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Earthbound/Mother 2 (pro)VS. Undertale(con)

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Started: 2/26/2016 Category: Games
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Earthbound was an RPG created by Nintendo released in 1995 for the SNES. It is a great game, with lots of personality and is far better than Undertale, which plays on fumigation tropes in a different way.


Debate Round No. 1


I did say that, in fact. Earthbound has a unique, undefinable idea of beauty, and a deep personality. Having played through both games, including all three Undertale runs, the depth of Earthbound makes it the better in my eyes. Not just the moral questions of finding a real home (represented by mothers or motherly figures), but also in depth of gameplay. Earthbound shows it was a triple-a title with the among of work put in it (demonstrated by the non-story NPCs, the much longer and more fleshed out game, etc.), and a more strategy based and less trial and error based battle system. I would say that Undertale has more depth in NPCs, but I when it comes to depth of playable characters, to quote Charlie Brow in his Halloween special,

"I got a rock."

Undertales' depth flaws are probably due to the fact that it is an indie game, but flaws and shortcomings are flaws and shortcomings.

I would like to know, which is the better main antagonist. The evil in Ness which translates into his nightmare and then Giygad, the ultimate evil, or the evil in the heart of the player and Frisk, which brings back Chara?


Undertale goes more in depth than you could ever imagine. From the characters, and all of their internal struggles, to the story behind it, Undertale takes it up a notch when it comes to games.

Basically if you don't know, you play as a character named Frisk. Your goal is to get back to the surface world. Along th way you meet along of characters that are unique in their own fun ways. From Toriel to Papyrus to Undyne, each character brings a different layer to the depth of the game. In the game, you have three options: the Pacifist,Genocide, and the neutral run. They sound exactly as they are.

The game itself has a mixture of moods depending on the run. The Pacifist feels calm and safe most of the time. The genocide feels wicked and twisted. The neutral has mixed feelings, depending on who you kill.

The characters are very well made, all of which seem to have a full personality behind the scenes. It gives the game more depth and let's you begin to feel like you're actually with them.

Fandom: This game has sparked an entire growing fandom, which numbers in the millions, and is still growing. There has to be a reason why so many people like it, right?

Deeper meaning:
The creator, Toby Fox, does an amazing job of hiding deeper meanings throuughout the game. In these videos, you'll be able to see them clearly.

I will explain more next round about this.

(A little side note, you should go watch Game Theory's theory about Undertale. It connects it to Earthbound. This isn't part of the argument, just wanted to tell you in case you wanted to watch something interesting.)
Debate Round No. 2


I already knew quite literally everything you just said, including watching the videos you referred me to, and having played through both games. Thank you for the rundown of what Undertale is, but how does this make it better than Earthbound, which has incredible atmosphere, better than Undertale, more material, more adventure, and a powerful message about growing up, while fighting hippies and piles of puke. And also, have you played through both games to make the comparison? I have.


No, while I personally have not played both games, I've watch play throughs of them on youtube, so I know the basic idea of them. I will now explain more in depth about how Undertale is better than Earthbound.


The videos explain more about the main characters, so i'll leave them out of it this time. But Undertale takes it a step farther than Earthbound by not just giving just the main characters emotions and personality, but the standard enemies you normally fight as well. From muscleman Aaron to the first enemy you fight: Froggit, each one has their own beliefs, fears, traits, etc. This makes the game much more in depth in relation to characters.


Undertale gives you many choices throughout the game. The choices are so crucial, they can even effect future play throughs of the game. You can choose to be the Messiah of the monsters that helps them accomplish their lifelong goal of breaking through the barrier that keeps them sealed away, or the one that takes that dream away by killing all of them. As shown in the videos of my previous debate, each endings give you a secret lesson that, if you learn it, you can take it by heart and keep it with you. That's some things you don't find in a lot of games.

That's my side. This has been a fun debate, and I hope to do something like it in the future.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Galacticat 1 year ago
Well... I mean there isn't much of a source for these arguments.

The people who vote are just going to be people who prefer the other game. The arguments could be summed up as "well I like this." and the comeback being "well that's not as good as this".
Which is why it'd be better as a poll question or an opinion question.
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