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E-books V's Printed books

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Started: 5/28/2015 Category: Society
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E-books v's Printed books
I'm doing a debate at my school and I require some practice


I hope you do well in your schooling :)


Printed books are more personal. (If you own the book, because damaging someone else's property is wrong) you can dog ear the book, underline words, hell you could rip the front cover off, you should be able to enjoy the book the way you want, as you're the one reading it. If you're reading ebooks off a website and something happens and either your account or the app gets deleted, you would lose all your books. But if you were to lose a printed book, you would only be losing one. Also you don't need to be caring charges and what not everywhere for printed books, plus we all need time off from a screen every once in a while.
Debate Round No. 1


Although you are right, you are missing something's . When you have an E-book you can underline and un underline in case you had a mistake you can even take notes and save them instead on writing on the book permanently, an other great thing is that you can have more than 40 books in one little device or in many, also caring chargers is lighter than caring books. An other thing is if you are waiting for... Whatever you can take your phone/tablet and read meanwhile you wait, also an other great thing about E-books is that if you finish a book you don't have to wait to go to the book store to buy a new one you can get a new one immediately, plus it's cheaper and you don't cut hundreds of trees for an E-book.


Well you have a very good point with the underlining and saving. It is also true you can have 40+ books, but what happens when that device gets broken/lost/stolen? It's true a book can be stolen, but I doubt someone would steal that many books. Also, what if you can't plug your charger in whether you are? Plus while I agree it is easier with E-books to get a new book, going to the library is a nice excuse to get out and about. Plus I find the satisfaction of turning the last page of a fantastic novel seems more of an achievement than swiping a page.

Now, this may not matter to you, but for some, a bookcase full of awesome books can really lighten up a room. Books, all types of books, look amazing on the shelf. Some of those covers are amazing and make you want to uncover the treasures within. An electronic device however, not by much.

Also, I don't know about you, but I find reading a book while relaxing in the bath is amazing (as do many other people, I find). Personally, I would be scared to read an ebook in the bath, plus if there's any steam it would fog up the screen. Also if you dropped it in the water, I think the consequences of dropping an e-book is greater. We could say "just don't read in the bath" but for some busy bookworms, this is the only time they can really sit down and read.

Also, for some readers, a magical moment is getting your books signed. You can't get an e-book signed.

BUT I do agree about the cutting hundreds of trees part. That sucks and I can see where e-books are Superior in that aspect.
Debate Round No. 2


If your device gets lost/stolen you can pas it to an other device using I cloud, and with the technology these days you can find a place to plug your charger almost everywhere.

Also reading a book meanwhile you take a bath it can easily fall into the water and is not always repairable.

One of the big benefits with an eBook is a clickable TOC. It makes it really easy when reading an academic or textbook to be able to quickly go to the exact page that you want, with minimal fuss.

An other great thing is the X-Ray, which gives you a comprehensive list of all the major and minor characters in any given book. It also tells you about the locations, objects and how many times they are referrences throughout the book. No longer will readers be confused on a book they are reading, because they can easily access a small biography.

Also When reading fiction or non-fiction title, inevitability you will be unsure on the exact meaning of a word. It might be something you never heard before, or may use idioms from another country. Many of the top e-readers by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo all have dictionaries pre-loaded on their devices, with the options to download additional ones, for free. If you buy an English Kindle, but want to load in a German dictionary, no problem. Oh, you can also get diverted to Wikipedia and Google to look up a specific word too!

The social stigma of reading trashy romance, fantasy have been firmly removed with the advantage of portable e-readers. Not advertising what you are reading allows you to immerse yourself in a book you love, without attracting too much attention.


Aussiewhitegirl forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Aussiewhitegirl 3 years ago
Sorry my internet's been in an out for the last couple of days and it was just a pain trying to write a reply. Either way you're pretty good!
Posted by Aussiewhitegirl 3 years ago
Ok I just realized I accidentally made the same argument twice. Whoops.
Posted by gametimer 3 years ago
Printed books. You can carry them anywhere. However e-books dissapear when your phone or electronic device.
Posted by Benson1 3 years ago
This is hard for me to choose. I recently just bought my first e-book, I really like it, and I feel I get more reading done because I dont have to think way ahead and pack a book everywhere I go for just in case. It's all just on my phone and I can read whenever and wherever. But it doesn't look good on a shelf, I can't walk by the book on my shelf and instantly have the thoughts and feelings rush back to me from when I was reading any of those titles.
Posted by blackkid 3 years ago
I'd crush you. :p

This is easy due to torrenting problems.
Posted by TBR 3 years ago
I will take it too.
Posted by Pandi 3 years ago
Yes. I will be defending e-books
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
I'd accept. You're for electronic books, yes?
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