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E-Readers are better than Computers

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Started: 5/22/2012 Category: Technology
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a debate about which electronic device is better in general (Is more useful, can do more, has more power, etc) First round acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


On to my case.

Computers have much more storage space, and can store over one terabyte of data. Most E-Readers only have four or so gigabytes of space.

Computers can have bigger screen sizes. The laptop i am typing on now has a 19 inch screen, while most E-Readers only have screens about 6 inches long.

Computers have more processing power. My laptop has about 4 gigs of ram, and a fairly good graphics card. This is far better than most E-Readers.

Laptops can be portable. Some laptops and netbooks are small enough to be transported with ease.

I await your rebuttles.


My laptop:


I thank my con for partcipating in this debate. Theese are some of the advantages for e readers.


They have more battery time than other computers.

E readers are easir to use, if you want to quickly check your email, you can just use it quickly instead of turmimg on the whole computer.

It is easier for listening to music and to carry around.

NO VIRUSES , which is a very important deal
Debate Round No. 2


Advantages of E-readers:
1. They have a longer battery life because they use less processing power. Lets be honest, which are you more likely to use in long bursts? An e-reader or a computer? Therefore, the battery life is irrelevant.

2. It is easier to use because it is made to do very simple tasks. Do you think that you would trade a variety of programs on a PC to save a few extra seconds?

3. Again, this shows that an e-reader is good for a very specific thing. Also, as for the claim about portability, I have already addressed that in my last round.

4. The reason that no viruses exist on E-Readers is because you can not download nearly as many programs, and the ones available for download are verified by the developer.

Pro has not attacked any part of my case.


1. It does not matter about the proccecing power, ofcourse the computer is going to have more.

2. the e reader can do a variety of different things not only simple task. It can search the web, jot notes, games, the huge variety of different apps, paint, netflix movies, music, ect.

3. like stated in #2 there is variety of things to do.

4. actually you are wrong the e reader can dowload many programs, android market, amazon app, ect

Another advantage is there are no annoying pop ups. Once your computer is hit with a virus, it is technically done the internet will not work, it will not turn on or off properly ect. Also when there is no internet connection, the computer can be extremly boring. I know a few people understand what I mean. Although it still has paint and boring games, tell me the last time you really use theese functions.A e reader without connection can, play games, read a real magazine, draw, wacth a recorded movie or tv show, and many more.
Debate Round No. 3


1. It does matter, since this is a debate about which is generally better. Point conceded.

2." It can search the web, jot notes, games, the huge variety of different apps, paint, netflix movies, music, ect."
A computer can do all that, with the ability to, say, play a game like Knights of the Old Republic. The fact is that in raw stats, PC wins. Everything an E-reader does a PC does better because of a bigger screen, a better sound system, and a real keyboard.

3. Same as above.

4. My original statement was "The reason that no viruses exist on E-Readers is because you can not download nearly as many programs, and the ones available for download are verified by the developer." Can you download a music studio, video editor, or even more than a few movies? Another point is that the PC has an immensely bigger hard drive. This means that i can go to amazon, buy a movie and a game, download them, then play them without an internet connection. The fact is that an E-Reader cannot handle more than an Angry Birds-like game.

5. There are safeguards to prevent this. I can buy an antivirus program, or even download a free one. This helps block most viruses. Also, if you do not download anything you don't know about, you will not get a virus. Even if you start the download, an antivirus program will usually stop the file.

6."Although it still has paint and boring games, tell me the last time you really use theese functions"

Boring games? There are millions of games that i can download and play offline. Let me name a few i have: Deus Ex, Deus Ex:Human Revolution, Starfarer, Mount and Blade: Warband, Rome: Total War, and Minesweeper.

"A e reader without connection can, play games

Most games on the android app store are extremely similar and repetitive.

"read a real magazine,

You can read a magazine in about ten minutes.


With an unprecise tool

"wacth a recorded movie or tv show, and many more."

You would only have space for about two or three movies on a two gig hard drive.


1. It actually does matter. Point cancelled.

2. I know a computer can do all this but the e reader as I stated is more time and space, efficient. A pc has to take a year to download a game, and the last time I checked, the pc, could not play angry birds, which is the best selling game for two consecutive years. Like I stated you can download android market, which has over millions of game choices for free. Some of the games on the pc is not free, or you have to be a member of some website.

3. Same.

4. The e reader can download music studio, video editor, and millions of movies. The e reader has different memory spaces, 16 gig, 32, gig, ect. A movie is not even 1,000 megabytes, which for me is plenty of movies.

5. Buy.. do I look like I want to buy a safe guard to protect my computer. Computer vary in prices from 350 to 1400, which to me is very ridiculous. Why would I want to spend all this money then buy a safeguard when all I have to do is buy a e reader, which saves 100's of dollars. There is no viruses which can attack you computer when you want to play a simple online game. Point conceded.

6. I can play all those games and more on my e reader,which takes less then 2 mins to download, all the the palm of my hand.

When your walking across the street, or even in Starbucks, most people have a e reader handheld while few have computers. Point conceded
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Dejackarse 5 years ago
Not to mention there's a good dozens of nock-offs of the Angry Birds style game on pc:
-All Rabbits Must Die
-Crush the Castle 2
-Old Cannon
-Cannibal Casserole
-Angry Animals
-Siege Hero
-Pudding Strike
-Angry Alien
-Angry Mario
-Birds 'n' Blocks
To list a couple of them xD
Posted by Shawnewise 5 years ago
Yaeh i doubt it
Posted by bossyburrito 5 years ago
Pc's have angry birds.
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