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Drones: Should the united states continue using drone strikes against terrorist?

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Started: 12/24/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Drone strikes are one of the main reasons that terrorist groups are still around.
The United states has been are are still using drones to target terrorist bases, weapons, etc using drone strikes on these targets has killed many innocent civilians. According to "hufington post", over 90% of the people killed in drone strikes are not the targets. Terrorist raid houses and destroy others property and have a low popularity but due to the drone strikes, Terrorist groups are getting thousands of new recruit every year because of family members wanting to avenge their loved ones who were killed in these drone strikes.


Hello I will happily accept this challenge and it appears that we are starting our arguments in the introduction so here we go.

Air strikes have been common methods of attacking enemies for nearly as long as we had air planes. the terrorist group that the U.S is currently drone striking is ISIS which unlike most terrorist group actually control large amounts of territory which includes civilian populated cities. While unfortunate the only way to strike at ISIS fighters deep in their territory is to air strike them and it has been proved that drone strikes are much more accurate then bombing runs and is the best way to limit civilian deaths. As long as there has been bombings there has been civilian deaths. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Germans died as a result of the Ailed bombing of Germany, but it needed to be done. And killing the terrorist leaders needs to be done as if they are left alone they will continue to murder and harm the nation they are in, and this bombing is done with full consent of the countries governments. As to the drone strikes inspiring more people to join the terrorists out of a desire for vengeance, the vast majority of terrorists captured state religious reasons for committing terrorism. In fact most civilians in cities occupied by the terrorists show extreme gratitude for the eliminating of the terrorists and are accepting of what had to be done. These terrorists goals are not to just raid houses or destroy property, most terrorist ideologies involve the genocide of certain groups and the justification of mass killing. And the only way to strike at them quickly, is to use drones that can do the precise strikes possible.

I eagerly await your arguments.
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Posted by sgtTyl 1 year ago
Um the thing wont let me post my second argument, even though con has obviously forfeited. Anyone know how to make this thing progress?
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