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EUTHANASIA not be legal

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Started: 10/31/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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You say that people must die but you are wrong. God is death and god is life. He decies. Euthanasia dose not help for the diseases for today!!!. May it be cancer for the old, they should live to see the world to the end


Hi, thank for giving me the chance to debate this topic with you

First off, Euthanizing someone is not meant to help their disease, as you say it does not. What is meant to do is end their suffering so they may pass peacefully, instead of in crippling agony. Also, you contradict your point by stating “you say people must die but you are wrong. God is death”. You are stating that people do not have to die, but then that God is death, and kills people.

Additionally, you state that people should have to live to see the end, but the end of what? Certainly not the world, that will likely not happen in their lifetime anyways, and that death would be much worse than a quick and painless one. Could you mean the end of their life? Because if so, the end of their life should not be when they succumb to a terminal disease, but when they feel that they can endure no more pain. Many patients with terminal diseases are already on powerful painkillers, and for those who would consider euthanasia, these painkillers clearly are not enough. Tell me this: Who in their right mind would want to suffer through years and years of pain, for no reason, knowing that the only end to it would be their own death? I am not saying that anyone diagnosed with a disease with a low survival rate should get euthanized, but that those who simply cannot take the effects of their disease anymore should have access to this tool.
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