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Dubstep is music

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Started: 12/2/2013 Category: Music
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This is a debate about the musical genre known as Dubstep. Dubstep is often criticized for not being "real" music or just noise. I think it is music, plus it fits the definition of music, being organized sounds.


Dubstep is not real music.
This site tells you that Dubstep is not real because, It is made with a computer. A computer is a not a musical instrument. Also, most Dubstep does not have vocals. Real music is considered to have at least two musical instruments involved, including a microphone. Real genres of music would be Metal (all kinds), Rock, Alternative, Country, and even Rap and Hip Hop.

and so forth.

I really don't have time.. sorry i'll post longer ones next round..
Debate Round No. 1


The definition of music does not depend on vocals. Beethoven's 5th, Mozart's Nightmusic, the Star Wars theme, the Charlie Brown theme, and even Elevator music can be considered music. There is, however, a distinction between a piece of music and a song. A piece is a track that has no lyrics, and a song is a track that DOES. You Play a Piece (P), and you Sing a Song (S). Both pieces and songs are considered music.

Remember, the definition of a musical instrument is arbitrary. The cowbell originated as a tool used to keep track of cattle (similar to the dog tag). The drum started out as a block of wood used for communication. The trumpet originated as a mating call. You can learn these things at a basic music class in Elementary.

People actually made fun of the electric guitar. They said it was a toy, just a broomstick with guitar strings, until Les Paul came in and perfected it.

They don't use Microsoft Word to make dubstep. They use special applications that are technically musical instruments by definition. If Dubstep is just "pressing buttons", then Rock is just "Pressing down strings while plucking them with a triangle, and feeding the signal through a distortion box to make it louder."

BTW I play the guitar, and I can tell you that it is actually harder to make electronic music (at least to sound good) than play the guitar.

Skrillex didn't just hit play and stop. He constructed a piece on his computer. And with special equipment, it IS possible to perform dubstep live.

Music: The arrangement of sound in a rhythmic, often harmonious, pattern
Instrument: A device used to make music (Since the computer is being used to produce arranged sound, it is a musical instrument.)
Piece: A musical track that is instrumental
Song: A musical track that is sung

Sure, almost everyone owns a computer, speakers, and a basic recording program (the very minimum for producing Dubstep). But even more people own a mouth, a set of vocal cords, and at least a harmonica, the minimum requirements for Country music. Plus, any idiot can buy a guitar, an amp, and a distortion (the minimum requirements for rock). But that doesn't make you a dubstep producer, a country star, or a rock star. You need one additional thing: musicality.

A similar argument:

"Harry Potter wasn't a real book because it was typed on a computer. A computer is not a writing instrument. A writing instrument is a pencil or a pen. You do not use your heart of you are too lazy to hand-write your book. Real books have at least 1 method of writing, all of which are done by hand. Real books are Shakespeare, and even Plato since they used their hand to form letters. JK ROWLING: I made millions, by pressing letters on a keyboard."


Incognito13 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by swag_master 4 years ago
Posted by Sleezehead 4 years ago
To say that a computer can't produce music and isn't worthy of being called music is just asinine. Contender obviously doesn't know how modern music is produced lol
Posted by Perhaps 4 years ago
Dubstep uses sample tracks of by which your definition of 'real music' fits. Whether it's good music or not is subjective.
Posted by Sleezehead 4 years ago
It definitely fits the category of music. A better argument would be of its caliber or where to place the genre in, say an organized listing of greatest genres to least greatest.
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Reasons for voting decision: Fairly one-sided. It's pretty inarguable that it is, in fact, music. It's an absolutely atrocious genre and offers nothing new to EDM. But it is music.