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Edward Snowden was correct to leak NSA activity to the public

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Started: 12/17/2013 Category: People
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Firstly, a government makes decisions on what is best FOR the people with the approval of the people AS WELL. I feel that any activity that will concern the people in either way should receive feedback from the people. the NSA claims that their surveillance was to prevent terrorist attacks and crimes. but they should have made known their agenda first. furthermore, the USA may be spying on everyone. foes friends allies etc which should not be the case


This event has been a VERY touchy debate - so much so, that the rift in opinions and clashes in quite broad.

In this retrospect, I will post why Edward Snowden was wrong to leak the classified documents.

First point - Edward Snowden made the decision to release such classified documents, knowing full well he would break the Espionage Act. This can be a life sentence imprisonment or even possibly the death penalty. He would also be charged with treason. The point here - Edward Snowden did in fact betray everyone he worked for, and can be considered a criminal. Whether you believe he was a Martyr is beside the point, he still betrayed the very thing he was suppose to keep secret and protect.

You made this statement; "but they should have made known their agenda first" - This I believe to be VERY wrong. The point in Intelligence gathering, is to NOT be transparent on HOW you're gathering it, and WHY you're gathering it. If the NSA came out to the public and stated they are tracking suspected terrorists in the state of New York - so there may be data collection of mobile phones or emails of people who have made contact of this person, this would defeat the purpose of having an Intelligence Agency in the first place.

From a moral point of view, I see your point. In a Liberal way, people shouldn't be spied on - which has also clashed with Privacy Acts. Countries all across the world spy on one another, whether that be allies or enemies and has been happening for centuries. The U.S has VERY good reason to know what is happening inside places like the Euro-zone, despite them being allies. Has anyone taken into account that Russia probably spies on nations as well? Hell - they had spies in Syria, who are supposedly meant to be an ally of Russia.

I see it as this - If you have nothing to hide, then you shouldn't have a problem. It is not like the NSA just decides to browse through your history to see what you have been looking up. They have to have warrants and a decent level of permission to spy on people in the U.S. And as they have defended, they gather Intelligence on people suspected of committing or have been in contact with someone who has committed in criminal activities. I would much rather the NSA do their job well, than let another 9/11 happen. What would the public reaction be then? If the NSA made everything they do transparent, and a terrorist attack happens, will people still have the mind-set of "Why didn't you see this coming?!".

We live in an age that is turning to computing, softwares, internet, wires e.t.c. - there has to be some degree or order and collection.

So in conclusion - That may have been a wall of text thrown about the place, but in the end, Edward Snowden I feel created more damage than anything. That doesn't have to be immediate damage, if everyone knows what the U.S is doing, it has the potential to endanger lives.
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you have a point. i forfeit


I would just like to thank you Pro for creating this Debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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