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Education is Important

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Started: 11/10/2015 Category: Education
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What does it mean for "Education to be Important"?
What is the significance of Education?
And How can Education be benefitial for us?

With each of these questions comes a solution of understanding education for what it is , what it can do and what successes it brings to people. Anyone who does not get the education they need or chooses to remain incomplete within education is not showing much of any interest of a future; while I may add there may be chances of being accepted in a job, does not automatically insinuate that it will be the best either.

My focus on this topic will be based on the importance, significance and benefits of education altogether. In return from my opponent I only accept your arguments and refutes to my position. I ask that we keep this debate as civil as possible and if needed use any resources to prove each side to our positions.

Thank you to my opponent for choosing to debate this topic with me, whoever that might be. For further exemptions, if there be by any chance to forfeit in this debate please let one another know in advance so that the other may be considerate and suggest more options of this topic while waiting patiently for the others position. Best wishes to my opponent!


Education today is pointless due to the problems from before we are adults. Following that up, school never really teaches you anything important other than maybe languge classes to learn other languges. But altoghether almost all of the classes are pointless.

If you can name a useful class when your stranded out in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of the ocean I want to hear it.

I came up with P.E
Debate Round No. 1


Hello and thank you for choosing to accept and debate me on this topic.

From analysis, it would appear to me that your main goal is to suggest that education/classes are insigificant altogther and therefore, has no purpose. I appreciate your honesty.

Education from what I have learned is that it has many benefits inside and out. For example,
1. scholarship awards
2. degrees for profession
3. successful careers

With the 3 of these things I am sure you can and will enjoy your education because you would realize it is no longer a must do but an option. This I strongly believe is why my opponent does not find education significant. With the mentality of obligation comes with no interest and no care. But if you transform your mentality to the benfits and success of education then will you accept it.

It takes people who play video games or learning to play an instrument or creating a massive art project to learn this by education themselves or being taught by something or someone, so in essence you cannot say education is not important even if the process of it is something such as gaming because without the knowledge or experience of the system you are learning you cannot properly play it. Same thing with instruments or massive art projects; you cannot just expect to just do those things without any form of knowledge or ability to learn about it.

In other case of examples is as far as education goes, you wouldn't trust a pilot with no pilot license to fly a plane would you? Or a doctor to perform surgery on a sick relative/friend with no degree or knowledge license would you? Or even a person driving a vehicle, it takes proper education to learn what you need to learn in order to get to your destination. So education in all sorts is urgently important, but it is just a matter of having the care, respect and performance to want to learn through the sources of education. Education comes with great success!

Thank you and I look forward to reading my opponents responses.


OK, you seem to misunderstand the point in my topic. When I say education is unimportant it is from the point of school. I belive that everyone would do better learning with own experience and not just stop and listen the better of finding is that with natural learning not told.
I enjoy the fact you used a reference to gamers because I am one if you could not tell. Now with the extreme fact that most games don't really remind you of what to do but you learn along the way from doing actions or running into simple problems. The best way to actually learn is by on the spot or own choice learning.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your responses, I just want to pinpoint something here, I never mentioned that the topic was only regarding school itself but the education of learning something regardless of what it is.

A person who is learning can, yes, learn to do things by experience, but with better guidance there will be instructions on how to properly perform the task. Sure you might think, I don't need guidance on how to play video games, but from what I have noticed you have to follow exactly what the games shows you or you will not understand or succeed in the game. It takes the inititive to follow the manul of instructions within the game itself to perform the tasks of a video gamer. So without proper guidance can only lead a person to failure or being upset because it was not completed correctly.

Am I saying it is impossible to do things the "right" way without guidane, no, I am simply suggesting that if you want to have the modesty of help then you will gain it and become better and quicker at it. Rather than taking short cuts to learning the issue by observing only. Many times observations seem easy until you actually perform the task, and therefore you need the education to be instructed on knowing how to perform the task.

So this why I say that education is important because without it, we cannot properly function and we cannot always perform our tasks rightly. With educated instructions on what to do we are given success, benefits and strength.

Again, thank you to my opponent for choosing to debate me on this simple topic. Have a great one! And best wishes!


Thank you for the timing in response with the concept of school. I wish to say that you are very intelligent and make good points. Also with this I must say that you leave out certain points in your debate that are key.

I would like to say as an end, some people don't need help to grow faster and then there is people who learn faster through going through with others. For most gamers the program only does something once, and in free world games like "Terraria", "Minecraft", there typically are no instructions.

So I must say good argument and debates later.
Debate Round No. 3
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>Reported vote: bsh1// Mod action: NOT Removed<

3 points to Pro (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Con never rebuts that education helps people learn quickly and more efficiently. Given this, it seems that education is important, and Con never really gives me any reason to think it unimportant. So, I vote Pro.

[*Reason for non-removal*] The voter points to a specific argument, explains its importance within the context of the debate, and explains why the opponent not addressing it is important to the outcome. It is sufficient.
Posted by TurleDoveSammie 2 years ago
You could've if you wanted to :P
Posted by 1harderthanyouthink 2 years ago
*Is tempted*
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Reasons for voting decision: Con never rebuts that education helps people learn quickly and more efficiently. Given this, it seems that education is important, and Con never really gives me any reason to think it unimportant. So, I vote Pro.