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Eastern Front: 1941

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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This should be impossible to accept, PM me if you want to do this,or comment in the comment section.
Alright! Since this is a new type of war debate I'll explain this a little. We'll go all the way back to 1941, when the outcome of of the war seemed to be in Axis's favor. The time will be in June 15, 1941; Few days before the operation. You'll be Nazi Germany and all the European axis, and I'll be USSR and soon Great Britain(USSR was officially neutral). US will join the war in December 1941, when the Pearl Harbor occurred. But for US to declare the war on Nazi Germany, you would have to declare war on US first. Be smart.
I"ll be USSR
USSR: 1941
Active Personnel: 2,800,000 (Estimation)
Tank: 21,000 (?) Estimation
Aircraft: 7,133
Black Sea Fleet
Based at Nicolaiev, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Poti and Batum the Black Sea Fleet consisted in 1941 of:
1 battleship
6 cruisers
18 destroyers
44 submarines
84 motor torpedo-boats
18 minesweepers
56 escort, patrol and river craft
Baltic Fleet
The Baltic Fleet assisted in the defence of Leningrad. It operated 1941 from bases and dockyards at Kronstadt, Tallinn and Libau and comprised:
2 battleships
4 cruisers
30 destroyers and torpedo-boats
69 submarines
48 motor torpedo-boats
113 minesweepers
86 escort, patrol and river craft
50 armoured motor gunboats
Arctic Fleet
The Arctic Fleet"s operations included the reception of Allied convoys and interception of German coastal traffic from Norway. Based at Polyarnyy and Archangel, in 1941 the Arctic Fleet composed:
11 destroyers and torpedo-boats
15 submarines
2 motor torpedo-boats
3 minesweepers
120 escort, patrol and river craft

European Axis:
Germany: 3,000,000 Military personnel (?)
Tanks: 19 panzer division: 3,800 tanks.
7000 artilleries.
2500 Aircrafts.
Romania: 686,258 troops (?)
Hungary: 195,000
Croatia: 114,000
Serbia: 15,000
Italy: 225,000
60 U-boats.

Rules: (Rules here a heavily modified to suit the time)

You, the Germans, can NOT free Jews. Period. (You"re suppose to be anti-Semitic)
No atomic bomb, no cyber warfare, no electronic warfare.
Economic sanctions are allowed.
Historical neutral countries (Turkey, Switzerland) cannot join the war unless one of us provoked them.
Follow your ideology (Aryan race is the best. etc)
No trolling, cursing, etc.
Partisans ARE allowed.
Be as much as logical and detailed as possible.
Your goal is to conquer all the area WEST of Ural Mountain, though you"re allowed to go east.
You"re allowed to use ANY chemical weapons, given the period at the times when Germans ignored 99% of the Geneva and Hague convention. However, keep in mind that I could also use chemical weapons. I will use mine after you deployed yours.
Religion can play a factor in terms of morale, but only that.
You cannot increase your country"s population/
Total War are allowed to be declared as long you have a valid reasons.
You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.
Moderator"s primary in this debate is to make sure that all rules are followed and must determine whether one"s move is valid or realistic.
Defender makes the first move; The war will start in Round 2. First round, you can either accept or add more numbers...


Thank You for letting me do this war debate. I'd like my opponent to know that Adolf Hitler is a ruthless dictator that will stop at nothing from bringing Germany to victory. He will enslave as much people as he can in Europe. The concentration camps will also have orders to build German tanks and weapons, but ultimately as the rules say they will die.
Debate Round No. 1


June 15th, 1941
Stalin, after some consideration, changed his mind and began to prepare for the defence of Mother Russia. (As most of you know, intelligence had been warning Stalin about the invasion for a long time.)


Several defence lines had been hastily constructed. With not enough time, the central plan is:
4 defence lines will be constructed. The 1st defence will be on the borders; Its role is to delay the advance of the Axis as much as possible. The 2nd defence line will be slightly stronger than 1st defence line, their role is also to delay the attack. 3rd lines will be a static defence lines; They'll defend Moscow, Leningrad, and Stalingrad. The 4th defence line, just in case 3rd line is breached, will also defend the 3 cities.

In total, the estimated time for the completion of last 2 lines are about 2 months. Given the geography, this should be sufficient time.

Reserves are also being steadily called up, beginning to outnumber the Axis. My reserves were 200 divisions, which is about 10,000,000 (Britannica reported that the Soviet brought up 200 division by August; One division has at least 50,000 soldiers. You do the math)
Pavlov is sent to defend the Northern front (Leningrad) with 900,000 soldiers. Mikhail Kirponos is sent to defend the Caucasian front (Stalingrad and Kiev) with 900,000. Zhukov is ordered to defend the Central Front (Moscow) with one million man. Most the obsolete aircrafts became a roadblock (With valuable fuel removed of course) and they're disabled to render them unusable.
Factories near the defence lines are moved to east of Ural Mountain. Other factories began to mass produce T-34s (Earliest version) and KV-1s. Anti-aircrafts gun are hidden around the densely covered area, intending to shoot down the Luftwaffe without being seen.
Scorched Earth Policy:
Most of the factories are in the process of being moved to the east of Ural Mountain. Dynamites are placed in every single bridges to slow down the advance. They're also placed on railroads and airfield.

NKVD slowed down the killing people and sent all its prisoners to Siberia. They also left some of its German speaking agent behind for intelligence purposes.

Loyal communists are organized into several partisans group with basic training of dynamite, guns, and radio operation. The moment that the invasion begins will be the moment that the partisans will go into hiding. All these actions were secret.

Soviet ambassador to the UK began series of negotiation for the supplies and the opening of another front either on France or Norway. Soviet ambassador in US also began to negotiate for the possible supplies.

Knowing that the people of USSR hates him, Stalin decides to use fear to control them. After reading Mein Kampf, Stalin know that the Slavic people in the occupied USSR will be brutally treated and possibly a deportation. In a ruthless decision, he doesn't order the evacuation. People of Belarus and Ukraine are doomed. The plan is to let them suffer the taste of Nazi brutality and turn them against the Nazis.
To portray USSR as a victim, Stalin ordered the complete secret of the upcoming invasion. All civilian activities will be normal.

June 21st: 11:00 PM
Stalin paces around the room. Knowing that only a few hours are left, he orders the rechecking of every single details. A single mistake would led to the execution by death squad.
Some of the reserves had been called up (4,000,000). This is now the numbers:
Northern Front: 1,200,000. 5,000 tanks. 2,000 aircrafts
Belarussian Front (Moscow): 2,000,000. 6,000 tanks. 2,000 aircrafts.
Caucasian Front: 2,000,000. 5,000 tanks. 2000 aircrafts
Rear Front (Active Reserves): 1,600,000 (More will join them) 5,000 tanks (Many will be added once the Ural factories begin production) 1000 aircrafts.

11:59 PM:
The British and Soviet government hold their breath as they wait for the titanic war to begin. Hitler and his staff discuss the detail of the invasion as they are prepared to"kick the rotten structure"

Expected Casualties: 8 million.
Remaining inactive reserves: 50 divisions.

I think that's it. Time for the invasion!



Hitler is beginning to fear a loss after his spies tell him Joseph Stalin is preparing a defense. The last thing he wants is Stalin knowing the invasion. He realizes that lives are going to be wasted. He has no care for how the Jews are going to be treated. He takes all the men out of the Jewish concentration camps and tells his generals to add them to the army. He falsely promises that the Jewish families will be released from prison after the war(but will be forced only to work for Germans, not start businesses). There are about 4 million Jews forcefully put into the German army. This 4 million troops to 3 million German soldiers. This results in Germany having 7 million Germany soldiers. Hitler orders that his Generals use the Jews as either shields or have them as the distraction. Hitler's intelligence also shows that Russia will have a brutal winter. Nazi Germany's net worth was $375.6 billion (in 1938). There are 250,000 factories in occupied Europe. He immediately orders 130,000 factories to produce army outfits fit for brutal winter. He wants at least 4 million outfits by one week or else every factory owner will be thrown into a concentration camp, and will be forced to watch their families die. He gets 3.5 million clothes which is enough for the German army and 500,00 Jews.
He orders the other 60,000 factories to mass produce Airplanes without guns. He orders the other factories to produce tanks. The invasion begins:
Hitler sends 7 million soldiers to destroy the first line. He uses blitzkrieg with only 5 million soldiers, and has special orders for the other 2 million Jews. He orders 2400 Luftwaffe fighters to also destroy the first line. He pulls 200,000 Jews from the fight to get them flying lessons for a hidden Nazi plan. He makes the other 300,000 Jews run out and say I surrender. He swears to God that he will give their families honorary Aryan status or else their children will be burned alive. When the 300,000 Jews run out and say I surrender the Soviets are surprised. Than he orders the 700 Luftwaffe fighters to start dropping bombs on the defense line. As you would imagine the soviets are overrun.
He orders 4.5 million solders to advance into the second line(He does not care if his solders are sleepy or hurt). He also orders his 2000 Luftwaffe fighters to continually bomb the second line. He orders another 100,000 Jews to also come out and say I surrender causing distractions. The Germans overrun the 2nd Defense line, The real war starts at the last two defense lines.
Debate Round No. 2


Alright! 1941: July 15th.
Operation Tsar
July 18th:
6:33 AM: Black Sea fleet begins to engage the Romanian fleet, intending to achieve the naval superiority in the area. Romanian fleet retreats.
12:43 PM: Most of the Romanian navy had been destroyed. Rest of them are too damaged to see actions.
This will be it.
All the reserves had been called up (2,500,000). They are sent to each front to reinforce the weakened section of the defence. The 3rd lines are heavily reinforced with extra tank traps, barbed wire, and trenches. All the factories, once restored to the east of Ural, began a mass production of the weapons. KV-1s and T-34s began to arrive at the fronts, supporting the infantry divisions. The aircrafts of USSR, including Il-2, began to arrive in the front. At the next round, the crews and pilots will be ready and familiar with their weapons.

Moscow: 1941, 7/21. Stalin is shocked. Though he had been expecting attacks and ordered the preparation, he had been hoping that the intelligence was wrong. Letting his generals do what is good for them with him approving or disapproving, he retreated back to his office. He"ll not make any appearance*.

London: Churchill gives his historical speech ( and began to help USSR through supplies. He now know that that the WW2 is now hanging on balance. One wrong decision can alter that balance.

Washington DC: FDR sits in his office. Smoking cigar, he reads the newspaper about the German invasion of Russia. An hour ago, he just approved the extension of the Lend-Lease acts to the Soviet. He had guided his country through the Great Depression and loved by his people. The fate of his country are on his decision, and he knows it.
Economy: The factories had finally been settled down and they began to mass produce weapons. The statistic will be be historical and as realistic as possible. I expect my opponent to do the same.
Partisans: Through the training, they had blew up countless bridges, railways, and factories to slow the German progress. Logistic will be the main problem for the Germans.
Soldiers: They had been ordered to shoot anyone who surrenders without hesitation. Germans had betrayed their trust and the Soviet will not trust any Germans.

Overview: The war on the East is now stalemate. Both side"s factories are churning out weapons, both people are nationalistic, and the whole world is watching whether the Germans will be defeated or not.

Northern Front: 1,500,000. 4,900 tanks. 1,800 aircrafts.
Belarussian Front: 2,200,000 soldiers. 5,800 tanks. 1,900 aircrafts.
Caucasian Front: 2,100,000 soldiers. 5,1000 tanks. 2,100 aircrafts.
Reserves: 3,000,000. 4,000 tanks (Many more will be added) 2,000 aircrafts.
This is actually surprising short. GOod luck!
*Stalin didn't appear for a long time after the invasion........yeah...


Hitler wants more people in his army.
4.5 million people lived in Europe in the 1850s. Multiply that by 3, and you 13 million people living in Europe. He wants more people in his army. He puts 2 million families in concentration camps, and orders the men that if they want their families to survive, they will join the Nazis. He adds 2 million people to the German army which means the Germans now have an army of 8.5 million people.
He orders the 160,000 factories to start mass-producing small planes without guns. He wants at least 1,000 planes in 2 weeks. If they don't, than the factory owner will be given life in a concentration camp. He orders the rest of the factories to mass-produce tanks.
He wants 5 Luftwaffe fighters making sure Britain does not give supplies to Russia.
Hitler sits back and writes a peace treaty to Churchill giving Churchill the feeling that Hitler is desperate.

Hitler orders his 4.5 million solders to advance to Moscow. He orders 3,800 tanks, 7,000 artilleries, and 1,500 Luftwaffe fighters headed out to destroy the line that separates the Germans from Moscow. 4.5 million men vs. 1 million men. He orders 500 Luftwaffe fighters start bombing the defense lines. He orders the Jews to be in the other 450 lufwaffe fighters and fly straight into the defense line. He also takes the other 50 Airplanes, to start flying straight into Moscow. He does not want Joseph Stalin to leave. If Stalin dies, Hitler knows the brain will die.(Note to my opponent, If Stalin dies, another leader can take his place, but he won't have access to probably a lot of far east factories because we are expecting anarchy. He gives 300 Luftwaffe fighters to in circle Moscow making sure that nobody leaves. The 300 Luftwaffe fighters continuously drop bombs outside hoping that Stalin will come out. They also are their to make sure no solders come an help Moscow. He also gives 500,000 Jews guns, and makes them charge at the Russians. The Russians just shoot them, but they keep coming. While the Jews distract the Russians. He wants his 100,000 Snipers to get on a hill, and start sniping. This will cause the Germans to know where the Russians are. I will let my opponent decide that. The Snipers go out to the panzer divisions, and tell them where the Russians are. The Jews are dying with only 50,000 Jews still trying to charge for their families. The 3,400 tanks come out and start to shoot the Russians. This causes the Russian army to be overrun.
Hitler's troops advance into Moscow, and tells his Generals that he will visit Moscow(Hidden Propaganda Movie) Hitler orders that the Jews will have to test the traps they have 10 Jews must go into every single building. At this point, Stalin cannot leave. If he leaves, Stalin will be bombed by the Luftwaffe fighters. Hitler orders the generals to hold Stalin hostage, until Hitler can come to Moscow. While the Jews are searching throw the building looking for a trap, Hitler orders Stalin be tortured until he tells us where the mines are. Casualties- 1 million men die= 3.5 million soldiers. Lose 14 and 2nd panzer divisions. Luftwaffe fighters running out of gas= 100= 1500 Luftwaffe fighters still here. Hitler hears the casualties, and wants to now rush his extra 2 million solders. He takes another 4 million families and enslaves them. He lets them join their army in order to escape. 6 million reinforcements are going to arrive.

Debate Round No. 3



General Zhukov assumed the temporary command of all military forces, officially becoming the de facto leader of USSR. NKVD swiftly and brutally ended all opposition and the public order was quickly restored. With full command of military force, he began to plan for a counter attack.

Operation Ivan

September 6th: Under the cover of darkness, all military forces moved into their position. The soldiers are battle hardened and are eager to avenge their fallen comrade and family. My opponent had burst through the Belarusian Fronts, but did not do anything about the Northern and Caucasian Front.

September 8th:

3:45 AM: Curtain of Fire, a tactic, had began. Please look at my past war debates to look at what it is. Northern and Caucasian rocket launchers and artillery pounded the enemies with ferocity on all fronts.

6:33 AM: 6000 tanks, consisting of tanks of all types, attacks the German Army Group North. The Army was overwhelmed by the fire powers and retreated back to 2nd Line. Luftwaffe attempted to cover retreat, but the Red Air Force overwhelmed Luftwaffe, so they were unable to be effective.

6:34 AM: Caucasian Front also launches attack from the South with 5,500 tanks, supported by Red Air Force. They managed to destroy several German divisions (Mostly the untrained forced soldiers).

8: 55 AM: Northern Army turn south and the Caucasian Army turn north. They both attack the German Moscow Army from the right and left flanks. The Moscow Army are forced to retreat either to the east or to Moscow.

September 8th: The German Moscow Army are completely surrounded. The 2 pincer had met at the village of Obninsk, cutting off the Germans. The 2 former pincers are quickly reinforced by 600 tanks, 1 million former reserves, and 10,000 artilleries. They began to work on the defences for the expected German attack.

Overview: The Northern and Caucasian army managed to surround the Moscow Army completely, reflecting deeply of Stalingrad scenario. Stalin are still being held as a hostage, but being extremely stubborn.

Defence of the pincers:

3 belts of defences are constructed to prevent the relief of Moscow Army (For the sake of time, let’s call this army 8th Army). First belts consists of mines, anti-tank trenches, and barbwires. It’s 2 km deep. 2nd belt consists of mines, anti-tank trenches, barbwires, and concrete pillboxes. (4 km wide) 3rd belt consists of additional mines, anti-tank trenches, WWI style trenches, concrete pillboxes, hidden partisans, and hanged German POWs to terrorize the inexperienced soldiers. Many newly conscripted soldiers and former partisans is in charge of defending all those 3 lines.

France uprising

Communists and Free French resistance fighters encouraged a strike all over France. Strikes occurred all over the occupied country, demanding the return of the men and their families. The production of tanks and aircrafts in France halted. You can end the strike...but brutally.

Polish and French resistance also began to disrupt supplies by exploding railways and ambushing trucks. They also attack factories that are not very guarded.


Factories began churning out T-34s, KV-1s, and KV-2s. Historically, Soviet had a technological edge over the Germans in terms of land forces. T-34’s revolutionary sloped armour, KV-1’s thick armour, and KV-2’s thick armour and superior gun, was far superior than early German tanks of Pz.2, Pz.3, and Pz.4 (Wrong label..but yeah..) Though suffered a strategic setback, Russians began to recover both from the superior technology and the Lend-Lease acts through the Arctic route. My opponent’s awesome Tiger and Panther would have to wait until 1943, and Pz.4 F until February 1942. Until that (One turn=one month, I highly doubt those tanks will come out), you would have to wait :).

Operation Neptune:

Knowing that Germans will soon launch a counterattack to relieve the German 8th Army, Zhukov launches another attack.

September 20th:

7:34 AM: Bryansk Front (formally Belorussian Front) launches attack against the Army Group Center. Both side fought ferociously, but the Russians soon gained ground due to their superior tanks.

8:14 AM: The village of Tesnoye is captured. Bryansk Front continued to push toward Smolensk.

9:16 AM: Caucasian Front launches their own attack at the Army Group South. 900 tanks, equipped mostly with T-34s and KV-1s, lead the charge after the Curtain of Fire. Their main objective is the town of Cherkasy, which lies about 120 kms southwest of Kiev.

10:33 AM: 1,400,000 infantries began to attack over their defensive position in the south. They clashed with Romanian and Hungarian. They were shortly overruned.

11:19 AM: 200,000 soldiers and 100 tanks lands at Feodosia, Crimea. The defenders were caught by surprise, and soon they retreated.

2: 33 AM: Soviet Crimean Front quickly gains the villages of Sudak, Frontove, and Prudy. At the same time, 100,000 soldiers and 100 tanks lands at Kerch and gained a beach head. They soon went westward, attacking the weakened German position.

September 21st:

1:34 AM: Simferopol had been recaptured. Soviet splitted into 2 group. Army A would head toward Sevastopol, and B would head toward Armyansk (Sorry, I am using modern map, correct me if I am wrong). Caucasian Front also began to fight with Army Group South for the control of Kiev. Northern Front retook most of Latvia and parts of Belarus. Bryansk Front stopped at the village of Barysau, facing heavy German resistance.

11:54 PM: Operation Neptune is over.

Overview: Russians, under Zhukov, pushed the Germans back to the 2nd line. All German prisoners were shot and publicly hanged. Germans also began to face the severe logistic problem (Keep in mind that Russia and Germans uses different types of railway, and that Germans would have to supply their army from a long distances) and daily bombardment from the Russians.


Soldiers: More men are conscripted to fight for their country. They’re hastily trained (How to shoot, aim, listen to order, radio) and immediately sent to defend the line. More women are trained as staff, radio operator, factory workers, and pilots.

Economy: Through the Arctic Route, Russia had received its first batch of supply. They also began to focus production on tanks and weapons

Royal Air Force: 140 Lancaster bombers, escorted by Mosquitoes, bombed Berlin. German morale was lowered. (Keep in mind that Battle of Britain had been already won by the British, which’s why Luftwaffe was weak)

Diplomacy: Soviet ambassadors continue to pressure the Western Allies to open up a 2nd front in the west.

German 8th Army: They’re given the choice of surrender and getting better treatment than their comrade in gulag or brutal treatment after they’re captured. There are currently about 800,000 soldiers in there.

That’s it!

P.S If you are wondering about Stalin, he suicided during the torture. Sorry about that. Marshal Zhukov became a new leader of the USSR and the NKVD did the public order part (Largely involving shooting the anarchist). Zhukov has the full backing of the army, so no one questioned him.

Northern Front: 2,000,000. 6,000 tanks. 2,000 aircrafts.

Center Front (Too complicated): 2,200,000. 5,600 tanks. 3,000 aircrafts.

Caucasian Front: 2,500,000. 5,100 tanks. 2,500 aircrafts.

Reserve: 5,000,000 (Most of them are the hastily trained soldiers who will probably get traumatized by the killings...yeah..). 3,000 tanks. 3,000 aircrafts.


Hitler looks at the casualties, and is very disappointed. He already has 6 million solders at the edge of modern day Ukraine. He postpones his trip to Moscow. Though through out the rounds, Hitler's factories all around Europe have been ordered to mass-produce Airplanes without guns. For months these battles have gone. The 140,000 factories have mass-produced 5000 Airplanes. The other 120,000 factories have mass-produce tanks. The total tanks are 2,500. They are immediately rushed to Ukraine. Hitler does something unthinkable. He believes that if the Women join the battle, He will have more bait. He orders the 2 million Jewish women to join the Army. The women are motivated to believe that they are fighting for their children, and if they don't there children will die. The France resistance fighters enrage Hitler. Hitler orders that the French Women be kidnapped not the men. He imprisons the men, but puts the women in the army. The women are forced to believe their children will die if they don't fight. France had a population of 66 million. Divide that by 2=33 million. Sorry, no source for the 30s. Divide 33 by 2 = about 11 million French women. The French Women are all packed into the Armies and are rushed into Ukraine. Poland also did an uprising. Hitler orders the same thing. Modern day Poland has 38 million people. In the 30s, they would have 18 million. He takes all the women out which would lead to 6 million solders joining the Army. The German Army is now 6 million + 2 million + 11 million + 6 million = 24 million solders.
Army A= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support. 500 Tanks for support.
Army B= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support. 500 Tanks for support.
Army C= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support. 500 Tanks for support.
Army D= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support. 500 Tanks for support.
Army E= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support. 500 Tanks for support.
Army F= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support.
Army G= 3 million solders. 500 Airplanes for support.
Hitler warns any other country that dares to question his authority will be put into the Army.
Hitler holds a meeting with Mussolini. He tells Mussolini that all his factories must begin mass-producing Airplanes without guns. We all know that Mussolini is Hitler's bitc*.
Operation Third Reich:
All the armies form into 1 in an attempt to overrun the first line.
Don't know what the first line's name is, but you will see what I am talking about on the map.
22 million solders start shooting straight at the soviets. This catches The soviets are rushed by the amount of people firing. 1 million female solders(500,000 polish and French women) charge straight at the Soviets. 100,000 snipers get up on a hill. 10,000 snipers tell the 2,500 panzer divisions where to shoot. The Panzers start to apply pressure on the Soviets.
Take 20 planes out of every army = 140 Airplanes.
140 Airplanes fly straight into the soviets. The Soviets are easily overrun.
2 million solders lost.
500,000 Women lost form Army F and G.
Tanks = 2,300
200 Tanks lost from Army A.
480 planes per Army.
Operation Wolf:
Army A, B, C go North if you look on the map.
Armies D, E, F go South if you look on the map.
Hitler ordered the goal is to completely destroy everything their is of the Red Army, and to annihilate all the Jews that betrayed Hitler.
Army ABC = 9 million solders, 1440 Airplanes, 1200 Tanks:
8 million solders start shooting straight at the Northern Line.
1 million Solders charge straight at the Soviets.
100,000 snipers start sniping.
10,000 snipers go to the tanks. 1200 Tanks begin to shoot that line.
500 Airplanes fly straight into the Northern line.
Army A looses 500,000 solders.
Army B looses 200,000 solders
Army C looses 100,000 solders.
Tanks loss=300
Airplane loss = 500
Army D,E,G=8 million solders, 1440 Airplanes, 1200 Tanks:
6 million solders start shooting on the trenches.
2 million solders charge straight at Stalingrad's Defense.
100,000 snipers get up on a hill and start sniping.
10,000 Snipers get to the panzer tanks and tell them where the Russians are.
1200 Tanks begin applying pressure on the Russians. Than 500 Airplanes fly straight into the line causing the Stalingrad Defense to be overrun.
2 million solders dead
440 Airplanes destroyed.
200 Tanks destroyed.
Army ABC advance into Moscow. Army DEG advance into Moscow.
All the Armies combine.
Army Name=The Third Reich.
The Third Reich= 13 million solders, 1800 Airplanes, 1900 Tanks.
Hitler's Third Reich splits into all the remaining Armies.
Each Army has 3 million solders thanks to the 800,000 German solders in Moscow.
Look at the map to see the directions.
They each start advancing.
Hitler orders ABC to go North.
Hitler orders DEF to go South.
9 million solders vs. a bunch of guards in probably going to be overrun. While ABC captures the north, DEF capture the South. The Solders are almost at the Ural Mountains, but they want to sleep. C and F start sleeping. AB, and DE unite on the Ural Mountains,. AB goes North while DE goes South. They keep claiming factories and cities by the Soviet Union. There about to claim The Ural Area, but Hitler said keep advancing or their kids will be shot. B and E sleep, while A and D keep claiming territory for the Germans. They finally get to the end of Ural. Hitler has conquered Russia. All of his solders are sleeping. 1 million solders stay up waiting for an attack. If my opponent surrenders in this round, than I will challenge to an even bigger war debate. Nazi Germany(Occupied Russia) vs. The Allies
Debate Round No. 4


Okay this is gonna be short:

The Soviet government evacuated to the East of Ural Mountain, and the Red Army had also retreated to that part of the area.

Ural Mountain:
Ural Mountain is a natural mountain range that marks the border of Asia and Europe in the north. The mountain"s height meant that the German bombers could not get past the mountain range. Its natural terrain meant that even if German do breach the Ural Line, it would be at a terribly a high cost. Recovered from the setback, the Red Army began to built a strong defensive position: 6 belts of mines, hidden bunker everywhere, wooden logs ready to be rolled down the hill, and trenches. To deal with the sniper problem, the Soviet High Command creates a new unit, the Ostavil unit. The Ostabil unit"s task is simple: While the main army retreats from the snipers and the desperate soldiers, the Ostabil will simply stay behind and not do any action. When they encounters ANY German snipers, they"ll simply attack them and quickly retreats to somewhere else behind the enemy line.

Germans became overstretched, stretch from Germany to Ural Mountain. The Russian railway are either destroyed or unmatch for the German train, many bridges are destroyed, and the General Frost are coming. My opponent had equipped his army with winter cloth, so the General Frost will be less effective. But the General Frost also came with General Mud. Yep, the Russian mud season is here. The German vehicles became stuck in the Russian unpaved road, and the units at the frontline are running out of rations and ammunitions. Even worse, the Russian partisans continue to ambush the vulnerable German supply unit, destroying valuable supplies.

Zhukov, hearing the reports from his spy in Japan, began to bring up the Far Eastern reserves. The Far Eastern reserves numbers at the minimum of 1.5 million men and are well trained in winter warfare. Add this to the conscripts and the veterans at the Eastern Front, I estimate I have about about 6 million men, 12 thousand tanks, and 9 thousand aircrafts. They will defending the well defended Ural Mountain.

Operation Mest (Revenge)

11/16-End of War: Soviet Special Squad raids the German defences all over the Ural defences, capturing nearly 1,000 soldiers. Shown in the state media, the soldiers, labeled "Fascist dog", had been shot and mutilated by dogs that had been starving for few days. The remains had been raining down on the German defences, terrorizing the soldiers and reminding their fate if they were captured. The Axis morale are at their lowest.

11/22-end of the war: Soviet drops leaflet, stating "Your wife and children is being raped at home", "Give up, your family is dead, their remain eaten by the crows", "Surrender, we"ll offer you good hospitality. Resist, you"ll be treated like a pig", "Hitler only has one ball", "You"ll be next in the raid", etc. Scary music, such as Mussorgsky"s Night on Bald Mountain, are played during the night to terrorize the Axis soldiers. The frequent raid of the Soviet at night did not help to calm their nerves. The Stalin"s Organ also began to fire at irregular time interval, their sound and damages further lowering Axis morale.

POV: Imagine that you"re one of the frontline "forced" soldiers. At every night, you hear the eerie classical music and occasionally the bombardment of Russian rockets. Then suddenly, there"s gunfire all around you, and you hear the screams of your comrades as they were dragged back to the Russian bases. At day, if you are lucky enough, you get a finger. If you are not lucky, you get a mutilated head (Sometimes head of your missing friends). Leaflets dropped often annoys you, and sometimes make you mad. Some of your weaker friends had already suicided, pressured from the survival of their family and the frontline. You don"t know whether you"ll captured or not, or whether you"ll be killed. Now let me ask the con and the voters: Will you still attack, despite not knowing whether your family is still alive and whether you will make a difference in the attack? Will your psych even endure such an inhumanity?

Your turn.

I ask the voters not to vote in this debate, as my opponent wants to extend to another round of debate.


Army ABCDEF split up into ABC and DEF. They both claim territory on North Siberia and South Siberia, Hitler's Generals tell him they are going to capture the Soviet Union.
Propaganda: To battle back on Propaganda, The Germans start brainwashing everyone to believe that Hitler was some sort of God that was going to make everything alright. In newspapers, People start witnessing how much genocide happened in the Soviet Union.
News gets around in the West claiming that Hitler sent women to fight in Russia. This enrages everybody in America. People are ready for War on both sides.
Hitler comes home to Germany as the Victor. He tells everybody that they are going to kick the West in their faces, and tell them what German Superiority really means. He than shouts that we will declare war on America. Everybody applauds.
War Debate Continues, Don't Vote.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Ariesx 2 years ago
I know right
Posted by Prodigy0789 2 years ago
Mainly because of the arguments on Aries' part.
Posted by Prodigy0789 2 years ago
I find this altercation DEEPLY amusing.
Posted by Ariesx 2 years ago
First Hitler was prepared to kill 6 million Jews. He was prepared to launch bombs on innocent civilians in Britain. I don't think he would be lying when he says I have the power to kill your family un less you fight for me. Even if he was lying he would still kill your family. Everything in the west is conquered
Posted by Dynasty2468 2 years ago
BUt..let me confirm one thing..ONLY everything west of Ural mountain is captured right?
Posted by Dynasty2468 2 years ago
If I am basically my mom, I would just know that Nazi is lying (She personally said that she would abandon me if I get kidnapped because there's 50% chance that I'll be killed despite the monies)
Posted by Ariesx 2 years ago
Would you do it if you knew your whole family was going to die? Especially if you are a female, and you have maternal instincts about your babies.
Posted by Ariesx 2 years ago
Realistically, people would be left behind. Probability is that out of 13 million people their are armies that will be willing to keep going.
Posted by Dynasty2468 2 years ago
Dynasty2468 everything WEST of Ural mountain is captured?
Posted by Dynasty2468 2 years ago
@Bo80 I am mostly using my already-made yeah :P
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