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Drug Abuse: Can be stopped without the use of incarceration

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Started: 3/4/2016 Category: Health
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I will be arguing over drug abuse, and how it can be stopped without the incarceration of drug users.

My Position: Drug Abuse can be stopped without taking people into jail time.

1.) No trolling, please take the debate seriously.
2.) Do not abstain after starting the debate.

If you accept this debate than you must agree to the following conditions:
1.) Go against my position (look above)
2.) Create 2 arguments, not including this first round.
3.) Have your first "argument" as "I accept this debate and the conditions". The first round will only be used for acceptance.

If you are voting, I encourage you to read ALL SIDES OF THE DEBATE.

This debate is practice for an upcoming event (of my sort) that will be very....very painful. Please understand that I will make some rookie mistakes.


I accept the terms and conditions.

(Quick Question; Do you mean by incarceration that drug abuse can be stopped without arrests altogether? Or merely time in prison?)
Debate Round No. 1


What I mean is that there should be no time in prison if you use drugs. I personally don't use drugs.

My opening statement: Switzerland.

In the 1980's, Switzerland had a drug abuse problem. The many side-products that drug abuse in the United States created is occurring once again at Switzerland: crime, prostitution, the whole works. Instead of shoving druggies into jails, they did something nobody in the US would even think about doing: open drug treatments where you can get free heroine (in healthy doses). They helped people who were doing drugs get their lives back together. What happened then was fascinating (or at least to me). Since nobody was buying drugs due to the fact that they can get it free, they started rebuilding their lives back together.

Streets that used to have high-crime rates now are dotted successful businesses. There was a "significant drops in overdose deaths" and, for some reason, HIV dropped as well. With their treatment and non-hostile acts, they have found out a simpler way to eradicate drugs.


While this may work for some drug addicts, it does not fully address the issue of drug abuse on the whole. It does perhaps aid the consumer in their abuse, however it does nothing in the higher echelons of the drug trade system. Users are their end goal. They grow the drugs, process them, supply them, deal them, and then they are finally consumed. Much of the profit of the business starts way before the demand meets the supply. I would argue that incarceration is necessary to prevent drug abuse, because there are people who are enablers that provide vulnerable people with drugs and get them hooked. There are also individuals who don't have broken lives and even maintain a semblance of normality while abusing substances. What about them? People who promote unhealthy substance abuse should most certainly be incarcerated, and as a last point, drug addicts can often be accessories to other crimes such as robbery, assault, and even murder. Because of this, despite being addicts they are still responsible for their other crimes and should still be incarcerated. This is especially evident because of all the drug users already in prison. It's a vice that accompanies other vices. It should be punished just as harshly.
Debate Round No. 2


AEI5 forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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