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E-books are better than paper books

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Started: 9/2/2013 Category: Technology
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EBooks. A form of electronic books, used for reading, work and leisure. The were invented by Michael Hart in 1971 and are now used extensively around the world.
E-books are environmentally friendly.
Each time you decide to buy an e-book instead of buying a brand new book, you"re stopping 3 kg of carbon emission.
It takes energy to produce and distribute paper books. Shipping cases of books around the country (and even internationally) uses up a lot of fuel. Storing the books in climate controlled warehouses also burns up energy. Even just printing them requires equipment that sucks down electricity, and the main component of books, paper, is also rough on the environment.
Compare this to the tiny bits of electricity need to send an e-book across a network to your electronic device , and it"s easy to believe that e-books are better for the environment than printed books."
As the world advances, so should we.
For example, when computers were introduced into our society, people were reluctant to use this unfamiliar piece of technology, as they weren"t sure how computers would affect the future. Now, computers are a great asset in our communities and help with our everyday life. Without computers, researching and creating this speech would be a whole lot harder.
This is the same with e-books. We are reluctant to leave the old ways behind, yet if we do, our lives will be enriched and new opportunities will open up. We need to keep up with the times, and change our society for the better
Furthermore, as our technology advances, so does the quality of e-books.
E-books will become more reliable, convenient, and smarter, making our reading experience better.
For example, an issue was brought up about the strain of eBooks light on eyes. As people voiced their opinions, eBook companies stressed to try and address this problem. As an result, eBooks were created that do not create strain on the eyes.
eBooks are also up to date.
An old encyclopaedia, newspaper or atlas can also be out of date and can hold misleading information. In some cases, books can be out of date just days after they are printed, as our world rapidly changes. eBooks are easily updated and contain recent information that is easily passed on through the internet.
My final and last point is that eBooks encourage children to read.
Children belong in an age of technology. It is easy to get them to read a book on a new kindle than an old printed book. Using an eBook instead of a book to read does not hinder their learning in any way, and encourages them to spend more time reading.

Thankyou for debating with me...
I would like to mention that I am 12 years old and that I made this without any help from my parents!


I would like to thank my oppnent for creating this short debate.

Why Paper books are better than E-Books

1. Cheap second hand

The other day, I went into a second hand store in my home town and bought 5 Clive Cussler novels, 2 used and 3 unused, for $2.50. That cannot be done with e-books. E-books are expensive and you cannot get cheap second hand copies like that. [1]

2. Cannot hack

Once a book is printed, it is final. The ink is on the paper. It cannot be rewritten. That is why in history we have seen famous book burnings. The Nazis realized the danger that paper books posed them and thus organized mass book burning of anti-fascist writings. The Papacy during the Protestant reformation acted in a similar manner (they also burned people).

With the advent of the information age, it is much easier to control the masses through misinformation and control information. The propagation of the E-book, the information can be hacked, to be more sympathetic to an entities ideals. [2]

3. Do not run out of batteries

On a long trip, you do not need to worry about the battery life of your paper book, it will never run out. Just as you reach the climax of a great narrative, you will be able to turn the next page and not have to run to the nearest charger and find an uncomfortable position to finish the story. A paper book is always ready. [3]

4. Recyclable

Paper books are environmentally friendly as they can be recycled and are biodegradable. Once an e-book reading platform is finished it is put in landfill and stays there for thousands of years. They also use way more environmentally hazardous materials in their making and burn more fossil fuels to make than simpler paper and ink books. [4]

5. Lendable without legislation

Physical books do not have any legal restrictions when it comes to using them. According to Amazon’s website, there are certain rules regarding lending out e-books. The publisher chooses which titles to make eligible for lending and the books may only be loaned once for a period of 14 days. On the other hand, I can lend anyone a paper book and you can lend me one and, ‘woopty-doo’, no strings attached and no laws broken. [5]






You wrote very well for a 12 year old. I would have prefered the debate to be longer, but nice short one is good for a change. :) Good luck in future debates.

Vote Con!

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Posted by mikicat10 5 years ago
Yeah, but my debate was a speech I wrote when I was 12
Posted by ellenlyoo 5 years ago
didn't you say you were 14 years old in the one that you competed with me(children are too restricted)??
Posted by RoyLatham 5 years ago
If you don't want rebuttal, make a forum post. Debates are for debating.
Posted by mikicat10 5 years ago
Posted by secret_strategem 5 years ago
Its alright, I wont rebut. To be fair.
Posted by mikicat10 5 years ago
I have no idea, but I suppose you can!
Posted by secret_strategem 5 years ago
Am I allowed to rebut?
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Reasons for voting decision: One round debates are lame. There should be at least three rounds to have a back-and-forth discussion. Pro made five claims as to why e-books were better than paper books. Con made five of his own claims, but didn't address any of Pro's. Con's "recyclable" claim was actually not an advantage over ebooks, but a mitigation of the environmental disadvantage. A one-round debate usually goes to Con, because Con attacks all the affirmative claims and there is no round to rebut them. This debate is odd, because all of Con's claims were left standing. It's left to the reader to decide which claims were better. Con's issues seem secondary to me. Pro didn't leave a space after paragraphs and failed to provide headings and numbers for claims, losing S&G. Since nothing was contested, sources are irrelevant.