driving a car will want to get a permit. At eighteen you may be able to get your driving license, but it does not mean that you can not get your driving license at 21 years old. Thus, changing the driving age to 21 will not be a dramatic change. As I said peer pressure really effects to other students because a part of them do not pay attention to getting their driving license until they see that other students already have a permit for driving a car.
Moreover, cecond contention is that walking is a good for your health. In many countries such as Germany, Mexico and France you see that people use a car. Instead you can see that people are walking, taking their bike, etc. There is no argue that walking is exercise and this exercise is very important to everyone"s health. On a beautiful sunny days you can take a bike wherever you are going or you may use a bus if it is so far. As you see these are examples of getting a healthy life.
In addition, I want to emphasize that changing a driving age to 21 will not be dramatic change. I claim that if driving age is going to be 21, the number of crashes will decrease and the number of people who suffer from crash accidents will reduce and the road will become more safer than nowadays. Therefore, teenagers who can not obtain a driving lisence before 21, the can use bike or bus in oreder to reduce the number of poeple who suffer from crash accidents. Even in Tokyo and in a several European countries approximately 14% of crash accidents because of teenagers who are about 18-22 years old.


You argue that peer pressure negatively effects teenagers, making them want to get a license because their friends have one. It is my belief that this pressure from peers is positive, encouraging other teenagers and young adults to enhance their quality of life by seeking out more life skills, as I mentioned in Round 1. These life skills are important for adulthood.

I concede that walking and public transportation are excellent alternatives to driving. However, they are not always available for people who are physically and mentally disabled, financially unable to use public transit, who live in areas with poor public transit (if any at all), or who live too far away from things to walk.
- People who are physically disabled sometimes have automobiles customized to work with them and their disabilities, making driving possible and easier than walking or public transit. Some people with mental disabilities cannot use public transit due to anxiety, or cannot read maps to walk where they need to be.
- Public transit can be very expensive, at $1.50 a ride. That is at least $3.00 round trip, which is not possible for those who are financially disadvantaged.
- In New York it may be perfectly reasonable to take the subway and walk a few blocks to get to where you need to be because it is close enough, but in Los Angeles it can sometimes take upward of an hour in traffic to get where you need to go and there are no public transit options.

I would like for you to cite a source saying that crashes would decrease if the driving age were raised, as I have not been able to find any studies that prove this. I can only find studies that prove that graduated licensing decreases accidents.
Debate Round No. 2


As you mentioned, there are huge amount of people who are poor to use public transport.
If that people are poor to use public, how they can buy a car?
Moreover, it is quiet good for people who are physically disabled because it is more better than public transport as you mentioned. But there are numerous number of public transports, bus, taxi too for such kind of people.
As you mentioned that people cannot read a map, but they can use these type of transports because it is more easier to reach to any place wherever you want to.
In addition, I have one more contention. Third contention is a responsibility. All parents are afraid from his daughter or son while their children in the highway. Because nobody want to lose from a familiar people. Maturity comes to everybody by time to time. 18 year old drivers crash at a higher rate than those that are older. According to scientists until the of 25 no one will be a mature. It means the teenagers brain is not mature enough to being a responsible. In addition, it may end with a crash. Thus, I never recommend teenagers to getting a car until being a mature also more responsible and never try to get own driving license since other teenagers have. Because teenagers may be able a cause of somebody"s death.
For instance, in Australia young generation are main reason of many crashes. Moreover, amount of crashes are rapidly increasing by time to time. As we know death rates are within the 16 -25 age group. Of course, if the government will raise the driving age, the overall percentage of crashes and the number of death will decrease. Thus, the road becomes more safer than ever before. Moreover, in many countries government want to raise the driving age. It means more people will get a driving license at 21 years old . Of course, I support them, because safety of people is important for me.
In conclusion, I want to say that young drivers, especially male drivers are likely to overestimate their ability to drive at faster speed. Even it is hard to adults. In addition, at the mature age 21, the brain is much more settled than the 16 age old. In my opinion, teenagers may use a public transport until they become more mature. Moreover, this strategy is quiet good because it is for the safety of young drivers and in order to avoid from any death. Despite many adolescences are disagree with me , I support this idea that the driving license must be given at the age of 21 . Because safety of people is important for me.
Moreover, raising a driving age to 21 is good in a corruption side. Because many people who have a power, they sale a driving license to teenagers. I mean this strategy also reduce the number of corruptions. But IT IS ANOTHER ISSUE.
THANK YOU, I am glad for you. I am from Kazakhstan( Central Asia) .Please do not forget to write name of your country at the end of Round 3.


In the United States, there are ways for people who are poor to have access to cars. It is often times a necessity, due to the layout of many cities in this country. There is government assistance to help individuals who need cars get access to them, and many gas stations accept money from welfare assistance, while busses do not.

As for those who are disabled, in order to gain access to public transportation assistance they must go through the government, which is not always possible. But that is a debate for another time.

I concede that the brain is maturing until long past the age of 18, but it also maturing past the age of 21. If you want to wait for the brain to be mature before granting driving privileges, why not wait until 25, when scientists agree the brain is almost done developing? And why not raise the drinking age to 25 as well, because alcohol can damage the brain? If you move the driving age, what makes you pick the age 21?

I believe I have clearly stated my reasoning that the driving age should stay as it is - it improves the safety of the public by introducing graduated licensing, helps develop much needed life skills and maturity for young adults, can be essential for those who are have financial issues or are disabled, and simply does not make sense to change at this time.

Thank you for this debate! I'm from the United States and am looking forward to the voting portion of this process.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by katrilenyah 4 years ago
I understand why the driving age should be raised but then again It could be harmful for the economy and a teenagers financial stability. Teenagers now a days need to work. Parents often refuse to buy teenagers the clothes they need or they refuse to pay for the education, If a student has no way to get to work then how can they get money to buy them, right now I'm wearing the last pair of pants I own and my parents refuse to buy me another pair of jeans. I need to be able to drive to get a job to earn money to buy my stuff. With less student drivers there will be less consumption of gas at the gas stations so the gas price will go up to make up for that money and there would be less students paying for stuff in stores due to lack of money, this would hurt everybody.
Posted by GeekiTheGreat 4 years ago
Thats wrong. The main causers of accidents are actually more experienced drivers. All you need to do is take a DMV class to know that.
Posted by positiveconnotation 4 years ago
Nah - the US has some funny rules about getting it without testing at age 18. If you're under that age, there's the written and practical test, plus a certain amount of hours behind the wheel with a licensed driver.
Posted by LotusNG 4 years ago
Wait... So I illegally have my license?

I'm only 17, and got it at 16...

I live in the U.S...
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