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Duke Football Will Go to a Bowl in 2013

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Started: 8/19/2013 Category: Sports
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The first round is just for acceptance and defining the terms.

Duke- Duke University (located in Durham, NC)

Football- American Football (not what is sometimes called soccer)

Bowl Game- One of the 35 games affiliated with the NCAA and/or the BCS that are played between teams with 6-6 or better records in December and January

2013- includes bowl games that are played in January, 2014 (same season)


I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I want to start by thanking my opponent for accepting this debate. First of all, I want to address the work that David Cutcliffe has done towards restoring Duke's program. Prior to his arrival in 2008, Duke had gone 4 consecutive seasons winning 2 games or fewer, including a 1-23 combined record in the two seasons before he was hired. Cutcliffe has won at least 3 games in each of his 5 seasons, including taking Duke to its first bowl game since the 1994 season last year.

Yes, Duke loses some talent from last year's team that did the minimum to qualify for a bowl game (6-6) in the form of Sean Renfree and Conner Vernon, both of whom are now in the NFL. However, three things should be noted. First and foremost, their replacements are very competent. Anthony Boone, a QB, led Duke to a 42-17 rout of Virginia last year when Renfree was hurt. Meanwhile, WR Jamison Crowder had the same number of receiving yards as Conner Vernon despite catching 9 fewer passes [1]. Secondly, the run game should be stronger than it was last year, as Duke will return its top three rushers [1]. Also, Boone is fairly mobile as is option-QB Brandon Connette. Finally, Duke needs to win 6 games for bowl eligibility. Last season, Duke had to play 3 teams that would finish in the Top 10 of the Coaches' Poll (Florida St., Clemson, and Stanford) [2]. Duke lost those games by a combined 154-40. Thus, Duke was actually 6-3 against the caliber of competition Duke will face this year, as Duke is replacing those three teams with Pittsburgh, NC State, and Navy, three very beatable teams [3]. Therefore, Duke has 12 chances to win 6 games this year, while it only had 9 realistic chances to do so last year. If Duke can win 2/3 of those again, it will go 8-4 and back to a bowl game.



I would like to thank my opponent for this interesting debate topic an his argument.

Duke last year went 6-7 and went to the Belk Bowl.

Duke this year has 14 starters returning, but one of the starers lost is star quarterback Sean Renfree. The came in 5th in their division, but made the bowl game do the a nonconference schedule that featured Florida International, Memphis and North Carolina Central. FIU and Memphis went a combined 7-17, while North Carolina Central went 6-5, but played in the much weaker FCS. Duke also played three top 25 teams and lost them all by a combined 154-40. Duke also won only one road game and had 7 of their 12 games at home.

This year, Duke has to play at North Carolina, at Virginia Tech, at Virginia, and have tough home games against Miami (Fl), Georgia Tech, North Carolina State, and Pittsburgh. They also have a game against Wake Forest which is right after they play Miami (Fl) and before they play a rivalry game against North Carolina. Many of the top college football analysts are predicting that Duke will finish around 5-7, which is just short of reaching a bowl game.

Debate Round No. 2


Duke has an easier non-conference schedule this year than last. It will again play NC Central and Memphis, but will also play Troy (who went 5-7 in the weak Sun Belt) and Navy, who went 8-5, but against largely weaker competition. Again this year, Duke will play 7 of its 12 games at Wallace Wade Stadium. You also mentioned that Duke played 3 top-25 (actually top-10) teams last season. This year, it plays none, as Florida St. and Clemson are replaced by Pitt and NC State, who went a combined 14-14 last year (both lost bowl games). Apart from those schedule downgrades, Duke has the exact same schedule as last year, but with 12 winable games instead of 9. Instead of having to win 67% of those games, Duke only has to win 50% of them this year. Duke will not win all 12 of them, but will easily beat NC Central, Memphis, and Troy. Duke will also likely be favored against Virginia, Navy, and Wake Forest. Duke should win 8 games this year.

As for your point about Renfree, as I mentioned earlier, Anthony Boone is considered more mobile than Renfree, with bigger big-play potential [1]. he led Duke to a 42-17 win over Virginia last year.



I would like to thank my opponent for his round 3 response.

Schedule wise, the first to games should be easy wins for Duke, as they play NC Central and Memphis, but after those two games they play Georgia Tech, who went 7-7 last year, and went to the ACC chamionship game. Then they play Pittsburgh, who went 6-7, and is in many of the experts minds, a toss-up. After Pittsburgh, they play a very winnable game against Troy, who went 5-7 last year. After a bye week, they play a Navy team who runs the Triple Option, an offensive running game that takes weeks of preparation for. After facing Navy's triple option, they then have to go on the road to play against Virginia and Virginia Tech in back to back weeks. Altogether, that is a three game stretch that they could easier go 0-3. After a bye week, they then play NC State, who went 7-6 last year. After NC State, they play Miami (fl) Who is arguably the best team on Dukes schedule. After Miami (fl), they play at Wake Forest, and then a rivalry game against North Carolina on the road.

Many analysts also believe that it is possible that Duke could lose their games against Georgia Tech and Pittsburgh, as well as their final seven games, which would mean that they could be as bad as 3-9, which would mean that they would miss out on a bowl game.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by birdlandmemories 4 years ago
Wow, Duke went 10-4 and could've easily gone 12-2 if not for close losses to Pitt and Texas A&M. You won this debate by a landslide.
Posted by TeaPartyAtheist 5 years ago
Can you please do me a huge favor and either post by 1 PM Eastern Wednesday or wait until after 7 PM Eastern Thursday? I will have no internet access for a few days and do not want to forfeit a round. Thank you!
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