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Education should be free for everyone

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Started: 5/30/2013 Category: Education
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From ancient time education was inseparable part of human development. If our ancestries sat in front of stones and wrote with sticks and now we are sitting in classes with hi-tech equipment we still have the same aim-to get knowledge for future life. Education is a guarantee for successful work and well-paid job. We pay a huge amount of money to our universities and it increases from year to year. Government should give a chance for everyone to take attainments and stable tomorrow. If not, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.


My friend, Education shouldn't be free for everyone and "COULDN'T" be free for everyone. Let us assume that education is free for everyone, then where would you get the funds needed----

- In Buying seats, tables, blackboards, or whiteboards? It would be unfair for the students to seat on the classroom floor (isn't it?).

- In giving the proper salary rate for the teachers and school-guards? Without the proper salary rate, teacher wouldn't work harder... and it might also make other people think that choosing the teaching job would be a bad idea because of the low salary.

--->So that shows that education couldn't be free for everyone.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your opinion, I see your point of view. But let's take into consideration public schools that financed by government and money for salaries for the teachers, repair and new furnishing they get from state. It proves that education can and SHOULD be free. From my point of view, it's unfair to gauge the amount of knowledge with a person purse, and not even his, with his parents money. we can't get a good job with high salary without a diploma. so, everyone should have a chance to get quality education.


By your statements, I agree that education can be free for everyone, but for a "limited time" only. For if the government will reserve all its funds for education for all the students in a country that would count to millions of chair, table and etc...

-That will surely cost millions, or even billions of money.

Then where will the government have the money to spend for

-> Protection (Police, National Defense, Fireguards)

-> Pension (Old age & Sickness)

-> Health care

-> Other Spending (Waste management, sports, and leisure)

-> Let's even add the corrupted people in the government that steals money from the it.

Then how will our country rise up if some of its needs is not fulfilled because of lack of funds due to reserving it all for education?

If there is lack of protection then there will be many crime events.

Can you think of a country with schools that has free school tuition fees but without protection (no police, no national defense).

That is why the government funds is divided to many spending.

That shows why the government won't make education free for all.

-by the way I'm just a 13 yr. old don't use too much deep vocabularies. (PLEASE :)
Debate Round No. 2


I agree, corruption is a major issue in this case, especially in my country, Kazakhstan. Billions and billions dollar every year are stolen from state treasury. But it is another issue and off course, government still have to finance other industries except education. but it doesn't mean that government will take money asgd for pencion or hospitals or something else and send them for education. Government at first should think about his nation and what nation will be if we can't even go to univercities we wan't study at? what future expects this country? how will we improve medicine, policy and other industries if we can't study at specialized places because of high cost?


In your question "how will we improve medicine, policy and other industries if we can't study at specialized places because of high cost?"

-> That is why the government gives smart and hard-working students the opportunity to study in specialized places, schools or universities for free. But for the lazy students that are enrolled to private schools, they will still pay for their tuition fees.

Like in the Philippines the Public Science high schools gives a high quality of education for free. The students gets hand outs in laboratories and etc... (The local government would even give the students allowance.)

So free education for all will not always make a country/nation economy or technology rise up, because some students are too lazy and less productive. That will only waste some of the governments money.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I my opinion Education should not be freely handed to the Severally mentally-Retarded, who have no chance at succeedig in the real world, and though this may disturb many just remember most monkeys are smarter.
Vote Placed by newbiehere 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I agree with Pro, but Con was much more rational. He brought up the point of implementation, which Pro did not really seem to have a direct answer to. Where would the government get the money? If Pro could have answered that question, things might have looked different.