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Early Childhood Education

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Started: 3/18/2012 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You may have a child or hear about a child from a friend who is around three years old and is described as behaving badly. Some children act out and may be in need for a different environment apart from the home. When thinking about a place to put the child a daycare may come to mind, however a smarter option is a preschool program.While early childhood education is not mandatory, it is very beneficial to children. Preschool, such as a Head start Program, provides a child with early socialization skills along with an educational framework. This program also exposes the child to be observed by professionals who may see developmental problems that leads to early intervention; i.e finding the appropriate help for the child.
A child is exposed to a classroom environment where through the interaction with two teachers and other children, they are taught early socialization. Children interacting with other children enhances their interaction skills and creates formative environment where children can learn how to behave and express themselves. Being in a classroom setting tackles separation anxiety a child may feel being apart from their parent(s) and home. Children who participate in a Head Start deal with this better because they have been exposed early on to being away from their parents. This makes the transition to kindergarten easier for the child.
Children are introduced to a educational framework through the curriculum Head Start utilizes, which is the Creative Curriculum. The Creative Curriculum is based around the child's interests and responses to teacher planned lessons. This curriculum tends to focus needs towards children who are dual language learners as well as children with disabilities. Children exposed to this curriculum benefit from a planned day with lessons that are geared towards a region of developing basic skills children will need.
The Head Start program is also geared to providing aid to children who may be found with developmental problems. Speech evaluations are conducted after a teacher puts in a request once observing the problem within class. Children are also evaluated for IEP's, Individual Education Plan's where special education may be necessary to progress a child who may have problems developing. Special Education Itinerant Teacher's or SEIT's, may be assigned to children who require cognitive development, socialization skills, or other services. This teacher travels to the student and spends a set amount of hours acting as the child's individual teacher. Early educational programs are especially important in this area because they catch problems early with the child and provide the resources to providing services as soon as a child is found in need of them.
These three examples are only a few of the various reasons for how early childhood education is beneficial to a child. A program such as Head Starts provides a child with an early edge to their educational growth, and social development.


I first want to thank my opponent for being accommodating concerning the time to post.
I understand that my opponent is advocating Early Childhood Education because:
“While early childhood education is not mandatory, it is very beneficial to children”

My con position is therefore to prove that early childhood education is not beneficial to children. I do not have to prove that it is harmful, just that it is not beneficial. My argument is based on both short and long term effects of early education.

Her main arguments in favor or Early Education are:
  • To correct bad behavior of small children
  • To replace day care
  • Early socialization
  • Educational framework
  • Detection of developmental issues
  • Reduction of separation anxiety
  • Learning a second language

She presents as a main example the Head Start Program.

My rebuttals are:
  • To correct bad behavior of small children (short and long term effects): Small children’s behavior in early infancy respond to the education received at home. Children would benefit more from properly implemented parent/guardian training programs.
  • To replace day care (short term): Preschools only partially replace day care for working parents. Preschools only serve children from 3 to 4 hours a day, while a parents requires day care for more hours a day.
  • Early socialization (short term): can be achieved by day care, and by other group activities such as mother’s circles and church groups, without the expense.
  • Educational framework (short and long term): studies have shown that small children benefit from child-initiated learning experience (non-formal environment), that is, self-initiated exploration and experimentation. Each child has its own early development calendar and forcing them into educational environments could cause children to become under achievers. For average and below average children, the benefits of early education mostly fade by 1st grade, for brighter children, by the time children reach first grade, they are bored with the academic setting because they were introduced too early into it.
  • Detection of developmental issue (short and long term): going back to point one, well trained parents, together with the pediatrician should detect developmental issues to be corrected with early stimulation. This, however, does not negate the lack of benefits of early education for the majority of normal children.
  • Reduction of separation anxiety (short term and long term): Separation anxiety will happen in a child whether he is a 2 year old or a 6 year old. What could happen is an increased risk of parental detachment.
  • Learning a second language (short term): Again, this is not a benefit applicable to children in general, but only to a minority of children, for whom targeted resources could be invested.
  • One harmful side effect of early education that is never discussed is the fact that small children in pre-schools get sick more often because they can be in contact with sick children, they put in their mouth toys from sick children in the class, or play or sit too close to them.
Debate Round No. 1


Jumpthethird forfeited this round.


I think that both debaters have presented enough information for voters to make a decision about this debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Jumpthethird 6 years ago
Anayansi I can totally change the time, actually I will now. :)
Posted by PeterO 6 years ago
Yes, please, someone take this debate.
I would like to hear argument from both sides, but have never heard a coherent argument from the Con side. Don't know enough about the subject to decide whether to embrace the Pro side or not. And Pro seems to approach her argument in an organized, informed and mature manner.
Here locally, southern Maine, we are wrestling with just this very issue. New pre-K program, State mandated, no funding except State receives Fed money for administration & oversight but required program must be funded from local resources. (what a surprise!). Yes, Head Start is in the mix as well as other organizations - private non-profit.

If this is a valuable & worthwhile program, should be promoted & supported & developed further. But if it turns out to be similar to most government programs, should be scrapped immediately.
At this point, I would be open to either champion an effective program, or to lead effort to chop it down like a rotten tree. I look forward to a god debate,
Posted by Anayansi 6 years ago
I would be willing to take the debate but 12 hours per round is too little time. 24 hours is the minimum time that I can take, because I work. It will be interesting for whoever takes it.
Posted by Anayansi 6 years ago
Actually the Pro is very specific about the early education program she suggests, which is the Head Start program.
Posted by TheDiabolicDebater 6 years ago
So what exactly is being debated? Would the con argue that early childhood education is not beneficial?
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