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During his campaign for president, Donald Trump has shown himself to be a racist

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Started: 3/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Racist: "A person who believes that a particular race is superior to another."

Only statements said or actions done, since he started running for president, can be considered for the debate.

Since BOP is on Pro, Pro must present his/her opening argument in the first round and then waive the final round.


So, I am arguing that Donald Trump believes that his race, is surperior to that of black people, specifically African Americans. I will focus more on things that he has done rather than direct quotes of his most likely. This is because while he has been more exuberantly against Muslims or central Americans:

A: He has done this through logic, despite the fact the logic is almost 100% false.
B: Central American and Muslim are not races, and therefore being prejudiced against them is not racist, but xenophobic or islamophobic, but this debate is specifically about race.

Donald Trump is very active on twitter, he has a large following and tweets on his own quite often. At one point, a self recognized neo nazi, tweeted a graph that contained completely false information containing murder rates. The information in the graph was as follows: Blacks killed by whites: 2%, blacks killed by police 1%, whites killed by police 3%, whites killed by whites 16%, whites killed by blacks, 81%, blacks killed by blacks 97%. Now these stats that claimed to be for 2015, were completely false, I will give more accurate stats later. However the ridiculousness fo the graph goes even further, when it says it is from the "Crime Statistics Buerau of San Francisco." This shows that this graph had not only made up fake statistics, but a made up fake source as well, as thw "Crime Statistics Bureau of San Francisco"... is not real.

Now my proof this happened, I will use two articles to show this, sources:

So now let me elaborate on this: I do not know is Trump actually believed these stats to be true, if he knew this was false, then I believe we can agree, without a deep explanation, the racist aspect of that. However if he believed this to be true, then we can think critically to come to a conclusion.

If Donald Trump retweeted this, to him, there must be some significance to it, and his beliefs. He retweeted the graph, thnking there was some validity to this. I think we can agree, these rates are quite, disporportional, and more importantly fabricated for the purpose of smearing the image of the African American population as a whole. We can deduce through Trump's recognition of this, he knew the purpose of this was to smear the reputation of the black population in the U.S, and paint them in a light that shows them as barbarians, or criminals. So, he must have shared this view depsite the rates being completely off. However in case we still do not know if Trump understood this was made and used as a racist tool, to paint blacks as criminals, lets figure out the image. However, I can't post images right now, and I will explain the image, and will post it next round in order to prove my description.

The image next to the fake stats is an obviously black person, very likely to be male, holding a handgun sideways, his arm stretched, eluding to him/her pointing it at some one or thing.
They are wearing a balaclava and do-rag type hat, obscuring their face almost completely. He is wearing motorcycle pants, with attacthments that seem to be made to hold ammo or some explosives maybe. And army/winter/work boots.

From this, we can deduce, that this image of an obvious black "thug" made it extremely clear that Trump understood the purpose and message of this graph when he retweeted it, the message being black people are generally criminals, and barbarians/thugs.

To prove myself, let me say why the rates are incorrect. We know the rates are wrong beause firstly the source is fake, and secondly since it claims to be full stats for 2015, when in fact at the time 2015 was not finished yet. So, they are wrong, but lets look at some 2014 stats for extra validity.

An article by hot air shows that black murder victims are killed by blacks 90% of the time, while whites kill 84% of white murder victims. So the stats Trump retweeted were obviously false, and from these stats, we can see that people usually kill people who they live by. As blacks generally live by blacks, and whites generally live by whites. Source:

So this is an example of Donald Trump being overtly racist towards African Americans.

"Laziness is a trait in the blacks. ... Black guys counting my money! I hate it." Here- Donald Trump essentially says that by default, black people are lazy people, not willing to play their part in society. I feel I do not have to explain why and how this is racist against blacks. Granted I will say, we do not know if Trump actually did say this, an article explains that John R. Donnell said in a tell all book he heard Trump say this firsthand, although it is only a strong possibility.

At one point Donald trump also tweeted, "Our great African American President hasn't exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore!"
Notice the emphasis on African American, the clear meaning is that he is inferring that Obama would generally treat African Americans to a higher standard based on race, specific part of the quote in racist by intrepertation but it goes further.

Notice, his use of the word thug. He calls the black protesters thugs. However we all know as well as we can what caused the incident in Baltimore, militarization and racial inequality within the criminal justice system. I could get stats proving this racial inequality at the request of con. Yet he refrains from calling the police officers, who started this thugs, now personally I support the message of the protesters but defintiely not their methods in Baltimore, however notice the inconsistency when he calls the black protesters thugs, but not the officers who started the movement. We can see the meaning behind this, probably a mixture of ignorance and racism.

Debate Round No. 1


Before I begin responding to Con’s argument, I would like to make it clear that the Burden of Proof rests on Pro, as Pro is making the claim (Donald Trump is racist). This means, that it is Pro’s responsibility to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Trump has shown himself to be racist, in his campaign for president. If Pro fails to do so, I win the debate.

Let’s also review the resolution. It is: “During his campaign for president, Donald Trump has shown himself to be a racist.” Also, in the first round, I indicated that “only statements said or actions done, since he started running for president, can be considered for the debate.” Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign on June 16th, 2015. (1) However, two of Pro’s arguments came from actions by Trump before that date. One of them, was Trump stating that laziness is a traits in blacks. However, as Pro admitted, it is unknown whether Trump actually said that and Trump was first accused of saying that in 1991. (2) This argument can thus immediately be thrown out, as it is purely speculation (Pro has to prove Trump said it for it be considered valid) and it did not happen while Trump was campaigning for president. The other example Pro provided was Trump tweeting about the Baltimore riots. However, that was tweeted on April 27th, 2015, almost two months before Trump began campaigning for president. (3) Therefore, there is no need for me to respond to the argument for that quote.

Pro is now left with only one example to prove his point, the tweet about black murder rates. I agree with Pro that the tweeted murder rates were inaccurate. However, I will argue that the tweet does not prove that Trump is racist.

Pro makes a few assumptions, which are not necessarily true. For one, Pro indicates that if Trump knew the stats were false, that prove he is a racist. However, it could very well be for another reason. Trump’s goal is the presidency. This could very well be a ploy for attention in an attempt to attract attention, a calculated move. It’s pretty well known that part of Trump’s strategy has been to increase his publicity. Thus, we cannot make assumptions about Trump’s motives.

Also, Trump himself followed up on this tweet stating “I didn't tweet, I retweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert.” He follows this up by stating “Am I going to check every statistic? I get millions and millions of people @realdonaldtrump.” (4) So, according to Trump, he thought he was tweeting accurate statistics from an expert. Of course, this could be a lie, but there is no proof either way. However, if he is telling the truth, then there are many reasons he could tweet a statistic like that. It could be to show the evident problems in the African American community, showing that it needs to be addressed. Or it could simply be to spread awareness, seeing as a statistic (that Trump supposedly assumed was legitimate) has no agenda either way.

Now, the substance of Pro’s argument was the picture of a stereotypical black thug proves Trump shared this with racist intent. However, once again Pro is relying on an assumption. It clearly is a picture of a stereotypical black thug, but the inclusion in the picture does not prove Trump is racist. For one, Trump retweeting the photo could have simply been to show the statistic, the graphic did not even cross his mind. Pro claims that the message supported by the picture is that “black people are generally criminals, and barbarians/thugs.” Again, this is an assumption. It could simply be showing the types of blacks to commit murders like that, thugs. It does absolutely nothing to discredit the black population as a whole, only the ones part of the subculture which commits crime.

Overall, Pro has provided nothing to show that Trump is undoubtedly racist. He jumped to conclusions by making assumptions and provided no solid evidence that could prove beyond doubt that Trump was racist. Thus, he has objectively failed in his burden of proof.



"This could very well be a ploy for attention in an attempt to attract attention, a calculated move."

A. Obviously, if you are trying to prove a quality of some one, the only way to prove it without inference is a direct confession of that.

B. Trump, throughout his campaign, has shown himself to be good at one thing, saying what the republican base audience really wants to hear. Examples of this are that he says he will not cut social security, is against free trade, and wants to reform the tax code. So, what kind of publicity did Trump receive from this, really, he did get people to start re-tweeting this. However overall, this gave media a justified reason to call him out on racism, this did not get him positive publicity overall. There was no advantage to him doing this. When Trump does things considered politically incorrect, he gets the media to attack him on something that isn't substantive, this is what gets him positive publicity, not something substantive.

You have to make assumptions about Trump's motives, or else it would be impossible to debate this evenly without a concession.

"I didn't tweet, I re tweeted somebody that was supposedly an expert."

A. He was not supposedly an expert, he is openly a neo Nazi.

B.In his twitter bio, he says "...we should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little mustache." This is a clear reference to Adolf Hitler, and his admiration for him.

C.He also references a website,, this is pretty clearly racist.

"Am I going to check every statistic? I get millions and millions of people @realdonaldtrump."

A. Assuming he did gets millions of tweets, that means that he, out of those, chose the one with an obviously racist slant. Do to the image on the tweet, it was clearly racist.

B. The idea that Donald Trump thought this was true, does show him to be a racist, particularly due to the fact this came from a white nationalist. However, combined with the fact that this guy was openly a white supremacist and neo Nazi, as well as the obviously racist image and the fact that trump handpicked this obviously racist tweet out of millions and millions of statistical ones he supposedly receive, (it is only rational to assume some of those are from obviously credible sources) this is Donald Trump showing himself to be a racist.

"It could be to show the evident problems in the African American community, showing that it needs to be addressed."

A.If Trump assumed it was legitimate, then he would believe this is a serious problem, but based on the racist slant of the tweet, and that he chose this dubious one out of probably tens of millions (some of which have to be from obviously credible sources like the FBI) Trump either way tweeted this with racist intent. Also, even if Trump did not read his account at all, then it would still be apparent that he was a neo Nazi, as his account avatar is a modified swastika.

B. Trump is very vocal in his tweets, however, he provided no context to this tweet, he only re tweeted the image, it seems only rational that Trump would at least include a single sentence about him trying to spread awareness or signify a problem in the African American community if that was his actual intent.

C. Again, Trump claims to have gotten this from the twitter account SexyPatriots, however, that twitter account he claims to have gotten it from, does not exist.

"For one, Trump re tweeting the photo could have simply been to show the statistic, the graphic did not even cross his mind."

A.The graphic clearly shows a racist slant in the tweet.

B. The image takes up about half of the picture, it doesn't seem to make sense that Trump did not notice the graphic.

C. Let's say he noticed but did not care about it. In this case, Trump would have known noticed the racism within the picture. Yet he would have picked it out of tens of millions of options, understanding there is a racist slant. I don't see Trump understanding the racist slant yet believing it to be credible and then picking it out with millions of options to be logical.

"It does absolutely nothing to discredit the black population as a whole, only the ones part of the subculture who commits crime."

A. Considering it came from a neo Nazi, yes, it does discredit the black population as a whole.

B. The implication is that it is blacks who are committing murder, not whites, which does have a racist slant.

However, there is a reason that I do believe that Trump did know the statistics were false. The graph claims the stats were from 2015, however, 2015 was not over yet. This means the graph was obviously false. If Trump assumed the stats were for 2015 so far, then that does not really make sense. As then, almost anyone would have concluded the graph would say stats for 2015 so far, but it did not. If Trump knew the statistics were false, then he definitely understood the racist slant, which would obviously harness little to no positive publicity.

Okay, but if this was the only time Donald Trump has re tweeted open white supremacists, or people who align to a certain extant with white supremacists, then it could be looked over, however Donald Trump has often re tweeted white supremacists.

In the week of January 22nd, Donald Trump re tweeted 21 different accounts. Of these, 13 out of them follow more than one account that uses the #white genocide hashtag. White genocide is essentially a claim that in the west, there will be a genocide of whites to make them a minority. This hashtag is often used on twitter in order to justify racist claims against minorities.

Even more so, Trump, in that week, re tweeted 6 accounts who follow multiple of the top 50 white supremacists on twitter, which is a much more clear white supremacist connection. So, Trump is consistently choosing to amplify the words of white supremacists and their accounts.

More specifically, at one point, he re tweeted @WhiteGenocideTM, who consistently gives out racial slurs on his account and claims Adolf Hitler is the savior of humanity, WhiteGenocideTM He is an outright neo Nazi. Donald Trump consistently re tweets white supremacists and neo Nazis.

At a Trump rally in Memphis, Donald Trump gave press credentials to a White Supremacist radio show. This radio show has a long history of making racist comments including saying interracial marriage is nothing but white genocide, and even claims to be completely pro white. While Trump giving white supremacists press credentials and letting them get interviews is odd in itself, it is even more odd that Trump often denies many credible sources press credentials.

However, this could be seen as Trump not wanting to have to deal with anyone who may be against him at his rallies, however he did not just give press credentials to the white supremacist show, he gave them an interview.

Although to a certain extant this is up to interpretation, it does show Trump has a certain level or respect and acceptance for white supremacists at the least.

Overall, through Trump's consistent amplification and sometimes mostly support of white supremacist on social media, and the actions at his rallies including violence against many black protesters and giving press credentials to white supremacists but denying them to many others, he has shown himself to be a racist. Not that he is a racist person, but this almost definitely shows that Donald Trump has shown himself to be a racist in his presidential campaign.
Debate Round No. 2


SubjectiveReality forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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