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Dwyane Wade is better than LeBron James

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Started: 11/4/2010 Category: Sports
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I decided to start a debate on something different then what I would usually do. I've started a topic up for debate stating that Dwyane Wade is better than LeBron James. i will take affirmative position while anybody willing to take this challenge will be on the negative.


Dwyane Wade - Dwyane Wade is an nba (National Basketball Association) player and plays for the Miami Heat and has played for the Miami Heat his whole career.

Better - This is the first definition on thefreedictionary: 1. Greater in excellence or higher in quality. [1]

LeBron James - LeBron James is an nba (National Basketball Association) player who played his first seven years in the nba with the Cleveland Cavaliers and starting in the 2010-2011 season, began to play with the Miami Heat alongside Dwyane Wade.




LeBron James is the best player in the game today. He is the reigning NBA MVP and his statistics throughout his career are majority of them higher than Dwayne Wade's. Dwayne Wade has had 2 seasons (2006-2008) where he missed almost half the season due to injuries, which shows he is also injury prone.

LeBron James career point average, Assist Average, Rebound Average, lower turnover average
LeBron James does lose to Dwayne Wade in steals and blocks, but it is only by literally .1. Dwayne Wade's 2 injury seasons have inflated his stats to what it should actually be.

LeBron James is bigger, faster, and can literally play every position on the court, which he did in Cleveland. LeBron has never missed more than 10 games in any of his NBA seasons.

Check any player rankings from the 2k games to the yahoo fantasy list, LeBron James is always higher rated.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting this debate I will proceed by refuting my opponent and refuting their contentions.


My opponent has stated in the speech that a reason LeBron James is better than Dwyane Wade is because of better overall statistics; however, there are many reasons why this point does not help my opponent's case. Firstly, Dwyane Wade played significantly less than LeBron James throughout his career. Dwyane Wade's career minutes per game were 37.6 while LeBron's were 40.3. So to accurately see how many points they make, I calculated how many points each player made per minute. Wade is 0.68 while LeBron is 0.69, nearly identical. As you can see, both have about the same points per minute when it comes to career totals even though Wade would have to be pulled out in the middle of games when he would get minor injuries, which would lower his points per game. Also, as you can see, LeBron's more playing time is directly proportional to his inflated stats. These statistics were accumulated from my [1] and [2] sources.


Next, my opponent uses LeBron's reigning MVP status as a reason he is better than Wade, however, there are several flaws with their logic. Usually, "a panel of 127 sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada voted for this" [3], but now, I believe the public has a small say in it now. However, the point is that the award is biased and based on opinion. Also, if you use this MVP logic, than Steve Nash is as good as LeBron James (they both have 2 MVP trophies), Kobe Bryant is worse than Steve Nash (Kobe has 1 MVP while Nash has 2), and so on [4].

Player Rating:

First of all, your first source is for fantasy basketball, not the actual NBA, I hope you know the difference because that makes the source you've provided not help your case. Also, people that rate him higher than Wade are still basing this off of opinion not off of fact, thus that isn't reliable information.


Next, my opponent goes off into injury and LeBron being bigger and faster. However, my opponent doesn't realize that LeBron only does what he does because of that. If it wasn't for his inhuman body structure, his stats wouldn't be near what he gets, however, Wade with less of a physique is able to produce the same results and is able to bounce back from injuries, something LeBron hasn't experienced.

My Contentions:

Firstly, Dwyane Wade has a ring. Some will say, ‘well if you're going off that logic, than Derek Fisher is better than Chris Paul'. However, people don't seem to realize there is a difference between leading a team to a championship and being a small part in getting your team a championship. He was basically the team from Game 3 to Game 6. In Game 3, Wade had 42 points while no one on his team had more than 16. In Game 4, Wade had 36 while no one on his team had more than 17. In Game 5, Wade had 43 while no one on his team had more than 18. In Game 6, Wade had 36 while no one on his team had more than 17. Wade carried his team from a 0-2 deficit to a 4-2 finals win. [5] What did LeBron do however? Get swept by the Spurs in the finals. In the first game, LeBron had 14, in the second he had 25, in the third he had 25, and in the fourth he had 24. See the comparisons?

Next, we have the fact that Wade is doing better than LeBron so far while they are on the same team. Wade is doing better in points, rebounds, blocks, player efficiency rating, field goal percentage, 3-point percentage, and adjusted field goal percentage while playing nearly 2 minutes less then LeBron per game. [6]


Wade has shown he has the heart of a champion and doesn't choke when it matters most. LeBron may have been slightly more of a statistical powerhouse in Cleveland but that can be easily explained with minutes per game. Regardless though, who is regarded as the better player Michael Jordan or Wilt Chamberlain? Finally, Wade is proving to the world that he is still the dominate figure in Miami and is beating LeBron in almost every statistic even though he is playing with less minutes.




LeBron gets every statistic in the game more than Wade. My opponent has not refuted my point that LeBron James has better statistics than Dwayne Wade throughout his career so my point still stands. LeBron has averaged a significantly larger portion of rebound and assists than Dwayne Wade. LeBron James is regularly every year a leader in the league for triple doubles a feat which is hard to accomplish.

MVP is not biased it is a good view on how good a player played during this year. The measuring of MVP is very simple the best player on the best team usually wins the MVP award. The MVP award winner also must play a large role in how good his team actually is. Kobe does not win as many MVPs because his career has been blessed with so many All star caliber players that his role on that team is not that significant. Kobe changes an already playoff team to a championship team, but the point still stands that without Kobe the team can still manage a playoff record. LeBron James has led a team with relatively no superstars to the best league in the NBA year after year on his 2 MVP runs with significantly high numbers. Winning the MVP award shows the leadership ability of a player and Dwayne Wade has yet to win one.

Player Rating
Fantasy Basketball is a view on statistics, how are we supposed to rate players year after year? LeBron James each year is expected and always meet those expectations of acquiring better stats than Dwayne Wade. Stats translate into how well a player plays every year. What are the facts of which you speak of?

It does not matter if that is how LeBron is better than Dwayne Wade. Are we just going to downplay all of Magic Johnson's achievements just because he was bigger than every other player at his position? There are a lot of players in the NBA with the same physique as LeBron James well in regards to height and weight who do not put up the kind of numbers he puts up. LeBron James rarely ever gets injured. Dwayne Wade bounces back from injuries but i would rather have a player who does not get or rarely gets injured at all, instead of waiting for him to return year after year.

Dwayne Wade has a ring this is true. My opponent acts like there were no other players on that team that supported Dwayne Wade to get him to the playoffs. Dwayne Wade played when Shaquille O Neal still had some value left in his game. Shaquille O Neal was still seen as one of the league's top centers. Dwayne Wade did play exceptionally well during the playoffs because he had a good supporting cast. After losing his cast Dwayne Wade has failed to even propel his team past the 1st round of the playoffs. I claim that Dwayne Wade was only a champion because he had a cast that lightened the pressure on him during the playoffs.

LeBron James got swept because the Spurs were obviously the superior team. The Spurs were experienced had 3 all star players who were in their prime. Tim Duncan destroyed anybody who was playing him in the post, Tony Parker blasted through Damon Jones, and Manu Ginoboli just had to outplay whoever was playing Shooting guard. The team had Bruce Bowen and constantly double teamed LeBron James because without LeBron the offense just doesn't operate.

Contention to conclusion

What qualifies as heart of a champion? LeBron James never played with a dominant Center, it was the Lebron show every single year. Dwayne Wade has not proven that he can win without a player who can carry the load. Wade has failed to even go past the 1st round of the playoffs when having to lead a team offensively all by himself; something Lebron James has done throughout his entire career.

Dwayne Wade's ability to bounce back from injury does not mean he is a better player, in fact it means that his value as a player diminishes because you can't support your team when you are not playing. He has won a ring only because the 2006 Miami Heat had all-star center Shaquille O Neal. Wade has yet to prove to the league that he could transform the Miami Heat into a championship contender by himself. LeBron James has lead the offense of the Cavaliers his entire career playing every position on that team, he had to be the defender, the ball distributor, the rebounder, the main scorer, and he had to be perfect every single night. If doing all of that does still says that LeBron does not have the "heart of a champion" than I don't even know what having a heart of a champion means. LeBron has better stats and less injury prone, we are talking about who is "better" if LeBron has better stats than Dwayne Wade how in any logical reasoning is Dwayne Wade better?

Also you cannot judge how those two are playing compared to each other just on the bases of his year alone. The league has not even went to it's 10th game yet any statistics now are meaningless until half the season has been played. Monta Ellis right now is a MVP candidate...
Debate Round No. 2



My opponent seems to not be understanding my point. I just explained the reason for LeBron's inflated stats and went even further to show Dwyane Wade, if not more efficient, is as efficient as Dwyane Wade. So, since my opponent does not get my refutation, I will elaborate even further by listing each player's stats and do it per minute for their career totals:

Dwyane Wade:
Points – 0.68
Assists – 0.18
Rebounds – 0.13
Steals – 0.05
Blocks – 0.03

LeBron James:
Points – 0.69
Assists – 0.17
Rebounds – 0.17
Steals – 0.04
Blocks – 0.02

As you can see, Wade defeats LeBron in three of the main five statistical categories so you saying this "LeBron gets every statistic in the game more than Wade" is false and not true. Wade is more efficient than LeBron and is doing better than LeBron in statistics. Thus, you're point fails, and my refutation stands.


Yes, it is a biased award. Unless it's written down in legal papers or documented, it's all their opinion regardless of who the ‘best player on the best team is'. Next, you seem to be downgrading LeBron's Cavaliers team, and I'll tell you the truth, you are severely mistaken. Let me show you the similarities between Wade's and LeBron's teams in which I show the top scorers for each respective team from the 2009-2010 season:

Miami Heat [1]:
Michael Beasley – 14.8
Jermaine O'Neal – 13.6
Udonis Haslem – 9.9
Quentin Richardson – 8.9
Dorell Wright – 7.1

Cleveland Cavaliers [2]:
Antawn Jamison – 15.8
Mo Williams – 15.8
Shaquille O'Neal – 12.0
Sebastian Telfair – 9.8
Delonte West – 8.8

Each player on the Cavaliers outplayed their respective player on the Heat, so what makes you think LeBron didn't have a good supporting group? Also, how does the MVP award show leadership when LeBron can't even lead his team to a championship and even further, being the ‘best player on the best team' does not necessarily show leadership.

Player Rating:

Fantasy Basketball is a way of drafting current NBA players and playing with your friends with the players you had drafted. The way you win the game is by winning the majority of nine different categories that each player contributes to. Basically, the way they rate players in Fantasy Basketball are the players that do the best with all nine categories. These categories go beyond scoring but also things like total wins, which LeBron's Cavaliers team last year dominated in. As you can see, Fantasy Basketball isn't a real measure of a player's greatness, just something used to help a person win in the environment of Fantasy Basketball. Also, stats aren't everything, they are things like rings, being clutch, and other factors, but regardless, I've already proved Wade has better stats.


First of all, like I said, Wade has better stats, so even though LeBron has a bigger and strong body, Wade is still able to produce better results. Also, different players get injured in different ways. One day, one player could get bashed in the knee by a big man's elbow while someone else get hit in the stomach by someone's hand. As you can see there are so many varying factors that you can't use this as an accurate measure of a player's greatness.


My opponent's following statements were quite absurd. He tries to make some sort of logic that because Wade had a good supporting cast, Wade therefore got better in some weird way. However, my opponent doesn't realize that Shaq only had 13.7 points per game for the finals while Wade lead the team in points each game for the finals. Next, my opponent tries to say the spurs were the superior team, that's why they beat the Cavs in 07. The funny thing is, though, is that during the regular season, Miami got beaten by the Mavericks twice [3] and were down two in the finals. Would you not agree that the Mavericks were the superior team at that point? Wade realized he wouldn't have to play normally to beat this team so that's why he did beyond amazing in the last four games while LeBron didn't change anything to his game, he just watched while his team lost.

Heart of a Champion:

What qualifies a heart of champion you ask? Simple, someone who is able to single handedly carry their team to a finals win despite the disadvantages. Also, like I've already proved, LeBron has had great supporting casts, so your last statement is false.


Firstly, I've already disproved my opponent's injury theory. Second, I already provided the facts for why Shaq's role in the finals was nowhere near what Wade did. Third, I've stated in my speech that my opponent downplaying LeBron's team was unjustified and false. To continue, I've already elaborated on the heart of a champion. Next my opponent says "if LeBron has better stats than Dwayne Wade how in any logical reasoning is Dwayne Wade better?" Well, I've already proved that Wade has better stats and stated there are more factors than this, but based on your logic, you've just set yourself up for losing this debate. If stats decide everything, and I've proved Wade has better stats, than Wade is better. Finally, my opponent says we have to wait until the middle of the season, but the resolution clearly states present time and everything that happened up until now. Nowhere does it imply sometime in the future. Thus, we need to go off the facts we already have, and Wade is doing better than LeBron. The Monta Ellis statement doesn't make sense because you have take into account his whole career. So to conclude, I've thoroughly refuted my opponent and supported my contentions to prove Wade truly is the better player over LeBron.




sllewuy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheLaw 6 years ago
I could do that, now that I look at it, I don't really like the format either, so I'll just leave it as loose disucussion as you said.
Posted by Danielle 6 years ago
I'd take this, except I don't like the formality of the structure. I don't do formal debates so I'd prefer loose discussion and debating of the facts, period. If nobody accepts this I might, though.
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