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Electronics positively affect school (and everyone else) today.

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Started: 4/15/2015 Category: Technology
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Electronics negatively affect schools today, because yes it may be "the-way" to be learning. and yes it may be "the-way" kids are being taught now, but no is it always the answer.

First, a counter argument may go as far as saying making textbooks is harming the environment, or that we have to cut down trees, which provides our oxygen to get the paper. That is all true, but is cutting down trees really an MAJOR problem? No.

Secondly, Nothing is wrong with using good paper and pencil. Using a textbook glossary or index to find information is doing no harm. Using a tablet or electronic device to let the Internet find it FOR you will make you lazy. The youth is our future, do we want a lousy future president? Do we want our whole entire future with technology thinking FOR you? Many will say "Yes, what's the problem?" We all want something until we get it.

However, technology is not a bad thing. As technology advances and gets smarter and smarter what is a human for? To say the commands? Not to be syfy, but when technology is so far ahead it'll be able to control itself. Might takeover. Us people are what for?

Technology is negatively affecting everyone, you will see an 10 year old with a smartphone. You will blame it on the parents spoiling then though. Be weary.

Ashley, age 14


My counter argument is that the new technological advances that we have today are helping the world become more educated. If we keep teaching kids to use technology at a young they will be able to grow up and push our technology even further. Because of kids have a great imagination and creativity. If we can give them the tools to help further their imagination and creativity through electronics then we should help give it to them. Computers in schools helps us stay more connected and involved with our education.
One laptop per child is helping kids, that had almost no connection with the out side world, connect and get an education with a very well made electronic laptop.

Also with having the ability to connect to the internet you are able to get many different sources for a topic, not just the one source that you get from your text book. You are also able go to college from your computer now. That gives some people even more opportunists to a better, and more affordable education.

Using electronic devices to looking things up doesn't make you lazy. It makes you more efficient. If we can get technology to do more for us the better. Because it will give us more time to figure out and work at more pressing problems that are going on. Technology has been helping us do that for thousands of years. The more technology that we can develop the better our ways of living can be.

The only times I can think of technology being negative is when it is being used for war. Technology is positively affecting our education
Debate Round No. 1


You have a very valid point. But you are missing my point, lets drop just technology in school, how about once your done with school.

You're saying books, the physical thing, needs to be replaced by Internet Explorer. You're saying a book cant teach a kid how the water cycle goes? Technology is the only tool to help people with their imagination? And you don't even need a book to be creative. You don't need anything.

Technology is a basic easy way out. You can go on Google and type in a homework question and it'll pop up. No you didn't use your books or even type in the subject on your technology to find the answer yourself. You stated that "Computers in schools helps us stay more connected and involved with our education." My question is simply, how?

You also said "It makes you more efficient." defines efficient as 'performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry; competent; capable'. You contradicted yourself.

Technology is making everyone lazy. People rather lay in bed playing a game on their device rather than exercise.
This article shows some negative affects of technology. And the list could go on and on. You said the more technology can do for us the better. If you want something or someone to do something for you.. Is that not being lazy? You stated technology doesn't make you lazy. You keep contradicting yourself.
Technology is negatively affecting us all.


I would like to stay with the original topic of technology in school. May you please restate what your points is more clearly. I think you are misinterpreting what I have been trying to say. I never said anything that you have pointed out in your second paragraph. If you looked at my argument it was was that it would help improve by finding out information faster. I also do not see how I am contradicting myself. Pulling up the definition of efficient goes along with what I was stating. Technology in schools makes you more efficient because you can get more information faster.

Take for example, we are talking about a subject where we can send each other educated links with in minutes to help strengthen our arguments. If we were to only use pens, papers, and books it would take us a lot more time to send each other, and that would is less efficient. It would be taking time away from studying, or working on other subjects.

Technology helps us communicate better in schools.
This is a great article showing how technology is giving a voice to people that could not communicate with pencils and paper.
Then with your article that you linked does not really have a good argument about how technology in schools is bad. It talks about how it is making people in the work force do less physical activities.
Debate Round No. 2


My argument is simply that technology is negatively affect our schools. Electronics are making kids lazy and inactive. I'm a witness of kids sitting on the sidelines on their hone not even walking around the field.

I understand that you think technology is the best way. But it seems to me that you think kids should look up things in a quick search in order to be "more efficient", but wouldn't that make you lazy? Counting on a web search to give you all answers quickly? So you wont have to take time to research.

We all rely on our electronics to be there for us all the time. If kids become (more) dependent on electronics, what happens if they suddenly just stop working. Books will be out dated nobody is using them. Everything is replaced with the devices. What do we do? We're counting on our leaders, who are relying on the electronic. Again what do we do?

There is a book for any subject you want to know about. Are you saying that no one has made a book, article, etc that has the same information as Wikipedia, or ?


Can you please tell me your definition of lazy and what you mean by technology. It would help me figure out what exactly you mean by those words. Once again I never said "Are you saying that no one has made a book, article, etc that has the same information as Wikipedia, or ?". We also need to stay on the topic of electronics in school. That is our main focus. Not electronics in society. I have been able to use electronics to get my home work done faster and still get get grades. On top of that I am able to work out and be very active because I can finish my work faster. Electronics make me more efficient.
Debate Round No. 3


What I mean by lazy is indolent. What I mean by technology is computers, phones, tablets etc. that are being used in school or for school.
I realize you have changed your argument of electronics making "us" (or everyone) more efficient to just you. "Electronics make me more efficient." You said that using electronics to get your work done allows you to finish quicker and work out because of your extra time. But that is just you personally, kids are distracted easily by their device and after they're done with the work, they'll stay on it for hours at a time and there is no extra time to go outside and be active.
I never said that you said there aren't books, article and etc that have the same information as Wikipedia, I was asking because your argument is confusing to keep up with at times. And sometimes it seems you are contradicting yourself self, as I stated before


I was just using myself as an example for electronics helping me out with school. What is the harm for kids in school if they are able to get their work done faster with electronics, and then they want to stay on them after their work is done? You also talked about how you can just do a web search and find the answers to your question. You can do the same thing in text books. It is the same thing. So is using the answer key in your text books make you lazy? You still have bot given a good example of how I contradict myself either, or explained how.
An other thing about text books is that you can only have so many books in a school at a time, but with electronics you can have almost infinite amount of information on any subject. Also books are perishable, but you can have hundreds of electronic copy's on many different devices. There are just so many more ways that you can access information with one computer then you could with one book.
Debate Round No. 4


Amusical forfeited this round.


ToxicAvenger forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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